10 Best WordPress Plugins to Use in 2013

Best WordPress Plugins review
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The main reason why WordPress is prefered by most of the bloggers is its rich plugin architecture. WordPress has gained top position in the market by being an open source and free platform with so many premium offerings, that are making it even more stronger.

Plugins are the little bits of extended functionality in the WordPress, one can do almost anything he can think of. With more than 22,000 WordPress plugins available in the plugin directory, choosing the best is hard and time-consuming job. Also, one has to decide which standard should be used – downloads count or highest ratings? Let me give you a hand in choosing the best WordPress plugins for your blog/website. Below is the showcase of top 10 plugins that are best and essential installations to improve your blogging efficiency.

1. Akismet

Are you tired of getting bombarded with spam comments? One of the most important and powerful plugin in the directory, Akismet is a cut above all the spam comment blockers. It stops the hordes of spam comments that come every hour.

2. Tweetily

Tweeting old posts as well helps you increase your user-readability of your website. Having a lot of blog posts in your archive and want to expose them to your twitter followers to make them remind your existing posts on the website, Tweetily is a plugin that automatically and randomly tweets your old posts at certain time intervals.

3. WordPress SEO

WordPress SEO is an incredibly powerful plugin that makes it easy for you to manage all the SEO related stuff i.e. title tags, meta descriptions, robot.txt commands, keyword research, etc. with one plugin.

4. Digg Digg

Among various other social sharing plugins, Digg digg lies at the top of the heap. It has dozens of most popular social media buttons to choose from. One can easily customize their placement on the blog/website as per the requirements.

5. Jetpack

This plugin recharges your self-hosted WordPress website with the amazing cloud power of WordPress.com

6. W3 Total Cache

This plugin helps you increase performance of your WordPress website so that it loads more quickly for the visitors of the website. W3 cache plugin offers a wide array of possible server configurations, this can lead to increased revenue for eCommerce websites as well.

7. The events calender

Event calender is a plugin useful for a lot of businesses, non-profit organizations and churches to let them know about the upcoming events for a particular year. This plugin looks like a custom post type giving you a lot of ways to manage and display your events.

8. Google Analytics for WordPress

Google analytics is the favorite site analytics tool widely used by many webmasters/website owners to keep a track on the traffic of your WordPress site or blog. A plugin called google analytics for WordPress allows all the WordPress users to track the metadata on their webpages.

9. NextGen Gallery

Managing a lot of images on a WordPress website is quite a difficult task, NextGen is a plugin that has many add-on extension plugins offering complex image gallery solutions to all.

10. Sociable

Sociable is a plugin that will automatically add link to your favorite social bookmarking websites on your posts, pages and RSS feeds. One can select and customize several features like text, colors, etc to ensure that the readers have a great sociable experience.

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