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Converting PSD To WordPress And Joomla Templates


In today’s world, creating a feature rich and fully functional website is a huge task in itself. When we look at the most popular prevailing web design technologies you will come across two overly used platforms – Joomla and WordPress. Using these most versatile platforms you can easily create a CMS based website with expandable menus, galleries, sliding images and other interactive elements. No additional skills or expertise is required for opting either of these.

Although both offer a great amount of convenience to the developers, there are however some differences in the way they both operate templates. In WordPress, if a change is made in one of the element, it is immediately reflected everywhere it is used. Such a modular system allows faster execution of the project. Joomla on the other hand has a different approach. It handles different pages as separate set of components. This means that you need to add components separately on each page and that changing the component on one page would not affect the other pages.


If you have your concepts on paper or rather PSD files, this is the time to convert them into a fully functional website. Let’s check out the steps of converting PSD to WordPress and Joomla templates.

1. Analyzing the Project

You need to clearly analyze your project and split it into small parts. You can separate the images and items such as the menu, gallery, text blocks etc. and examine them carefully to understand which of them can be implemented over the CMS system. A header, a menu, main block and footer are all contained in a WordPress or Joomla website. One can ease the work by making use of these modules.

2. Cutting the PSD images into elements

It is essential to cut the PSD images into elements as the CMS enabled websites place the images in specific folders so that they can be accessed properly. These grouped components are tightly connected for better interactivity.


3. Making every element work with your CMS

You can adequately place each component on the page and decide the exact manner in which they will work and be shown. You can also choose how it reacts to the clicks from users.

4. Running your website

Now you are ready to run a fully designed website. What you can do additionally is to revisit the code in order to optimize your website. In most cases, it is seen that there are some unnecessary elements which are implemented but never used. You must get rid of them for better memory usage and faster loading.

Today, there is also an automated option to convert your PSD file to CMS template. There are numerous sites available on the internet that can do it for you, saving you time and money. However much attractive this option sounds, I will still never recommend it as it to you as it will ruin your entire project. It is best to carry the conversion manually so that the site performs better with all the functionalities intact.

Or, you can hire a professional. MarkupBox is one such service provider who’s developers are adept in PSD to Joomla conversion and PSD to WordPress conversion services.

5 Easy Steps To Convert PSD To WordPress Services


Conversion services have emerged with the increase in CMS applications. WordPress, Drupal, Joomla, Magento and many more applications are fighting with each other to be at the top. I have already discussed about the conversion of PSD to HTML. But in this post I will be discussing about PSD to WordPress conversion.

banner-minThere are just 5 simple steps to convert PSD to WordPress. Follow these steps correctly and minutely for the complete conversion. They are explained below:-

Step 1Design file is sliced

In each and every markup conversion procedure the design file is sliced off in premise set. All type of images whether it is PNG, JPEG or PSD are first sliced off and then disintegrated into various groups such as Footer, Header, the navigation bar, the sidebar etc. There are numerous tools which are available for image editing. Adobe Photoshop is considered to be the best choice for this task. Slicing is an important task which is done for ensuring the website is pixel perfect and riveting.

Step 2 Create index.HTML and Style.CSS

When the design file is sliced fully into its different components it is finally converted into the theme designs which is uploaded with WordPress. Finally experts in this field employs the correct CSS codes, HTML and XHTML with proper SEO semantics.

download (1)


Step 3 : Conversion of index.HTML file into WordPress theme structure

Now at this moment the file is already being sliced into its different components. They are well optimized for the website and internet for suitable markup conversions. Then it is finally converted into theme designs which will be uploaded with the WordPress software.

Step 4: Adding multidisciplinary WordPress tags

At this moment the markup elements have already been broken down into WordPress PHP structure. Now basic level of functionality is achieved with the correct internal functions and WordPress tags. Once this step is completed we will be having a functional WordPress theme with basic functionality.

Steps 5 : Augmenting the theme with additional functionalities

Now we are on step away from using and experiencing the magic of WordPress platform. We already have the website with proper functionalities and to make it more dynamic Plugins are required to be installed in their back-ends.

More than 17,000 WordPress Plugins are provided to its users. If you want to have drop down menu’s or Blog integration just install proper Plugins from the library.



MakupBox is Leading PSD to WordPress Services provider Company in India offers Best PSD to WordPress/Joomla/Html/Email/Bootstrap/Magento etc… We provide hand coded and W3C validated code. Our team of diligent and qualified designers ensures that the clients get the full value for money.

MarkupBox: A truly Affordable PSD To HTML Service Provider


Yes! Now you can avail an error free, manually coded and cross browser compatible markup service from very new and very affordable psd to html conversion service provider: MarkupBox.

Markupbox is a Front-end Development Firm, which converts images of all types (PSD, AI, PNG, JPEG, PDF) into W3C valid HTML/CSS. The company comes up with the most affordable pricing starting with $39, as their introductory offer. The quality and the services offered by the company are same as any other service provider with pricey order packages. Read More

Top 10 PSD to WordPress Conversion Service Providers for 2015



WordPress has emerged as the most popular web development platform in the recent years. It’s easy to use interface and features have propelled it to the numero uno position among web based content management systems. From bloggers to Fortune 500 firms, WordPress is helping individuals and entities create a strong online presence. With PSD to WordPress conversion one can create a unique web presence customized to the last pixel. Here in this short write-up we shall take a look at the top 10 PSD to WordPress conversion service providers for 2015.

Read More

The Site Slinger Review – PSD to HTML Conversion Made Easy


If you have designed your website in Photoshop the next big hurdle is to convert the design into a website. This is easier said than done as it involves a lot of coding to get a site live. Having basic coding knowledge isn’t enough as you need to code your website around the design to meet your end goal. Unprofessional coding might jeopardize the purpose your website is meant for. This is where hiring the services of a professional agency which has expertise on PSD to HTML conversion becomes beneficial. Opting for this will not only save you time and effort, but will also produce a high-quality site that adds to your brand value.

The Site Slinger is one Web development company that offers you a simple solution for design-to-code projects. They serve a range of web development needs including PSD to HTML, PSD to Bootstrap, PSD to Responsive, and PSD to WordPress sites and PSD to Email templates. What makes them special is the fact that they can work on a strict deadline and offer turnarounds as quick as 1 day. So if you have an urgent client delivery to meet, you can bank on their services. They offer fast delivery without compromising on the quality and reliability of the website. They are based out of Austin, Texas and have a team of talented developers who specialize in PSD to HTML conversions.

List of Services Offered:

– PSD TO HTML Service

PSD to HTML is the most popular service offered by The Site Slinger. Here your Photoshop files will be converted into corresponding HTML code. The team uses the highest standards of HTML/HTML5 and CSS/CSS3 coding to offer you a pixel perfect website. They hand code the website semantically which offers you more online visibility. Once the coding is done, the developers start with jQuery animations to make your website appear interactive apart from being informative.

– PSD TO WordPress Service

WordPress is one of the most preferred content management systems for many websites around the world. The Site Slinger can convert your PSD file into a WordPress site matched to the last pixel. They create a robust theme out of your PSD files that are widget ready and can be customized to meet the demands of your business. This conversion is done taking into account the latest trends in the WordPress development industry as they have a custom development team, who can quote clients for any custom project and give you the competitive edge that you need for your business.

– PSD TO Responsive Service

It is the era of responsive design. If your business website isn’t compatible with Smartphones and tablets you are losing out on a substantial market share. The PSD to Responsive service focuses on converting Photoshop files into a responsive design which reacts to the user’s environment and offers them an enthralling experience. A wide variety of frameworks such as Bootstrap, Foundation, 960gs, and others are utilized in this conversion process. They use @mediaqueries, and can also do frameworks such as “Bootstrap, Foundation” etc.. This service also includes Bootstrap jQuery animations that make the website highly interactive.

Order Process

The Site Slinger has devised a simple and intuitive way of placing an order. All that you need to do is upload your PSD files through the quote page and fill out a small form. They prefer PSD files and have tips on how to design for PSD to HTML on their blog.

The Site Slinger pricing
Once the files are uploaded, a professional web developer reviews the files and looks if anything is missing. The team gets back to you with a feedback and a quote within two hours. The review process is absolutely free. If you are satisfied with the feedback you can choose a delivery plan according to your needs. They have three  plans – Fast, Faster, and Tomorrow, which take 5 days, 3 days and 1 day respectively and are priced accordingly. To make the pricing plans further more attractive the Web development company has come out with per-page pricing plans which turn out to be extremely fair and cost-effective for businesses. This also includes all jQuery animations.

Final Words

The Site Slinger is one of your best options when it comes to converting PSD to HTML, WordPress or a Responsive design. You can design the site the way you want it to appear and the way it best represents your brand. They offer you clean coding services at a short turnaround time at highly competitive prices. The code can later be modified easily to meet the changing demands of your website. They surely qualify as one of the best PSD to HTML companies in the market.

Top Most Premium WordPress Themes – 2013


Everybody knows, WordPress is the powerful platform for creating WordPress-based blogs, corporate or business website or portfolios or any other. Most of the busines peoples like and built WordPress-based website, because this platform-based websites are handled very easily because of lots of free-of-cost features to users. There are plenty of free-of-cost and premium WordPress themes availabe on the web, but free is better then premium themes. The premium themes are making new features, eye-catching design and quick download options which you can built a beautiful WordPress site.

There are lot of WordPress themes published on the web. I have selected the most powerful commercial themes with a modern vibe, which you like and suitable wordpress theme for your websites and blogs in this article. Don’t waste your time and cost; so, download the theme and install your website and get more sales and traffics.

Elegant WordPress Premium Theme ($49)

BestPSDtoHTML-Top Most Premium WordPress Themes-2013-Elegant WordPress Premium Theme
A beautiful WordPress Premium Theme developed by Apptha which supports multiple features to users. The elegent theme looking is a feature-rich and powerful professional design. We can create multiple layouts for wordpress theme users.


  • Professional Theme
  • Social Sharing Icons
  • Multiple Browser Compatible with IE7+, IE8, Firefox, Chrome, Safari, Opera
  • Slideshow Effect
  • Every Post for Comment Options


Modernize WordPress Theme($50)

BestPSDtoHTML-Top Most Premium WordPress Themes-2013-Modernize WordPress Theme
Modernize is one of the powerful WordPress themes in themeforest. It’s mentioned themeforest in top-selling products list 2012. we can also create page very easily by drag-drop module. This theme provides multiple color, unlimited sidebar and 350 fonts.


  • Multiple Color
  • 6 Layouts
  • Thumbnail Options
  • Social Share Icons
  • 3 Image Sliders


Avada – Responsive Multi-Purpose Theme ($40)

BestPSDtoHTML-Top Most Premium WordPress Themes-2013-Avada - Responsive Multi-Purpose Theme
It’s one of the fully responsive design theme with support for lot of features to users which you can be used for any type of website; business, corporate, portfolio, blog, products, etc.


  • 100% Fully Responsive
  • Quick Installation & Setup
  • Translate for Four Languages
  • Multiple Colors
  • SEO Friendly URL


Core Minimalist Photography Portfolio ($45)

BestPSDtoHTML-Top Most Premium WordPress Themes-2013-Core Minimalist Photography Portfolio
Core is a premium WordPress theme that is exactly suitable for Photography, Portfolio, Personal website Template. You can easily uplod images and manage using admin panel.


  • Shows Display on Full Screen Slideshow
  • Support Four Portfolio Styles
  • Support All kinds of Videos
  • Unlimited Sidebar
  • Valid HTML Standard


Rime – Responsive Portfolio for WordPress ($50)

BestPSDtoHTML-Top Most Premium WordPress Themes-2013-Rime - Responsive Portfolio for WordPress
Rime is one of the powerful themes for Creative Professionals with provide a variety of portfolio showcases. This theme is suitable for all kinds of showcase websites like slideshow and portfolio websites.


  • Support Ajax Cart Portfolio
  • Four Column Portfolio
  • Light Weight and Quick Download
  • Multiple Videos Support
  • Social Sharing Icons


Ghost WP Full Screen Video ($45)

BestPSDtoHTML-Top Most Premium WordPress Themes-2013-Ghost WP Full Screen Video
A fantastic looking design that comes with HTML5 Support and all kinds of mobile deveices suitable for this them such as iPhone, android and Smart Phones.


  • Ajax Cart Load Function
  • All Kinds Of Mobile Devices Support
  • 12 Columns Design Options
  • Integrate Google Map
  • Social Sharing Icons


Photolux – Photography Portfolio WordPress Theme ($45)

BestPSDtoHTML-Top Most Premium WordPress Themes-2013-Photolux - Photography Portfolio WordPress Theme
It comes with built-in basic real photography websites,featured slider banner and looking elegant portfolio theme which provides tones of features with sutible for any portfolio websites.


  • Multiple Slide bars
  • SEO Friendly URL
  • Full Width Background Image Option
  • Social Media Icons
  • Cross-Browser Support


Fashion – Premium Responsive Portfolio Theme ($35)

BestPSDtoHTML-Top Most Premium WordPress Themes-2013-Fashion - Premium Responsive Portfolio Theme
Fashion is a premium WordPress theme which will help you to create a awesome wordpress fashion websits. It has image showes on full screen on home page with this theme provides all kind of mobile devices like iPhone, android , Ipad and Smart phones.


  • Responsive Layout
  • Integrate Mobile Deveices
  • Integrate Google Map
  • Support Different Themes
  • SEO Friendly URL


Chocolate WP – Responsive Photography Theme ($45)

BestPSDtoHTML-Top Most Premium WordPress Themes-2013-Chocolate WP Responsive Photography Theme
It can be used for WordPress photography websites only with light and minimalist theme. This theme has supports WordPress latest version 3.0 and a new unique 3d Slider.


  • 100% Responsive Layout
  • Mobile Devices Support
  • Like Tumbler Post
  • Shows on Feature Post
  • Multiple Color Support


Rhea For Photography Creative Portfolio ($45)

BestPSDtoHTML-Top Most Premium WordPress Themes-2013-Rhea For Photography Creative Portfolio
The Photography theme comes with an easy to set up image features. It’s one of the powerful designs to photography websites which shows multiple images in home page.


  • Music Support for Home Page
  • Support 7 Gallery Template
  • Upload Multiple Images
  • Social Media Icons
  • Support multiple Video Formats


This article is written by Krish Kash, and he is a Marketing Manager and technology blogger specializing in Joomla video theme and mobile app development.

CodeinWp Review – Best Solution to Pixel-Perfect WP Website


WordPress has become one of the best and easiest way of meeting niche demands of the businesses and individuals. WordPress is not limited to a virtual journal, it is most widely used for designing full-fledged websites, thanks to the customization features it caters. And most likely business people wish to get a website designed from scratch, wherein the designers create a Photoshop layout for the website and then it is processed for PSD to WordPress development. Usability and scalability features in WordPress website has made it one of the most popular content management system among businesses all around the world. Creating a Photoshop design for a website is an easy task to do, anyone can try but coding the same into a web compatible format is pretty tough, and which is what professional developers are hired for.

In this internet era, everything is possible and easily available online. CodeinWp is one of the team of professional coders to convert your design file into high quality, cross-browser compatible WordPress theme complying to the W3C standards.

About CodeinWp

The company started with the idea of providing conversion services from Photoshop designs to WordPress themes. They are a team of experts having years of experience in converting static images to dynamic websites. Their professional coders are passionate about delivering high-quality work with cross-browser compatibility and W3C compliance. The process of converting a PSD into WordPress starts with slicing the image and followed by HTML/XHTML and CSS coding done manually through semantic coding techniques. This process makes the website search engine friendly, thus keeping the code base clean and making the website render on the web-browser in quick turnaround time.

BestPSDtoHTML-CodeinWp review

How They Work?

1. You send the Files – You create your website design in Photoshop and send them the files via order form.
2. They do magic – They look into the files and discuss it with their development team and get back to you with the plan.
3. You get the theme, after they finish up the coding process and check its compatibility with various web browsers and W3C standards.


CodeinWp has a talented team of designers and developers and have created dozens of high-quality WordPress themes for various clients. You can check out their portfolio to judge their work quality and type of designs they have made so far. We are sure that these designs may inspire you get your website developed by CodeinWp experts. Below are some examples of their work.


BestPSDtoHTML-CodeinWp review-portfolio-Vertistudio.com


BestPSDtoHTML-CodeinWp review-portfolio-Facebookcovers.info


BestPSDtoHTML-CodeinWp review-portfolio-Wpfrog.net

To Sum up:

Designing and developing an online presence for your yourself/business is the need of the hour. After using the services of CodeinWp, their professional approach, clean coding and cross-browser compatible WordPress themes, we would like to suggest you to try their services. They offer easy to use, professional and effective to fit into your bill.

Giving Code to Your Ideas – PSDtoHTMLShop Review


Designing a website has become a vital part to carry out online business in the industry these days. Creating a website requires a PSD file to be converted into HTML code. There is no shortage of PSD to HTML conversion service providers in the market, which are offering several packages and schemes for website development. We found error-free and hand coded markup service by PSDtoHTMLshop. They are experts in creating new designs and the best part we liked about them is that they love to take new challenges related to encoding with HTML and CSS. But taking a right decision while choosing the best markup service provider for your website is really crucial, therefore we like to share some information about the company and the offerings by PSD to HTML shop.

More About PSDtoHTMLshop

PSDtoHTMLshop is a professional Dutch company that goes beyond its competitors. It specializes in website development, all types of conversions from PSD to CMS (wordpress, joomla, drupal) and WEBSHOP (Magento / osCommerce). They offer pixel perfect hand-coded markup conversion services. Their key motive is to deliver quality without making a hole in the pocket of the clients. Their experts can deliver exactly the same as designed in the PSD file. You can expect SEO semantic code with W3C compliance according to the latest standards of PSD to HTML conversions. They honor the promises made to their clients! They have huge experience in working on various CMS platforms and technologies like WordPress, Joomla, Drupal and Webshop. Their expert team of developers can also convert your designs to newsletters, CMS systems or a webshop. Also we found an interesting feature that they have an offer for new customers to get the 5th page converted into XHTML / CSS for free.


Streamlined Process

The working process of this firm is quite organised in terms of lack of miscommunication among the executives. Everything is just so clear that they make you feel like at your comfort place. The process they follow to speed-up their conversion work and completion of the formalities is as follows:

  1. Order placed by the customer is confirmed via email.
  2. The support team keeps a follow-up with the customer to ensure if everything is in its place.
  3. Specialized mark-up developer is assigned to the customer according to the project requirements.
  4. The developer then checks out the details and design of the project in order to contact the customer for any query.
  5. The developer starts the PSD to HTML conversion.
  6. He then passes on the files to the checking team to ensure cross-browser compatibility.
  7. The compatibility is thoroughly checked for all the browsers.
  8. The support employee shows the files to the customer to confirm if the file is up to the mark.
  9. He makes necessary changes in the file, if any.
  10. Finally, the project is delivered to the customer along with an invoice.

Quality Standard

If we talk about quality, we must say that they deliver the best! The pixel perfection, W3C compliance, Cross browser compatibility, hand-coded and clean mark-up says it all. Partnering with PSD to HTML shop would be a great experience for everybody, they offer 100% support and stay connected with the customers for ins and outs of the project. The designing experts at PSD to HTML shop gave us a good example of balancing between the quality and time. They don’t stop coding until you are 100% satisfied!

Final words

We found the services of PSD to HTML shop very pleasing and comfortable working with. They give new height to your ideas with excellent markup conversion. Also, the packages they offer are quite reasonable to suit every pocket. To know more about their services, you can go through their portfolio section and have a look at their work samples. Creating a perfect blend of latest technology and the efficiency of the developers for delivering the projects in quick turnaround time compels us to recommend their services to others.

20 Best PSD to WordPress Service Providers

screen capture 2012-11-9-11-30-20

If popularity was anything to go by, WordPress has already scaled heights that other CMSs envy about. WordPress garnered interest and attention from all quarters with its simple to develop, simple to use and even simple to troubleshoot traits that saw world-wide installations clocking over 75 million. MNCs and corporates alike welcomed PSD to WordPress into their web solutions portfolio evidencing WordPress’ evolution into a full-fledged CMS.

WordPress’ appeal originates from its irresistible themes that drape your website enchantingly. This impressive visual appearance is backed well by WordPress core’s performance as well as the plugins that give WordPress sites extra-ordinary functionalities. A WordPress theme takes shape when the design, prepared generally in Photoshop, is converted using PHP, HTML and CSS commonly called PSD to WordPress conversion. Hence WordPress is not just style alone but substance too. Having said so, visual gratification is a key determinant of a website’s overall success. This puts a lot of emphasis and exerts pressure on theme and its development.

PSD to WordPress conversion is the second phase in a WordPress website development process. The rest of the development process depends on the theme since theme provides the site with the basic functionalities. Theme talks of your brand or personality, which requires the theme to be in accordance with what you stand for or what the website conveys. Again, themes’ flexibility is crucial while drawing up long-term plans for the website, thus calling for careful evaluation of all options.

Choosing a theme has a lot more considerations than it used to be especially when there are a multitude of themes to choose from. However your choice of themes might not be as simple as a mere act of pick and choose. To make your life easy, there are a host of PSD to WordPress service providers who might just be the ones you were looking for.

Top 20 PSD To WordPress Service Providers :

01. MarkupBox


In the business for over half a decade, MarkupBox Convert PSD to WordPress themes that are 100% manually coded, conforms to W3C standards, SEO friendly and cross-browser compatible with widget ready sidebar. They’re also experts in dynamic WordPress CMS/Blog development as well as customization. Promising a turn around time of 1 business day for the landing page and 4 – 6 business hours per page, MarkupBox claims high client retention.

02. PixelCrayons


An ISO 9001:2008 certified company, now in the process of being CMMi Level 3 certification, PixelCrayons has been operational for almost a decade, servicing over 2500 clients from 52 countries. Their PSD to WordPress service produces themes that are W3C validated, cross-browser compatible, cleanly coded and comes with software integration and accessibility support. Boasting of a headcount of 250, PixelCrayons have bagged the NASSCOM Emerge 50 award for the year 2011.

If pricing is not a concern, they are hands down the best PSD to WordPress conversion and theming service.

03. PSD To ManyThings


PSD To ManyThings specializes in PSD to XHTML, PSD to WordPress, PSD to Joomla, PSD to Opencart and PSD to E-mail/Newsletters. Like others the team relies on their programmers’ skills to hand-weave HTML and CSS themes. The team is also capable of plugin customizations providing the clients with enhanced features on their WordPress sites. Markups are compatible across browsers, loads fast as they use techniques like CSS Image Sprites, javascript compression, CSS compression, etc, and SEO enabling semantic coding. The deal includes a 6 months data backup that covers any risk of data loss.

04. XHTML Weaver


XHTML Weaver is a web development agency run by highly proficient designers & developers specializing in delivering high quality W3C Compliant and cross-browser compatible websites to their clients. Their team strictly focuses on the high standards of web development and PSD to WordPress conversions in short turnaround with affordable price.



PSD To HTML USA offer transformation of your beautiful designs into a highly interactive WordPress theme. Their WordPress themes are 200% seo compatible with high quality semantic handwritten html css mark up. Their coders develop the codes that are compatible with all browsers.

06. ValueCoders


ValueCoders is a full service developing company, specializes in delivering high quality Compliant Markup, Cascading Style Sheets, clean jQuery-based JavaScript code and PSD to WordPress solutions in short turnaround with affordable price.

07. WPcanvas


WPCanvas offers an array of services that comprises of PSD to WordPress, Custom WordPress Development, WordPress Support and Maintenance, WordPress Migration, WPCommerce and hiring of WordPress developers. The company houses a team of 50 WordPress professionals capable of managing any requirements in WordPress and have over 1000 themes to their credit. The themes are cross-OS compatible besides being W3C conformed. Widgets and plugins as required are built-in at no extra costs.

08. CrazyXHTML


Crazyhtml.com operates out of Prague in Czech Republic who are conversant in WordPress as a whole covering both blog and CMS. Their offering includes plugin and theme installation, administration of theme options and settings, content management through meta-box integration and training and support.

09. XHTMLit


10. PSDtoWP


11. Markup4u

PSD To WordPress-Markup4u

12. PSDtoHTMLshop




13. WPfromPSD


14. PSDtoWordpress

PSD To WordPress-PSDtoWordpress

15. PSDtoAny


16. Slice n’ Dice


17. HTMLrockstars


18. PixelPress


19. HTMLblender


20. Netlings


Essence of The Theme Conversions

As you could see, the theme developers are near similar in what they have to offer you in terms of features and services. What should be your criteria in choosing a theme and a developer?

Your theme should be able to complement your site’s functionality and design. More complex the site more flexible and sturdy should your theme be.

Since you don’t intend to change your theme often, you might want to have continuous support from your developer especially in the event of a virus attack or a hack. Choose developers who can commit decent long-term support for your PSD to WordPress conversions.

Your theme’s scalability will be tested as time passes, as you keep adding content and functionality into your site. Although you might not start your website foreseeing this, but a theme/design that’s scalable is of huge benefit to you.

So, what are you waiting for? Go and grab one of the best PSD to WordPress service providers to fulfill all your WordPress related development needs.