10 Best Shopping Cart Software to Maximize Your Shopping Spree

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A business is there to cater to all its clientele. Be it regular clients, who have a face-to-face interaction, or online clients, business has to serve every purpose. Being present on the virtual world, i.e. the Net, has become a kind of necessity more than anything else. Online business takes you and the products or services offered by your company to places across the globe. Anyone can order from anywhere. This not only increases your brand value, but also lets you taste success. An eCommerce website has all it takes to manage your online shopping business and provide a classic virtual shopping experience to all your clients.

What does a shopping cart website provide you with?

Opportunities galore are present for your business to expand with the help of these softwares. The software includes tools for web design, customer management, tax and shipping calculators, and inventory control. Additional features of marketing like affiliate programs, Social network marketing methods, and online merchandise are also present to lure in more customers.

Is security given a miss?

No, it is as much an important aspect as creating the software itself. Payments have to be made through reputed payment gateways and thus this aspect can never be neglected.

The choice of the appropriate software is of utmost importance so as to bring your online business on the road to success. The above mentioned points should be considered before making your choice for the best shopping cart softwares from the ones available in the market. Underneath are some of the best softwares available so as to assist you in your expansion mode.

1. Magento


Being an eBay Inc enterprise Magento requires no formal introduction. Flexible in nature and providing easy eCommerce solutions has been the reason for its success. The solutions provided are not only cost-effective, as they are build on open source technology, but they also cater to businesses of all sizes. Abundant resources, support and services are provided to the customers so as to help them benefit. Training, certification programs, access to third-party extensions and professional integration are some of the features that make Magento a hit.

2. 3D Cart


Doing business over the net was never a more pleasurable arena. The software contains most of the eCommerce solutions that prove to be a paradise for the user. It has a notable back office functionality that helps you get connected from any place. The user interface is decent when it comes to web design. The administrative tools are the ones to look out for instead of marketing ones. A built-in comparison module is also lacking here.

3. Volusion


The perfect choice for you to create and manage your online store. An easy, well formatted and designed web interface is present to assist you in all your endeavours. The template choice is easy and so is the need to customize them. There is a central administrative console that lets you take the bull by its horns. Orders, inventory and marketing are all managed with its help. Real-time tracking is present to assist you to see your stock levels. The Smartwatch feature will keep a track of your stock and check the details of the order. Marketing features are aplenty present in the software which are hardly seen in the other ones. The only hitch-back- it is not free.

4. Pinnacle Cart


Losing sleep over the dip in your sale figures? Well, this software provides innovative features together with a customized online store to help you increase your sales. No coding is required in this software and you can design your store with the help of the design features present within. Additional marketing features like generating QR codes increase your presence. These codes directly link to a product when it is scanned. The Facebook Store-front tools help you add a “shop” tab to a Facebook profile and makes provision to sell your products directly from there. Creating interest in your store was never so easy. Discount codes and gift certificates are generated to customers so as to keep them connected.

5. 1Shopping Cart Pro


A great shopping cart solution that looks forward to change any website into a full online store. Instead of hosting, like other websites, it provides the infrastructure to give you access to sell products from other websites. Increasing sale figures and luring in new customers is possible due to its excellent marketing tools. The central administrative console takes care of all the management techniques. Spreadsheets come in handy while importing products and you can also manually add them. Are you a novice? Consultation and support services are round the corner.

6. Shopify


This software allows you to add new functionalities to the already existing framework, just at the touch of a click. The store builder interface is among the best available in the market. Designing like a novice, or in need of professionally designed templates, your choice ends here. Customization of templates is easy and you can create your own stamp on them, thereby building your own brand. The Liquid template framework comes in handy if you are well versed with HTML or CSS. Once created, you will get access of the management console. From inventory management to customer engagement, all can be done here. In-detail analysis and explanation is provided so as to assist you. Payment options are innumerable and it has a tie-up with the best in the business. The bonus-a fraud detection feature- to reduce the risk of malpractices.

7. Fortune3


This software indulges in providing all the basics that an online store requires. Though nothing extraordinary is present in this software, presence of unlimited support makes it to this list. The interface is straightforward and simple in use. An in-built WYSIWYG editor helps you customize the templates present. Tracking every sale is easy as it has integration with real-time order management and accounting softwares. You can add unlimited number of products to your site. Lack of customized checkout pages turn the tables around, though.

8. Actinic Online


In a competitive world, this shopping cart makes a mark for itself in the market. Loaded with powerful administrative tools to manage everything, the web designs are appealing which makes it stand apart from the rest. For a newbie, pre-made templates are present to be customized and used. The administrative dashboard gives you complete control over the site. Access to invoices, customer’s address book and real-time order tracking facilities are also provided with the help of customer management menu.

9. goEmerchant


Being a veteran in the field, this software requires no formal introduction. It offers an in-house payment processing feature with a user-friendly web design. This software is entirely browser-based which means that you don’t have the liability to install any software on the device. Building a website is easy as you only require a web browser together with the software present on the GoEMerchant website.

10. IzzoNet


A fast and easy online store builder with plenty of free beautiful store designs which can be customized are present. In-built SSL Security and eCommerce hosting is present and you get expert guidance from the initial stages. This is an all-in-one solution to all your eCommerce queries.

The above included shopping cart softwares ease the way in which you think of going about branding your products. Creating an online shopping cart was never so easy, but with the advent of these softwares you can surely make yourself one and rule the virtual world.

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  • I Rely on good shopping cart software to help my buisness boom. people not in this buisness have no idea of the true importance of a good shopping cart system. I now use my own system but love to look at helpful and infotmative blogs like this to check out some of the leading competition.
    Thanks a lot for sharing.

  • Have used Magento for my shopping cart maximization issues. Was impressed by the end result. But, it was great to read about the rest included in the list. Don’t know when I might require them in future.


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