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Converting PSD To WordPress And Joomla Templates


In today’s world, creating a feature rich and fully functional website is a huge task in itself. When we look at the most popular prevailing web design technologies you will come across two overly used platforms – Joomla and WordPress. Using these most versatile platforms you can easily create a CMS based website with expandable menus, galleries, sliding images and other interactive elements. No additional skills or expertise is required for opting either of these.

Although both offer a great amount of convenience to the developers, there are however some differences in the way they both operate templates. In WordPress, if a change is made in one of the element, it is immediately reflected everywhere it is used. Such a modular system allows faster execution of the project. Joomla on the other hand has a different approach. It handles different pages as separate set of components. This means that you need to add components separately on each page and that changing the component on one page would not affect the other pages.


If you have your concepts on paper or rather PSD files, this is the time to convert them into a fully functional website. Let’s check out the steps of converting PSD to WordPress and Joomla templates.

1. Analyzing the Project

You need to clearly analyze your project and split it into small parts. You can separate the images and items such as the menu, gallery, text blocks etc. and examine them carefully to understand which of them can be implemented over the CMS system. A header, a menu, main block and footer are all contained in a WordPress or Joomla website. One can ease the work by making use of these modules.

2. Cutting the PSD images into elements

It is essential to cut the PSD images into elements as the CMS enabled websites place the images in specific folders so that they can be accessed properly. These grouped components are tightly connected for better interactivity.


3. Making every element work with your CMS

You can adequately place each component on the page and decide the exact manner in which they will work and be shown. You can also choose how it reacts to the clicks from users.

4. Running your website

Now you are ready to run a fully designed website. What you can do additionally is to revisit the code in order to optimize your website. In most cases, it is seen that there are some unnecessary elements which are implemented but never used. You must get rid of them for better memory usage and faster loading.

Today, there is also an automated option to convert your PSD file to CMS template. There are numerous sites available on the internet that can do it for you, saving you time and money. However much attractive this option sounds, I will still never recommend it as it to you as it will ruin your entire project. It is best to carry the conversion manually so that the site performs better with all the functionalities intact.

Or, you can hire a professional. MarkupBox is one such service provider who’s developers are adept in PSD to Joomla conversion and PSD to WordPress conversion services.

Top 10 Joomla Development Companies to Choose from


Joomla is one of the most popular open-source content management system in the world, its popularity can be marked by its large community of users and developers working on the technology. Joomla as a platform offers several forms like website, community portal, social networking websites, online magazine, and many more. It is a CMS that suits everybody’s need. In order to get a Joomla powered fully functional website, one should have to go through PSD to Joomla conversion phase. If you are well versed with the designing stuff, you can easily convert a PSD file into CSS/HTML and then the only thing you are left with is to integrate the template with Joomla. This responsibility can be easily handled by a Joomla expert.

Today, we like to list the names of top Joomla development companies whom you can consider for your Joomla integration or development requirement. These companies hit the list because of their earned reputation in the industry, sheer labor and high-quality work they deliver to the clients. Of course, if you want to build a Joomla website yourself, make sure to utilize the best Joomla templates from a respected provider.

What do you think about the list? You can give your suggestion about the list, which should be ranked higher and why? Take a look.

1. PixelCrayons

BestPSDtoHTML-Top 10 Joomla Development Companies to Choose from-PixelCrayons
PixelCrayons is a firm famous for their expertise and high quality conversions, custom designing, implementation, custom module development, etc. They have a skilled team of developers to convert the PSD design into high-end Joomla template.

2. MarkupBox

MarkupBox offers specialized services to convert PSD into Joomla template. You can send across your design file, they will get it chopped with high quality markup ensuring latest browser compatibility and W3C compliance.

3. ValueCoders

Joomla is one of the best open-source CMS available in the World. ValueCoders is an outsourcing company offering excellent services in PSD to Joomla template conversion. You can hire Joomla developers for conversion services, integration, module development and many more.


PSDtoANY employs best programmers to hand code your PSD into Joomla templates. They offer extensible solutions for Joomla services with cross browser compatibility and W3C compliance in fast turnaround time.

5. Xhtmlslicing

XHTMLSlicing has a group of experienced coders to convert your high-definition website design into a Joomla template/website with cross-platform and browser compatibility and optimized code for search engines.

6. Joomladevs


7. Joomlian

BestPSDtoHTML-Top 10 Joomla Development Companies to Choose from-Joomlian

8. Joomla6teen

BestPSDtoHTML-Top 10 Joomla Development Companies to Choose from-Joomla6teen

9. Joomla Integration


10. Joomla Campus


Giving Code to Your Ideas – PSDtoHTMLShop Review


Designing a website has become a vital part to carry out online business in the industry these days. Creating a website requires a PSD file to be converted into HTML code. There is no shortage of PSD to HTML conversion service providers in the market, which are offering several packages and schemes for website development. We found error-free and hand coded markup service by PSDtoHTMLshop. They are experts in creating new designs and the best part we liked about them is that they love to take new challenges related to encoding with HTML and CSS. But taking a right decision while choosing the best markup service provider for your website is really crucial, therefore we like to share some information about the company and the offerings by PSD to HTML shop.

More About PSDtoHTMLshop

PSDtoHTMLshop is a professional Dutch company that goes beyond its competitors. It specializes in website development, all types of conversions from PSD to CMS (wordpress, joomla, drupal) and WEBSHOP (Magento / osCommerce). They offer pixel perfect hand-coded markup conversion services. Their key motive is to deliver quality without making a hole in the pocket of the clients. Their experts can deliver exactly the same as designed in the PSD file. You can expect SEO semantic code with W3C compliance according to the latest standards of PSD to HTML conversions. They honor the promises made to their clients! They have huge experience in working on various CMS platforms and technologies like WordPress, Joomla, Drupal and Webshop. Their expert team of developers can also convert your designs to newsletters, CMS systems or a webshop. Also we found an interesting feature that they have an offer for new customers to get the 5th page converted into XHTML / CSS for free.


Streamlined Process

The working process of this firm is quite organised in terms of lack of miscommunication among the executives. Everything is just so clear that they make you feel like at your comfort place. The process they follow to speed-up their conversion work and completion of the formalities is as follows:

  1. Order placed by the customer is confirmed via email.
  2. The support team keeps a follow-up with the customer to ensure if everything is in its place.
  3. Specialized mark-up developer is assigned to the customer according to the project requirements.
  4. The developer then checks out the details and design of the project in order to contact the customer for any query.
  5. The developer starts the PSD to HTML conversion.
  6. He then passes on the files to the checking team to ensure cross-browser compatibility.
  7. The compatibility is thoroughly checked for all the browsers.
  8. The support employee shows the files to the customer to confirm if the file is up to the mark.
  9. He makes necessary changes in the file, if any.
  10. Finally, the project is delivered to the customer along with an invoice.

Quality Standard

If we talk about quality, we must say that they deliver the best! The pixel perfection, W3C compliance, Cross browser compatibility, hand-coded and clean mark-up says it all. Partnering with PSD to HTML shop would be a great experience for everybody, they offer 100% support and stay connected with the customers for ins and outs of the project. The designing experts at PSD to HTML shop gave us a good example of balancing between the quality and time. They don’t stop coding until you are 100% satisfied!

Final words

We found the services of PSD to HTML shop very pleasing and comfortable working with. They give new height to your ideas with excellent markup conversion. Also, the packages they offer are quite reasonable to suit every pocket. To know more about their services, you can go through their portfolio section and have a look at their work samples. Creating a perfect blend of latest technology and the efficiency of the developers for delivering the projects in quick turnaround time compels us to recommend their services to others.

20 Best PSD to Joomla Service Providers

      The widespread of Joomla as a successful open source CMS is visible by its large community of users and developers. People use it as a website, blog, community portal, social networking site, online magazine and in various other forms. In other words, it is a CMS platform which fits to everyone’s needs.

But in order to get a swiftly working Joomla powered website, it need to convert the PSD design into Joomla template and integrated the same successfully with the web pages. And PSD to Joomla conversion is one such important phase of this whole operation. If you know designing well enough that you can convert PSD into xhtml/css, then you just need to integrate the template with Joomla. But if whole designing thing is alien to you then you better let the experts handle it.

The need of converting PSD design into Joomla arises as it assures W3C compliance, cross browser compatibility, robust interface and a decisive edge for the online business. There are several PSD to Joomla service providers available in the web market, having immense experience in creating Joomla templates.

Below are the names of few companies who provide PSD to Joomla conversion services. They have earned good reputation in the industry by their sheer labor and quality work.

20 Best PSD to Joomla Service Providers



PixelCrayons is famous for Solid experience and a team of highly qualified Joomla developers offering custom designing, conversion, implementation, custom module development, etc. They have skillfully proficient developers to convert the PSD design into high-end Joomla template.



MarkupBox offers specialized services in PSD to Joomla template conversion as Joomla being one of the best open source CMS platforms to create robust online applications. They have skilled technical experts and committed developers having years of experience in PSD to Joomla template conversion.



ValueCoders is an outsourcing company offering excellent PSD to Joomla conversion services and various other services like Joomla development, Joomla integration, extensions development, etc. They have expertise in delivering quality templates with assured cross browser compatibility and W3C compliance.



PSDToAny offers an easy-to-use and extensible solutions for PSD to Joomla web template conversion. They provide Joomla templates with hand-coded W3C compliance and reliable solutions in fast turnaround time.



Xhtmlslicing offers hand-coded PSD to Joomla template conversion services with cross-platform and browser compatibility and optimized code for search engines. They have Joomla professionals to provide template designing, conversion and implementation services.


Convert2html offers great PSD to joomla conversion services along with many other conversion services. They convert your psd design into a fully functional joomla theme at affordable cost and in quick turn-around time.



Joomladevs is a group of experienced coders from where you can hire the professional Joomla developers for your joomla conversion need. They also offer 100% money back guarantee to safe guard your interest.

Joomla Integration

Joomla Integration has a proficient team having hands on experience of working on various projects, Their sole purpose is to provide quality PSD to Joomla conversion service to customers.



Joomlian started joomla conversion services in 2005. Their expert psd to joomla developers are certified experts in the industry and can take your custom design to make it into a website that is not only user-friendly but also search engine friendly


Graphix2HTML offers PSD to Joomla services to turn your vision into a working reality for the Web. They have team of qualified Joomla developers which provide top notch quality of services and very quick delivery time.







Coding People




Joomla Campus









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