10+ Must Have HTML5 Tools For Web Developers to Save Their Time

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Web development is no more the same as it was years ago. Excruciating coding effort has gone down, making the entire development process easy (believe that websites can be built with mere drag and drop play!) and fast. HTML being the pioneer website development scripting language sweeps away with major credit. Plus, the latest HTML5 has yielded some of the stunning interfaces. To carry on the legacy of ensuring faster yet secure web property, digital agencies around the world have conceived some innovative tools. Check out 10+ Must Have HTML5 Toolsthat support a speedy website development.

10+ Must Have HTML5 Tools For Web Developers to Save Their Time


1. Patternizer

Create beautiful pattern designs in just a few minutes with this amazing web based tool. Plus, collaborating and remixing is even quicker. Easily accessible from any smart device, sharing is straight and without restrictions.


2. Rendera

Rendera is a boon for coders. Developers can now code different languages such as CSS, Javascript or HTML and preview real time outputs. Yes, it can be used for self evaluation. The ones who love to dive deep into the coding complexity would love it.


3. Webdirections

Write, explore, experiment and learn by playing around with your code in this tool. It possesses some of the simplest click options for CSS tools, HTML tools and design tools. Beginners can refer to it for improvement.


4. Initializr

Develop your website from scratch in a speedy way. Initializr allows you to create templates based on HTML5 Boilerplate. You may select and reject components based on your choice. An international guide has been embedded to learn in native language. And yes, responsive template is the latest addition to complement current trends.

Adobe Typekit

5. Adobe-Typekit

You can preview your website content in different fonts and that too without going offline. It discounts on the hassle of copying in word processing softwares and then previewing. The Adobe Typekit library has more than 700 high quality typefaces.

Font Dragr

6. Font-Dragr

A bit similar to Adobe Typekit, Font Dragr provides testing of various text fonts for the website online. Thus, no font coding, uploading or downloading the text is required. Everything is executed with a simple drag and drop.

On/Off Flipswitch

7. On-Off-Flipswitch-HTML5-CSS3-Generator

Animations are not always required. While some may want to skip it, others can’t wait for it to play since they are using slow connections. Without skipping the home page, users can now switch on/off the animation as they want. Requires minimal coding and is completely compatible with all OS and browsers.

HTML KickStart

8. HTML-KickStart

It initiates and ensures rapid website development. You can begin from scratch and use various plugins and features to produce faultless and stunning websites. Editing tables, lists, buttons and typography is an affair of few clicks only.

Adobe Edge Animate

9. Adobe-Edge-Animate

The Adobe creative cloud has it free for download and use. It assists in creating stunning animations for web pages. Makes use of HTML5, Javascript and CSS3 capabilities. It supports iOS, Windows 7 and other HTML5 friendly platforms.

Sketch Toy

10. sketchtoy

Designers have waited long for a tool that allows them to endorse their sketching skills in web pages. Sketch toy creates a stunning blend of a sketch (drawn with mouse) with animated lines in the background. Some recent websites with Sketch Toy work have garnered stupendous response.

Sprite Box

11. spritebox

Quickly create numerous CSS classes and ID’s from a single sprite image. The logic behind includes using the ‘background positioning property’ to align areas of the image into web page elements as blocks. It is available for free and is built using CSS3, html5 AND Jquery.

CanvasLoader Creator

12. CanvasLoader-Creator

Waiting for the page to load is no more boring! Canvas Loader Creator enhances the page and makes even the progress circle look stunning and engaging. Requires no coding, there is no extent to the attractiveness desired and achieved. Surely, leaves a cheerful impression even before the site is viewed.

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