10+ Essential CSS Tools for Application Developers

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Cascading Style Sheets is the style sheet language for web that is used for formatting and styling web pages. Web developers all over the world make use of CSS for providing a certain look and feel to their websites. It helps in segregating the content of a document written in HTML from its presentation including the color, fonts and its layout. Developers can utilize these 12 essential CSS tools and applications in their work.

CSS Desk: Online CSS Sandbox

Do you want to test your CSS code before its implementation on a live page? Well, you can make use of CSS Desk, an online CSS Sandbox. It is pretty useful in testing CSS code snippets and watching the results live. It highlights syntax and displays line numbers as you type. Another important feature of the same is that it allows developers to share their work with others.

Prefix Free

Prefix Free is a unique tool as it allows you to use unprefixed CSS Properties wherever you want. It adds the prefix of a browser to the CSS code and happens to work behind the scenes. All you need to do is to include prefix.js in your web page and it will do its work. It will process all style sheets and will add a vendor prefix where it finds necessary. However, in order to prevent FOUC, it must be added after the style sheets.

CSS Horus: Responsive CSS Framework

These days, there is a focus on creating responsive websites that work equally well on desktops, laptops as well as mobile browsers. CSS Horus is a responsive CSS framework that helps you in creating responsive websites that work well on all types of screen sizes. It has a 16 column grid with base styles for buttons, forums, lists, tables, typography and reset. For easing the work of designers, it comes along with 960px + 1200px grids. This framework has support for major platforms such as Windows Phone, iOS, and Symbian and all browsers including Internet Explorer 7.

So Fresh: Automated Browser Refreshes for CSS Update

so fresh
So Fresh is a bookmarklet. This essentially means that it further eases out the work of a developer. It can be used without having to insert a JS file, unlike Prefix Free, where you have to insert it. SoFresh allows you to choose the CSS file that you want to refresh. This tool is perfect for users who do not have a live development environment.

CSS Filter Lab

css filter lab
CSS Filter Lab if free online application by Adobe and used for discovering CSS Custom Filters and CSS Filters. You can choose a filter, customize their values and see the output instantly. You can even create animations based on keyframes and even save them for using in future. The animate feature lets you do that in a pretty easy and interesting manner and you would love working with it.

Kube Framework

kube framework
Kube Framework, a minimal framework, is perfect for situations where you do not want a complicated project. It has a no-frills layout and includes only a single CSS file. LESS files are provided for customization and flexibility. There are styles for typography, tables, buttons, grids and forms.


Developers looking forward to understanding easing functions ought to head for easings.net. The functions are displayed using a line chart where an animation is loaded whenever the curser hovers over the curve. It has a nice animated way of providing knowledge for using these functions with CSS and Javascript.

CSS Comb

CSS Comb is an effective tool for sorting CSS Properties in any given order. The default order is from most to least important, which should be helpful. It has an online version and add-ons for popular IDEs.

Responsive Aeon

Responsive Aeon
ResponsiveAeon is a CSS3 Grid System Framework that lets you create responsive websites pretty quickly. It has a 12 columns grid system with 1140 pixels. It utilizes @mediaqueries and works well with most devices of all sizes.


Want to convert your Photoshop layers into CSS styles? CSS3Ps lets you do just that. Select all your layers and layer groups and covert all of them into CSS in one go using this tool. Strokes get converted into CSS border properties and drop shadow, inner shadow, outer shadow and inner glow are converted into CSS Box Shadow properties. The results can be viewed in a browser and it works well with Photoshop CS3 and later, Mac OS X and Windows. This free tool is a must have for every designer.


Morf.js is perfect tool for CSS3 transitions that have custom easing functions like bounce, elastic, spring and others. It makes use of Shifty.js in order to tween regular CSS properties. However, it is available for webkit browsers only.


Responsive CSS Framework- Gumby is a Responsive CSS Framework that has 960px CSS grid based framework. It works well with most screen sizes and across all resolutions. It has a fluid layout that adjusts itself for viewing on desktops, mobiles and tablet devices. It has a large collection of tabs, navigation, forms and navigation, just like Twitter Bootstrap.
There are multiple versions of the tool that are available for downloading. The different versions include 12 column grid; 16 column grid; and a hybrid one, and another all in one package. PSD files accompany the package to ease the work of the designers. This is an excellent tool for designers to create their responsive websites.

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