10 JavaScript Tools For Developers To Speed up Their Web Development

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When we talk about web development and web applications, we also talk about JavaScript, which is the most popular client-side scripting language. However, many people feel that it is very difficult to script, because of its browser environment. There are certain JavaScript tools, which speed up the coding process and simplify the development operations. If you have a deadline, these tools would be of immense help to you to achieve your targets.

10 JavaScript Tools For Developers To Speed up Their Web Development

Responsive Nav

1. Responsive Nav

If you want to create responsive menus in a convenient manner, with a lightweight footprint, responsive – Nav would come in handy. Besides working on screen readers, CSS3 transitions and touch events are used by it for excellent performance, why JavaScript is disabled. Besides having a standalone plug-in, there are callbacks in it for open and close events.


2. Hitch

If you need an extension model for CSS and HTML, you can use this prollyfill JavaScript engine. It makes importing and using the features like CSS selectors possible, if you include it in your page. With the help of Hitch, it can easily be determined by the author of the page as to which feature is needed by him. So, his dependency on a particular browser is minimized.


3. jshint

If there are potential issues and errors in JavaScript code, JSHint, which is a community driven tool can detect it. It will enforce coding conventions of your design team. Flexibility is its hallmark; therefore it can easily be adjusted to your specific coding guidelines, and also the executing environment of your code. So it will help you to write complex programs, without having to struggle with language hassles and typos.


4. SequelJs

If you want to build SQL query strings, through an API which is object-oriented, sequel.js would come in handy as a convenient JavaScript library. It is compatible with both browser and node.JS and on a standard SQL queries are supported by it.


5. Countablejs

With a straightforward approach, this tool has the option of counting the inputs with HTML tags (stripping). It is standalone and small JavaScript tool, which can count everything.


6. amMap

If you want your JavaScript-based applications and webpages to add interactive map functionality, this tool will come in handy. So it makes, locating your business venues such as locations and routes of your offices and creating a distributor map easy and inconvenient. You can also add backgrounds and layers to your maps through photos and illustrations, which makes presentations lively.


7. Roole

It draws inspiration from SASS and LESS + Stylus and acts as an alternative tool. Variables and conditional logic are supported by it and it includes vendor prefixing. It also helps in defining the format of the CSS code.

Grunt : A collection of predefined tasks

8. Grunt

Grunt contains some predefined tasks that can be used in a JavaScript project, as this tool has a task-based built-in command line. It also makes creating your own tasks easier. If the built-in task’s default elements are not convenient for you, it can easily be handled by overriding it.

Candy : Chat App powered by JavaScript

9. Candy

This tool enables real-time communication using Jabber/XMPP, and acts as a built-in chat application of JavaScript, which is open source as well. Similar to advance chat applications, multiple rooms are supported by it. It allows users to be active in multiple rooms and chat in a public or private mode. It is an eye-catching tab interface.

Converse. Js

10. Converse Js

If you want a chat application that is open-source, Converse.JS should be your choice. It enables multiuser conversations at the bottom of the page. You can also connect it to Jabber or XMPP server, which is mostly used in Skype and Google Talk. All the chat options such as declining or accepting contact requests, and setting the statuses such as “online, busy or away”, etc. can be set through it.


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