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10 Reasons To Deploy WordPress For Website Development


No doubt, WordPress is one of the most popular content management systems in the web and blog development sphere. Currently, WordPress CMS software is powering approx 60% of the blogs and 40% of the websites which are live on the World Wide Web. It is said that, WordPress powers every 5th site on the internet and helps approx 100,000 new portals come online every day.
wpcustomGiven below are the 10 reasons why using WordPress software will be beneficial for your portal:
1. Open-source
It means that there are thousands of WordPress developers and users around the world who are working day and night to improve the features & functionalities of this system. The best part being an open-source tech is that users don’t have to spend money on license or registration fees. Free security updates and feature upgrades every quarter.
Earlier this open-source nature of WordPress used to be its biggest disadvantage- like there’s no official owner, no support community etc. But soon things changed and being open-source became its biggest strength. Today WordPress has one of the biggest support community which is available 24X7. Just post your query and you will get an effective solution within few minutes.
2. Bullet-proof reputation
Thinking about making your site using the WordPress, then you are in good company. WordPress is used by some of the leading brands which are listed in the Fortune 100, Time.com, Forbes.com and CNN. So investing in WordPress development will surely fetch you good returns on investment.
3. Easy SEO
Earlier, WordPress was used as a blogging platform but with time it evolved and turned into a full-blown content management system. It is flexible enough to support all sorts of simple & complex portals. The amazing heritage carried by WordPress made it an instant hit in the web development market and soon several renowned international brands also started using it. Marketers love the search engine optimisation (SEO) feature of WordPress which are merged into its core. And you don’t have to do much to boost this functionality.
4. WordPress suppliers? Not a problem!
When you will start using the WordPress, one of the things you will realise is that you won’t get stuck to a particular service provider. You don’t have to face any sort of hostage situation, where your portal is created on a unique & bespoke platform which doesn’t permit you to move to a new provider. With WordPress, you will have an access to almost an unlimited pool of developers and can choose the suitable one as per your requirement.
5. WordPress has lots of plugins
Keeping in mind the insane popularity of WordPress, it’s not surprising that lots of developers across the globe have created several useful plugins (extensions) for it. These are just the pieces of shortcodes which are designed to enhance the core functionality of the website. You can use these plugins to add any desired feature in your portal. Most of the plugins are available for free and there some paid ones as well but even those have an affordable price tag.
wpplugins6. Mature
WordPress CMS is nearly 14 years old and with time comes the maturity. It doesn’t have bugs and won’t crash your site. In all these years, WordPress has redefined its core, installed tried & tested codes which made this platform stable. From a simple blogging site to the world-class publishing system, WordPress’s journey to success has been amazing.
7. Easy to use
With WordPress backing up your site, you don’t have to worry about usage and customisation. Thanks to its simple to use interface, even a person with a non-technical background can also edit & publish articles on his site. As the WordPress has become an instant hit, you can quickly find several skilled & experienced developers who will help you come up with a robust portal in the quickest possible manner. Else, you can also take help of the online tutorials which will help you in making minor changes by yourself.
8. Powerhouse
Large sites which usually fetch millions of visits per day use WordPress. Mashable, Tech and Metro are the three portals based on WP.
wpseo9. Scalable
If you are into event management or web publishing, then you might be needing more than one site to promote different parts of your business. With WordPress in place, expandability will never be a problem. It comes with a theme-based structure which is flexible and can be expanded to any extent. You can create new sites within few days and can load it up with different features.
10. Multi-language sites
In this cut-throat competition, it is essential to have a multi-lingual site which can offer a localised experience to users spread across the world. WordPress powered sites are quick to duplicate and customise so managing several portals in a variety of languages & time zones won’t be a problem.

Summing Up
At present, there is no other content management system which can beat WordPress in this sector. It is rich in features, offers a quality interface and allows users to expand it as per their needs. The best part is, you can do all this for free.

Best PSD To WordPress Conversion Service Providers for 2017



WordPress has emerged as the most popular web development platform in the recent years. It’s easy to use interface and features have propelled it to the numero uno position among web based content management systems. From bloggers to Fortune 500 firms, WordPress is helping individuals and entities create a strong online presence. With PSD to WordPress conversion one can create a unique web presence customized to the last pixel. Here in this short write-up we shall take a look at the top 10 PSD to WordPress conversion service providers for 2017.

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The Impact of WordPress on the PSD To HTML Business


Any creative designer knows how hard it is to design beautiful and different layouts day in and day out. To create something truly different every day and not just unique but a masterpiece is a difficult task. It comes with the responsibility of the creative artist to let their creative juices flowing constantly all the while keeping up with the latest designing trends. Even if a strategy is well thought of, the implementation is something that usually becomes an issue. The tools that Photoshop uses and the delicacy of every point, font, size, and color are a matter of concern for the creator. Hence, the Photoshop artist would need to make sure that whatever plan he has is possible practically.
Yet there is one thing that many Photoshop designers cannot do, which is, to transform files into PSD and make them ready to upload on the internet. This is the part where services like PSD to HTML businesses came in. These businesses are there to facilitate the Photoshop experts by providing them their designs in an HTML file. However, there are other ways now that can help anyone to design something without the need of using Photoshop and HTML. One of those ways is using PSD to WordPress. WordPress has been one of the key players in the internet world which has provided a website building platform to anyone hoping to reach an audience through the web.
Ease of Access:


With the advent of WordPress, the internet has seen many small business owners use the forum to promote their business by creating simple websites or web pages. WordPress offers interactive interfaces and has functions that are ready to be used by anyone. Converting a PSD file to a WordPress theme is simple and an effective way to build your own website. There are simple ways that you can add new pages or images on those pages, you can correct or update any written content with the available settings. All of these things are in contrast to the complicated coding that any HTML file requires. A designer would either have to learn to code first or have their proposed layout be designed into HTML by a professional.
Payment Options:


Image source: https://pixabay.com/en/coins-banknotes-money-currency-1726618/

There are numerous ways to pay for a WordPress account, and the package prices vary with the type of website you want. However, it does not charge you extra if you are uploading your own designs and that is why any designer would prefer to use WordPress for their business or personal website. On the other hand, the prices of HTML businesses vary from business to business and can be the cause of fluctuation in the designer’s budget. This difference in pricing may have the designer to deviate to WordPress rather than use HTML conversion services.

Additional Features:


WordPress itself has no plugins in its offered plans, but there are multiple platforms that can provide you with plugins that will be useful for not just your present work but even in the future. These plugins are capable of providing the user with different theme settings, multiple page editing, and great list building options. There are no functions that you can add through a website that was made by PSD to HTML service providers. Anytime you would want a change in your website, you would have to rely on your service provider to do it.
Processing Speed:


When you build a website through WordPress, you have the luxury to update it daily, weekly or whichever time you prefer. These websites are more versatile and any new layout you have designed for your page could be done within that same day. Which is why it is perfect for a designer if he/she is designing a website for small business which hosts a blog section or a news section. A website built with HTML would need a lot of processing which cannot be done in time and the updates you would want on your web page would be going live days later instead of that same day.
The verdict for many designers is crystal clear. A PSD to WordPress conversion is a convenient way for a designer to showcase their work which can be updated in minimal time with little effort. Although PSD to HTML services were surely a great way for growing businesses but WordPress has made the whole process look outdated and unnecessary. Which is why, in the near future, more businesses might prefer WordPress over HTML services.


Author Bio: Megan Dennis is a passionate blogger for Pac and Copy Plus, a Florida based digital marketing agency helping B2B and B2C businesses with top-notch web solutions.