10 Most Popular and Commendable CSS Frameworks

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CSS Framework” is relatively a buzzword in web development hitherto. Everyone is using some kind of framework to build their sites, some are using JavaScript frameworks such as library, Prototype, Yahoo User Interface and some of them are using web application frameworks such as Django or Rails etc. However, both the frameworks are getting more attention.

But here the question arises: What exactly a CSS Framework is? Well, CSS Framework is a suite of libraries, basic typographies, tools, conventions and also the best practices attempt to define conceptual routine tasks into generic modules that can be reused. For instance, instead of defining consistent baseline, general layouts (layout.css), typographic rules (typography.css) for different forms repeatedly, whenever you work on a new project; you have to prepare a default CSS-styles and then reuse it in all your coming projects. This is what exactly a CSS framework is.

In this post we have presented an overview of 10 most popular CSS Frameworks which you will definitely find helpful and saves time.

Blueprint CSS Framework

Blueprint is a CSS framework, which intends to curtail on your CSS development time. It provides you a solid groundwork to build your project with an advantage through the help of useful plugins, an easy-to-use grid, typography, and also a stylesheet for printing purpose.

YAML CSS Framework

YAML is known as “Yet another Multicolumn Layout” that has a very good documentation. It is an (X)HTML/CSS Framework used for creating modern and supple layouts as it is built on web standards. This structure is enormously multifaceted in its programming and completely accessible for end user.

960 Grid System

This 960 Grid system is based on a page width of 960 pixels, which is a number that is divisible by many other numbers, so that it becomes a highly lithe base number to work with. Though, 960 Grid system only work with two variants: 12 and 16 columns.

YUI Grid CSS Framework

YUI is known as yahoo User interface. This structure confer four predetermined page widths, six predetermined templates and even have the ability to stack and nest subdivided regions.

Elements CSS Framework

Elements CSS Framework is unpretentious framework, which was developed to help designers so that they can write effective and efficient CSS. This framework has everything which is required to complete a project and also makes your customer happy too.

The jQuery UI CSS Framework

It includes robust CSS Framework which is designed for creating custom jQuery widgets as it contains classes and can be ruled using jQuery UI ThemeRoller.

Boilerplate CSS Framework

Boilerplate is a uniform piece of text which is used as a part of computer program. It is created by Blueprint authors as a stripped down context.

BlueTrip CSS Framework

BlueTrip is a beautiful CSS framework which is the combination of the finest of Elements CSS, Blueprint, Tripoli, 960.gs and hartija, however now it has found a life of its own. It confers you a levelheaded styles and a common way to create a website.

Elastic CSS Framework

Elastic CSS framework offers a declarative syntax-language to delineate the layout behavior and structure. This is a juvenile structure, and if you want to see the demo of its usage then it’s better to go for its official site.

Content With Style

Content with Style is a CSS framework that aspires to not only gives you a structure for your overall web design, but also offers typography and more exhaustive design elements.

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