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Showcase of 20+ Stunning Woocommerce WordPress Themes


WordPress is one of the best CMS platform to set up an online business without the assistance of a skilled programmer. Being originally designed for blogging, this platform has evolved with several new functionalities with a huge community of professional developers. Today, there is nothing that is not possible with WordPress, it is highly user-friendly and easy to manage, customize and maintain your website/blog. As the trend says, eCommerce will change the web and the way we shop. It has become really important to create an online shop for your business, a popular eCommerce plugin – Woocommerce is available to transform your WordPress website into an eCommerce shop.

Several web designers and developers have created Woocommerce WordPress themes to help you save your time and efforts. Today, we like to showcase our collection of 20+ themes, to help you transform your WordPress website into an eCommerce store. Take a look at the themes below and check out the list of possibilities you can use while working on Woocommerce theme for your website.

1. MetroStore – Metro Style


2. StyleShop

3. Piazza


4. Armonico


5. Gather


6. Terserah


7. Sentient


8. The Retailer


9. Camy


10. Bazar Shop

11. MayaShop

12. Cheope Shop

13. XMarket


14. Replete


15. VintageStyle


16. Simplicity


17. Shoppica

18. Boutique Shop

19. Proffet

20. Xing

21. Camp

22. Organic Shop


23. ShopPress


24. Bellissima


Showcase of 25 Free HTML5 WordPress Themes


HTML5 is the talk of the town among the people associated with technology, be it a designer, developer, blogger or a website owner. Everybody is looking forward to follow the latest web trend and use HTML5. Loaded with new and exciting features, HTML5 makes the user’s experience easier and friendly too. And WordPress being one of the major blogging platform, cannot be left untouched with the magic of HTML5. Therefore, some designers have tried their hands on creating high quality HTML5 WordPress themes for the users and the best part is that they are completely free to download.

Below is the showcase of 25 free HTML5 WordPress themes to help you stay updated with the latest web trends. We are here to inspire you to try these themes and share your thoughts about the latest trend via comments section available below the post. Enjoy!

1. Kansas


2. Accentbox Free WordPress Theme


3. JournalCrunch Premium Theme


4. Free HTML5 Grey WordPress Theme


5. Handcrafted WP Starter Theme

Handcrafted WP Starter Theme

6. Temple Gate: HTML5 WordPress Theme

Temple Gate An Accessible HTML5 WordPress Theme

7. White Board

White Board

8. Free HTML5 Minimal WordPress Theme

HTML5 Minimal WordPress Theme

9. HTML5 WordPress Shell

HTML5 WordPress Shell

10. Twenty Five WP

Twenty Five

11. Free Magazine Responsive WordPress Theme

Magazine Responsive WordPress Theme

12. SimpleCorp – Free HTML5 Responsive WordPress Theme


13. Blogolife WordPress Theme


14. Clean FreeDream


15. Pinboard – Free Responsive WordPress Theme


16. Halifax


17. HTML5 Reset

HTML5 Reset

18. Adapt – Business WordPress Theme


19. SimplenBright


20. Roots Theme

Roots Theme

21. Gridiculous – Free HTML5 Responsive WordPress Theme


22. Clean Business WordPress Theme

Clean Business

23. Bones


24. Busby Theme

Busby Theme

25. Groovy – Free Responsive Blog Theme


Showcase of 20 Best Retina Responsive WordPress Themes


Check out these high-quality 20 retina responsive WordPress themes of 2015. It is now a pretty typical tariff for any themes developed after 2012 to have a responsive template. At the same time, iPad users have been escalating exponentially, which needs WordPress themes to be retina equipped so as to take full benefit of the iPad screens. In 2015, theme developers have united different trends into somewhat called retina responsive WordPress themes. These themes not only can display well in all devices but they are look particularly decent on Apple iPads.

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Overgrowth – A powerful retina responsive wordpress theme


Flagman – A retina responsive news wordpress theme


Hurry – A retina responsive blogging and portfolio wordpress theme


PurePress – A retina responsive portfolio wordpress theme


Ebony – A retina responsive wp theme with a unique design


Vittoria – A flexible retina responsive wordpress theme


Wildhorn – A full screen retina ready wordpress theme


Everest – Another full screen retina responsive wordpress theme


Fuji – Fullscreen portfolio retina responsive theme


Grider – A retian responsive magazine wordpress theme


 Shopster – A woocommerce retina responsive theme


Ushop – Another woocommerce retina responsive wp theme


Sereno – Fast loading WooCommerce wp theme


Klasik – A minimal retina responsive wordpress theme


Delaware – A clean product wordpress theme


Boston – A multi purpose retina responsive wordpress theme


River – A multi functional retina responsive theme


Example – A 5 star retina responsive portfolio wordpress theme


Thumb – Retina responsive wordpress theme with visual composer


Aerogram – A simple blogging retina responsive theme


Choosing the right CMS for your website

Choosing the right CMS

Many business owners don’t have enough knowledge about CMS platforms. They don’t exactly understand which CMS is best for their business. So before investing on the PSD to Magento, Joomla, WordPress or Drupal you must know the difference between them so that you can easily find the best CMS for your website or business goals.

CMS at a glance :-

You can find many similarities between different websites. In particulars they use same groups of functions, registration, comments, posting, spam, managing accounts, RSS Feeds, product images, galleries and many other tasks. But a content management system provides a ready-made typical functional block with an environment which is used to manage them. Users have the authority to choose modules and plugins according to their requirement.

There are other advantages also which are :-

1. It provides excellent data security by controlling the access to data
2. It reduces the site update or maintenance cost
3. The major part it plays is organizing the website
4. It increases communication with the visitors by contributing content for them to read
5. Version Control mechanism

Choosing the right CMS with proper requirement definition :-


For choosing the right CMS you need to find chalk down your requirements. So first you define your requirements. Follow these steps :-

1. You have to specify important sections or high priority sections of your website. It is not limited to the pages with few information, products catalogs, products and services, galleries or any other page.

2. You have to plan to use what social media you want to use in your website. Whether it is forums, tagging, content syndication or blogs.

3. You have to consider the editorial features like visual text editors , adding videos or images and spell checker presence.

4. If you need support for multiple languages then you have to think for multilingual support also.

Choosing the best CMS :-

There are many open source CMS are available in the market. Small scale business prefers these open source CMS platforms. Below are some popular open source CMS discussed in details :-



Drupal is widely accepted CMS platform which allow you to build different type of web pages. It ranges from basic web blogs to large online communities.

Advantages :-

1. Highly secured development platform and extremely robust and developer friendly.
2. There are many attractive modules and important functions are available
3. It helps to make data more flexible at the interface level. Works on highly extendable data structures.
4. It is integrated with Google Analytics and aggregates RSS feeds
5. It supports custom theme design and development.
6. One module is available for fully functioning e-Commerce shop

Disadvantages :-

1. Best for large community sites
2. Out of the box business websites are not supported

Joomla :-


Joomla is another most popular CMS which is best for building online magazines, corporate websites , community based portals and many other type of websites. It provides large options of extra components and modules.

Advantages :-

1. Many extensions are available for Joomla.
2. Easy steps for installation and mastering
3. Provides excellent choices for customizing and modification.
4. Additional modules are available for design integration

Disadvantages :-

1. Extensions are much expensive
2. Some security issues occurs for 3rd party components
3. Not suitable for large websites
4. Much hectic to make it SEO friendly
5. Script and package integration into your site is tough

WordPress :-


It is considered as the best CMS platform for developing a content driven website. Much easy to use than other CMS when modifications are needed. It is a friendly platform for also those who are from non technical background.

Advantages :-

1. All excellent templates and adds on modules are available for free.
2. No experience of server side is required
3. Theming system is much friendly

Disadvantages :-

1. Sometimes new bugs spun in the system while fixing some other bugs.
2. Unexpected results and conflicts occurs in 3rd party modules.
3. It is prone to spam attacks and hackers and crackers mostly target WordPress sites.

Magento :-


Magento is the best preference of the e-commerce website business owners. It is the best choice for developing dynamic and modern web applications.

Advantages :-

1. It is now ready to use solution and easily configurable.
2. Ready-made plugins, add-ons and plugins are available easily.
3. Multi-language support is excellent.
4. Excellent solution for small and medium sized e-Commerce needs
5. It is highly SEO friendly and have integrated Google site map and full control of URL’s.

Disadvantages :-

1. Scope of its functions are limited for e-Commerce requirements
2. Less features for managing content
3. High amount off data transaction is not possible
4. Takes much time for designing templates and not documented in a proper way.

The final choice of selection :-

Before choosing the appropriate best CMS for your website you must keep in mind the possibilities of future development, upgrade and maintenance factors. The above mentioned CMS platforms are well known and efficient in all ways but have some weaknesses also. Moreover choose the PSD to WordPress or PSD to Joomla conversion service company cleverly as they will be the one who will be responsible for designing your website.

15+ Awesome Premium Horizontal Scrolling WordPress Themes


Many web designers and other artistic folks use horizontal scrolling WordPress themes to distinguish their online existence from the others with orthodox navigation setup.

Horizontal scrolling in web design is not a conventional occurrence. Presently its use can be perceived in the portfolios of some of some of the famous creative professionals’ who perceive their website as a demo of their artistic skills. Meanwhile it is not a typical exercise in web design; those who hold horizontal scrolling are living the impression that one day it will gain extensive use and awareness from the viewers.

Fundamentally, horizontal scrolling is not appropriate for all types of websites. They are usually used in portfolios and galleries not in text rich websites such as blogs. Certainly, from usability viewpoint, horizontal scrolling may not be the coolest to use but it stinks of creativeness and modernization that artists love. It is bold, artsy and undeniably out of the box. Here are 15+ awesome horizontal scrolling WordPress themes that you can make use of to start your new artistic


[Features | Demo | $49.00]


[Features | Demo | $45.00]



[Features | Demo | $40.00]


[Features | Demo | $40.00]


The Curator

[Features | Demo | $50.00]


Crea WP

[Features | Demo | $35.00]



[Features | Demo | $35.00]



[Features | Demo | $68.00]



[ $40.00 ]



[Features | Demo | $45.00]



[Features | Demo | $30.00]


Modern Metro

[Features | Demo | $40.00]



[Features | Demo | $49.00]



[Features | Demo | $35.00]



[Features | Demo | $40.00]



[Features | Demo | $45.00]


30 Free and High-Quality Responsive WordPress Portfolio Themes


If you are searching for a wordpress portfolio template to display your design work, photography or art work, the wide range of quality themes makes WordPress an incredible choice. However there have been many high-quality wordpress portfolio themes existing for several years, newly there has been a substantial rise in the number of responsive wordpress portfolio themes.

So if you would like to visitors to be capable to effortlessly sight your portfolio website on a tablet or smart phone or, in addition to a desktop, a responsive theme is an incredible choice. In this post we are going to present 30 high-quality responsive WordPress portfolio themes, so you are assured to discover one that will meet your requirements.

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3.polaroidDemo | Download

Portfolio Press


Demo | Download


5.chunDemo | Download






Demo | Download



Demo | Download

Workality Lite


Demo | Download



Demo | Download

Simply Delicious


Demo | Download



Demo | Download



Demo | Download






Demo | Download

Ultra Grid


Demo | Download

Imbalance 2



Minimal Design


Demo | Download




Demo | Download


Demo | Download

Preference Lite





Demo | Download

Hey Cookie

Demo | Download


Demo | Download


Demo | Download


Demo | Free Sign-Up is required for Download


Demo | Download

Grid Portfolio

Demo | Download


Demo | Download

30.axisDemo | Download

15 Awesome WordPress Themes with Interactive Maps


Having a communicating map is turning out to be more significant for companies who requires to be positioned physically by their clients. The old way of exhibiting maps is typically static. Though, with collaborating map plugins and wordpress themes that come with such a utility, companies can now effortlessly empower this feature on their websites. To make it stress-free for you, we have round up a list of striking wordpress themes with interactive maps. These themes cover a wide range of functions, from diverse companies to directory themes to vcard themes. If you have any more references, feel free to include them in the comments.

Explorable wordpress theme








Listing – A directory wordpress theme with interactive map


Petrichor – A one page landing page with map 


OpenEstate – Real estate theme with interactive map


Autofocus – Photography theme with photo tagging on map



The Loft – A business theme with interactive map


Exhibition WP – A exhibition theme with interactive map


Real Church


Statti – Animated wordpress theme with interactive map


Food & Wine – Restaurant wordpress theme with interactive theme


 Arc – Responsive architect business theme with map


Wellios – A vcard wordpress theme with interactive map


Showcase of 20+ Latest Responsive WordPress Themes


Responsive web design is the latest trend in the market, it aims in providing an excellent viewing experience to the users with easy navigation, minimal scrolling and panning on any device such as Smartphone, tablet, desktop monitors, etc. These are designed with fluid grids and flexible images that automatically adapts the layout and thus enhancing the users-experience thereon.

And WordPress being one of the best CMS platform has become first preference of almost every blogger, designer to mark his presence on the web. It is because of its amazing features and ease of use it offers to the bloggers and website owners. The latest WordPress version 3.6 is live and working successfully on several websites and blogs. Hundreds of Responsive WordPress themes are available in the market, some are free while some are premium themes with better quality and excellent designs. These are priced high in comparison to the other themes.

If you are looking for new and professional WordPress 3.6 version themes for your blog or website, you have landed on the right page. In this post, we like to showcase some of the latest and fresh Responsive WordPress themes coded with HTML5 and CSS3, with cross browser compatibility checked.

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These themes have theme option panels, custom page builders, cool and custom color combinations, navigation menu ready and several other powerful features to cater all the requirements. These themes are best suited for creative bloggers, website owners and people having photography or personal blogs. Take a look at our collection and do share these with your friends and other people. Enjoy!


Latest Responsive WordPress Themes-FRAME


Latest Responsive WordPress Themes-RIB


Latest Responsive WordPress Themes-TOUR PACKAGE


Latest Responsive WordPress Themes-CESAR


Latest Responsive WordPress Themes-BEHEMOTH


Latest Responsive WordPress Themes-POSITIVUS


Latest Responsive WordPress Themes-FLAG


Latest Responsive WordPress Themes-MAXINEWS


Latest Responsive WordPress Themes-ROYALSTARTEX


Latest Responsive WordPress Themes-SWAG


Latest Responsive WordPress Themes-INCENTIVE


Latest Responsive WordPress Themes-CRAFT


Latest Responsive WordPress Themes-ILONE


Latest Responsive WordPress Themes-SECOND


Latest Responsive WordPress Themes-JARVIS


Latest Responsive WordPress Themes-REAL HOMES


Latest Responsive WordPress Themes-MINX


Latest Responsive WordPress Themes-INDUSTRIAL


Latest Responsive WordPress Themes-MAZAYA


Latest Responsive WordPress Themes-METPO


Latest Responsive WordPress Themes-Fashionista


Latest Responsive WordPress Themes-ifeature

40+ Responsive Grid WordPress Themes to Mobilize Your Website


While going through the development process for your website, there is an important element on which you need to focus – device friendliness of your website. As your visitors might be using another devices apart from desktops and laptops to access your website, also the current scenario says that more and more people are switching over to lightweight devices to perform their internet browsing activities. Using Smartphones and tablets help the viewers to stay connected and perform online activities while on the go.

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Your visitors should be able to stumble across your mobile friendly website through any device they use. This would automatically give your website an instant jump among the list of your competitors. Using grid style in the website design is the latest trend, this can help you get a magazine or portfolio style website designed for yourself. Column style web design is the trending these days and thus we have collected a few responsive grid WordPress themes to help you develop a mobile friendly website for yourself. I just hope that you will be able to find a theme for yourself too from our collection, according to your requirements.

Do share this post with your friends as well, if you like our collection of themes.

WP Grid Theme – Details / Demo

Responsive Grid WordPress Themes-WP Grid Theme

DeepFocus Photography WordPress Theme – Details / Demo

Responsive Grid WordPress Themes-DeepFocus Photography WordPress Theme

Kalabala – WordPress Responsive Theme – Details / Demo

Responsive Grid WordPress Themes-Kalabala WordPress Responsive Theme

Cubus – Fullwidth WP Portfolio Theme – Details / Demo

Responsive Grid WordPress Themes-Cubus – Fullwidth WP Portfolio Theme

Brick + Mason: Premium Photography and Blog Theme – Details / Demo

Responsive Grid WordPress Themes-Brick + Mason: Premium Photography and Blog Theme

Shots, a Photo/Folio Theme to Show Off Your Stuff – Details / Demo

Responsive Grid WordPress Themes-Shots, a Photo/Folio Theme to Show Off Your Stuff

Agency – Fullscreen Portfolio WordPress Theme – Details / Demo

Responsive Grid WordPress Themes-Agency – Fullscreen Portfolio WordPress Theme

Status – Parallax and modular Theme – Details / Demo

Responsive Grid WordPress Themes-Status – Parallax and modular Theme

SideWinder for WordPress – Dynamic Grid Portfolio – Details / Demo

Responsive Grid WordPress Themes-SideWinder for WordPress – Dynamic Grid Portfolio

Photo Theme Responsive – Details / Demo

Responsive Grid WordPress Themes-Photo Theme Responsive

Photolux – Photography Portfolio WordPress Theme – Details / Demo

Responsive Grid WordPress Themes-Photolux – Photography Portfolio WordPress Theme

OneShot: Big & Bold Portfolio Theme – Details / Demo

Responsive Grid WordPress Themes-OneShot: Big & Bold Portfolio Theme

Shaken Grid (Lite) – Details / Demo

Responsive Grid WordPress Themes-Shaken Grid (Lite)

Gridlocked: Minimalistic WordPress Portfolio Theme – Details / Demo

Responsive Grid WordPress Themes-Gridlocked: Minimalistic WordPress Portfolio Theme

Grido – Details / Demo

Responsive Grid WordPress Themes-Grido

eList Directory WordPress Theme – Details / Demo

Responsive Grid WordPress Themes-eList Directory WordPress Theme

Square: Responsive WordPress Theme – Details / Demo

Responsive Grid WordPress Themes-Square: Responsive WordPress Theme

Boxed – Responsive Full Background Portfolio Theme – Details / Demo

Responsive Grid WordPress Themes-Boxed – Responsive Full Background Portfolio Theme

Angular – Responsive Portfolio – Details / Demo

Responsive Grid WordPress Themes-Angular – Responsive Portfolio

Bookcase – WordPress Portfolio Theme – Details / Demo

Responsive Grid WordPress Themes-Bookcase – WordPress Portfolio Theme

Liquid Magazine – Unique Fluid Grid Layout – Details / Demo

Responsive Grid WordPress Themes-Liquid Magazine – Unique Fluid Grid Layout

Helious Grid Style Portfolio Creative Template – Details / Demo

Responsive Grid WordPress Themes-Helious Grid Style Portfolio Creative Template

Cubrik Responsive WordPress Theme – Details / Demo

Responsive Grid WordPress Themes-Cubrik Responsive WordPress Theme

Heat Premium Portfolio WordPress Theme – Details / Demo

Responsive Grid WordPress Themes-Heat Premium Portfolio WordPress Theme

Flexible WordPress Theme – Details / Demo

Responsive Grid WordPress Themes-Flexible WordPress Theme

Origin WordPress Theme – Details / Demo

Responsive Grid WordPress Themes-Origin WordPress Theme

Grid Style Theme – Details / Demo

Responsive Grid WordPress Themes-Grid Style Theme

Reflex – Dynamic Grid Portfolio + Blog Theme – Details / Demo

Responsive Grid WordPress Themes-Reflex – Dynamic Grid Portfolio + Blog Theme

Portfolios – Details / Demo

Responsive Grid WordPress Themes-Portfolios

New Horizon – Blog & Portfolio WordPress Theme – Details / Demo

Responsive Grid WordPress Themes-New Horizon – Blog & Portfolio WordPress Theme

Yin & Yang: Clear and Slick WP Portfolio Theme – Details / Demo

Responsive Grid WordPress Themes-Yin & Yang: Clear and Slick WP Portfolio Theme

Konzept – Fullscreen Portfolio WordPress Theme – Details / Demo

Responsive Grid WordPress Themes-Konzept – Fullscreen Portfolio WordPress Theme

Imbalance 2 – Details / Demo

Responsive Grid WordPress Themes-Imbalance 2

Vertue – Clean And Minimal AJAX Portfolio Theme – Details / Demo

Responsive Grid WordPress Themes-Vertue – Clean And Minimal AJAX Portfolio Theme

Nemesis Clean Design For Creative Designer – Details / Demo

Responsive Grid WordPress Themes-Nemesis Clean Design For Creative Designer

Expression Photography Responsive WordPress Theme – Details / Demo

Responsive Grid WordPress Themes-Expression Photography Responsive WordPress Theme

Verb WordPress Theme – Details / Demo

Responsive Grid WordPress Themes-Verb WordPress Theme

Size Mttrs – Responsive Portfolio – Details /Demo

Responsive Grid WordPress Themes-Size Mttrs – Responsive Portfolio

WowWay – Interactive & Responsive Portfolio Theme – Details / Demo

Responsive Grid WordPress Themes-WowWay – Interactive & Responsive Portfolio Theme

TheStyle WordPress Theme – Details / Demo

Responsive Grid WordPress Themes-TheStyle WordPress Theme

Punch – Responsive Portfolio WordPress Theme – Details / Demo

Responsive Grid WordPress Themes-Punch – Responsive Portfolio WordPress Theme

Top Most Premium WordPress Themes – 2013


Everybody knows, WordPress is the powerful platform for creating WordPress-based blogs, corporate or business website or portfolios or any other. Most of the busines peoples like and built WordPress-based website, because this platform-based websites are handled very easily because of lots of free-of-cost features to users. There are plenty of free-of-cost and premium WordPress themes availabe on the web, but free is better then premium themes. The premium themes are making new features, eye-catching design and quick download options which you can built a beautiful WordPress site.

There are lot of WordPress themes published on the web. I have selected the most powerful commercial themes with a modern vibe, which you like and suitable wordpress theme for your websites and blogs in this article. Don’t waste your time and cost; so, download the theme and install your website and get more sales and traffics.

Elegant WordPress Premium Theme ($49)

BestPSDtoHTML-Top Most Premium WordPress Themes-2013-Elegant WordPress Premium Theme
A beautiful WordPress Premium Theme developed by Apptha which supports multiple features to users. The elegent theme looking is a feature-rich and powerful professional design. We can create multiple layouts for wordpress theme users.


  • Professional Theme
  • Social Sharing Icons
  • Multiple Browser Compatible with IE7+, IE8, Firefox, Chrome, Safari, Opera
  • Slideshow Effect
  • Every Post for Comment Options


Modernize WordPress Theme($50)

BestPSDtoHTML-Top Most Premium WordPress Themes-2013-Modernize WordPress Theme
Modernize is one of the powerful WordPress themes in themeforest. It’s mentioned themeforest in top-selling products list 2012. we can also create page very easily by drag-drop module. This theme provides multiple color, unlimited sidebar and 350 fonts.


  • Multiple Color
  • 6 Layouts
  • Thumbnail Options
  • Social Share Icons
  • 3 Image Sliders


Avada – Responsive Multi-Purpose Theme ($40)

BestPSDtoHTML-Top Most Premium WordPress Themes-2013-Avada - Responsive Multi-Purpose Theme
It’s one of the fully responsive design theme with support for lot of features to users which you can be used for any type of website; business, corporate, portfolio, blog, products, etc.


  • 100% Fully Responsive
  • Quick Installation & Setup
  • Translate for Four Languages
  • Multiple Colors
  • SEO Friendly URL


Core Minimalist Photography Portfolio ($45)

BestPSDtoHTML-Top Most Premium WordPress Themes-2013-Core Minimalist Photography Portfolio
Core is a premium WordPress theme that is exactly suitable for Photography, Portfolio, Personal website Template. You can easily uplod images and manage using admin panel.


  • Shows Display on Full Screen Slideshow
  • Support Four Portfolio Styles
  • Support All kinds of Videos
  • Unlimited Sidebar
  • Valid HTML Standard


Rime – Responsive Portfolio for WordPress ($50)

BestPSDtoHTML-Top Most Premium WordPress Themes-2013-Rime - Responsive Portfolio for WordPress
Rime is one of the powerful themes for Creative Professionals with provide a variety of portfolio showcases. This theme is suitable for all kinds of showcase websites like slideshow and portfolio websites.


  • Support Ajax Cart Portfolio
  • Four Column Portfolio
  • Light Weight and Quick Download
  • Multiple Videos Support
  • Social Sharing Icons


Ghost WP Full Screen Video ($45)

BestPSDtoHTML-Top Most Premium WordPress Themes-2013-Ghost WP Full Screen Video
A fantastic looking design that comes with HTML5 Support and all kinds of mobile deveices suitable for this them such as iPhone, android and Smart Phones.


  • Ajax Cart Load Function
  • All Kinds Of Mobile Devices Support
  • 12 Columns Design Options
  • Integrate Google Map
  • Social Sharing Icons


Photolux – Photography Portfolio WordPress Theme ($45)

BestPSDtoHTML-Top Most Premium WordPress Themes-2013-Photolux - Photography Portfolio WordPress Theme
It comes with built-in basic real photography websites,featured slider banner and looking elegant portfolio theme which provides tones of features with sutible for any portfolio websites.


  • Multiple Slide bars
  • SEO Friendly URL
  • Full Width Background Image Option
  • Social Media Icons
  • Cross-Browser Support


Fashion – Premium Responsive Portfolio Theme ($35)

BestPSDtoHTML-Top Most Premium WordPress Themes-2013-Fashion - Premium Responsive Portfolio Theme
Fashion is a premium WordPress theme which will help you to create a awesome wordpress fashion websits. It has image showes on full screen on home page with this theme provides all kind of mobile devices like iPhone, android , Ipad and Smart phones.


  • Responsive Layout
  • Integrate Mobile Deveices
  • Integrate Google Map
  • Support Different Themes
  • SEO Friendly URL


Chocolate WP – Responsive Photography Theme ($45)

BestPSDtoHTML-Top Most Premium WordPress Themes-2013-Chocolate WP Responsive Photography Theme
It can be used for WordPress photography websites only with light and minimalist theme. This theme has supports WordPress latest version 3.0 and a new unique 3d Slider.


  • 100% Responsive Layout
  • Mobile Devices Support
  • Like Tumbler Post
  • Shows on Feature Post
  • Multiple Color Support


Rhea For Photography Creative Portfolio ($45)

BestPSDtoHTML-Top Most Premium WordPress Themes-2013-Rhea For Photography Creative Portfolio
The Photography theme comes with an easy to set up image features. It’s one of the powerful designs to photography websites which shows multiple images in home page.


  • Music Support for Home Page
  • Support 7 Gallery Template
  • Upload Multiple Images
  • Social Media Icons
  • Support multiple Video Formats


This article is written by Krish Kash, and he is a Marketing Manager and technology blogger specializing in Joomla video theme and mobile app development.