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5 Easy Steps To Convert PSD To WordPress Services


Conversion services have emerged with the increase in CMS applications. WordPress, Drupal, Joomla, Magento and many more applications are fighting with each other to be at the top. I have already discussed about the conversion of PSD to HTML. But in this post I will be discussing about PSD to WordPress conversion.

banner-minThere are just 5 simple steps to convert PSD to WordPress. Follow these steps correctly and minutely for the complete conversion. They are explained below:-

Step 1Design file is sliced

In each and every markup conversion procedure the design file is sliced off in premise set. All type of images whether it is PNG, JPEG or PSD are first sliced off and then disintegrated into various groups such as Footer, Header, the navigation bar, the sidebar etc. There are numerous tools which are available for image editing. Adobe Photoshop is considered to be the best choice for this task. Slicing is an important task which is done for ensuring the website is pixel perfect and riveting.

Step 2 Create index.HTML and Style.CSS

When the design file is sliced fully into its different components it is finally converted into the theme designs which is uploaded with WordPress. Finally experts in this field employs the correct CSS codes, HTML and XHTML with proper SEO semantics.

download (1)


Step 3 : Conversion of index.HTML file into WordPress theme structure

Now at this moment the file is already being sliced into its different components. They are well optimized for the website and internet for suitable markup conversions. Then it is finally converted into theme designs which will be uploaded with the WordPress software.

Step 4: Adding multidisciplinary WordPress tags

At this moment the markup elements have already been broken down into WordPress PHP structure. Now basic level of functionality is achieved with the correct internal functions and WordPress tags. Once this step is completed we will be having a functional WordPress theme with basic functionality.

Steps 5 : Augmenting the theme with additional functionalities

Now we are on step away from using and experiencing the magic of WordPress platform. We already have the website with proper functionalities and to make it more dynamic Plugins are required to be installed in their back-ends.

More than 17,000 WordPress Plugins are provided to its users. If you want to have drop down menu’s or Blog integration just install proper Plugins from the library.



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MarkupBox: A truly Affordable PSD To HTML Service Provider


Yes! Now you can avail an error free, manually coded and cross browser compatible markup service from very new and very affordable psd to html conversion service provider: MarkupBox.

Markupbox is a Front-end Development Firm, which converts images of all types (PSD, AI, PNG, JPEG, PDF) into W3C valid HTML/CSS. The company comes up with the most affordable pricing starting with $39, as their introductory offer. The quality and the services offered by the company are same as any other service provider with pricey order packages. Read More

PSD to HTML conversion : Amazing technique for website development process


In the past few years website development process have become much flexible and popular. Many strategies have been deployed in the website design and development world but only a few of them became successful. PSD to HTML conversion plays a vital role in the website development process. PSD to HTML conversion is considered to be one of the amazing techniques due to its awesome benefits. It provides a solid ground in optimizing the websites to take the business at the highest level of digital marketing world.

PSD to HTML conversion


maxresdefaultThe process of converting PSD to HTML :-

This process is based on some simple steps. The systematic process is initiated by designing the website in the PSD format. Then by slicing and coding processes it is converted into HTML. Now one question can pop in your mind that ‘What is the necessity of sketch designing of the website by using PSD.’ It also comes with an easy answer that PSD is the powerful and best solution which provides necessary tools for designing web pages.

Amazing benefits of PSD to HTML conversion:-

When it comes for developing an advanced website PSD to HTML is the best solution developers will go for. There are more benefits of PSD to HTML services:-

1. Websites are rich in functionality and dynamic in nature :-

Developers can make an effective and dynamic website as they define the functionality of the components of the webpages. For making it compelling web developers integrates graphics and motion in the website. This is one of the best strategy of decreasing the bounce rate and boosts to attract online visitors.

2. Can develop Cross browser compatible website :-

Website developers make it cross browser compatible to ensure that most of the visitors can access the website. Moreover implementing this strategy will provide a strong presence of the business in the business industry.

3. Making sure of clean structure and coding:-

It is much easy for the developers to maintain and organize the components of website pages. In this way the structure and coding remains clean.

4. Easy to develop a pixel perfect design :-

It is easier to develop pixel perfect design by using PSD to HTML conversion. It gives a broader profit to the website owners as mobile users gets a crystal clear view of the website.

5. Easy implementation of W3C validated coding :-

The standards of W3C is maintained by the  PSD to HTML conversion companies. The mission behind this validation is to make the websites accessible on different browsers without any problem.

SEO Implications in PSD to HTML Conversion Need to Overcome


When converting an Adobe Photoshop PSD to a website HTML template, there are additional tasks that must be performed in order to provide the needed search engine optimization; in order to ensure that the website will receive proper spidering from search engines such as Google and Bing. By simply converting the template from PSD to HTML and ignoring the formatting that Adobe Photoshop places in the HTML file, you lose valuable code within the template of your website. Read More

6 Proven Tips to Pace up PSD to HTML Conversion Projects


Markup conversions have served as excellent means of improving the overall visual appearance and performance of websites. If you’re still running your website on the traditional Photoshop designs, it is high time to switch to the feature-loaded HTML Markup. All in all, PSD to HTML markup conversions can effectively increase the functioning and appearance of your website. Being a time-consuming process, PSD to HTML conversion must be performed in accordance to set guidelines. So, in order to curb all your confusions regarding methods that can be used for converting Photoshop designs into HTML Markup, I’ve listed out 6 proven tips that work wonders for reducing the time inculcated during PSD to HTML markup conversions. All these tips are easy to follow and worth choosing for your next PSD to HTML conversion venture. Read More

8 Useful Photoshop Tips for Effective PSD to HTML conversions


For any designer, it is essential to convert PSD to HTML in a quick and error-free manner. Photoshop designers also need to focus on the conversion that is cost-efficient and doesn’t face any issue in the long run. This is the reason why PSD to HTML conversion needs a desired amount of care and sophistication.


Here are 8 tips that a designer will find very useful when it comes to quick and accurate PSD to HTML conversion:

1. Keeping all layers intact: Merging layers may prove helpful to keep the file size small. This may be appropriate for print designs, but in the case of web designing keeping all layers intact is more desirable. When all graphic and text layers are intact, it can align all information for web development, such as font size and color, text spacing and others.

2. Organizing PSD files: Well structured PSD files always lead to effective and successful PSD to HTML conversion. It increases the productivity and makes the conversion task efficient and time-saving, when you need to spend a little time in order to find a particular graphic or text layer for the conversion.

3. Maintaining consistency: The conversion becomes seamless when you maintain consistency of all design elements throughout the web layout. You should try to maintain a consistent look and feel of elements such as buttons, tabs, borders etc. If you fail to maintain a desired level of consistency, it may require additional efforts in CSS coding and which will increase the time of conversion.

4. Use of grid elements: Use of grids greatly influences the overall look of a website. But grids may create additional steps for PSD to HTML conversion. Thus, if you are using grids in your design, you need to keep the grids aligned and well structured. You should also avoid keeping your design elements outside the grid.

5. Consistent guideline for the team: The team working on the PSD to HTML conversion should be provided with consistent guidelines and documents to avoid discrepancies while doing the task. The documents should outline all details related to font, color choices and design elements so that each member can carry out the conversion without any doubt and in a consistent manner.

6. Rendering fonts: Modern fonts can appear differently on different browsers and operating systems. Thus, it is important to check the appearance of a font on various browsers before rendering it live on your website.

7. Avoid using blending modes: It could be a difficult task to recreate the Photoshop blending modes in CSS. The blending modes can reduce the time of image processing and can be used for preview. But they may not give the desired outcome in the final effect. Using a normal blending mode could be more appropriate for an effective PSD to HTML conversion.

8. Use of text area: You need to create a flexible text area along with the graphics. This consideration doesn’t prove a limitation when you feel the need of adding more content to your website.

The Site Slinger Review – PSD to HTML Conversion Made Easy


If you have designed your website in Photoshop the next big hurdle is to convert the design into a website. This is easier said than done as it involves a lot of coding to get a site live. Having basic coding knowledge isn’t enough as you need to code your website around the design to meet your end goal. Unprofessional coding might jeopardize the purpose your website is meant for. This is where hiring the services of a professional agency which has expertise on PSD to HTML conversion becomes beneficial. Opting for this will not only save you time and effort, but will also produce a high-quality site that adds to your brand value.

The Site Slinger is one Web development company that offers you a simple solution for design-to-code projects. They serve a range of web development needs including PSD to HTML, PSD to Bootstrap, PSD to Responsive, and PSD to WordPress sites and PSD to Email templates. What makes them special is the fact that they can work on a strict deadline and offer turnarounds as quick as 1 day. So if you have an urgent client delivery to meet, you can bank on their services. They offer fast delivery without compromising on the quality and reliability of the website. They are based out of Austin, Texas and have a team of talented developers who specialize in PSD to HTML conversions.

List of Services Offered:

– PSD TO HTML Service

PSD to HTML is the most popular service offered by The Site Slinger. Here your Photoshop files will be converted into corresponding HTML code. The team uses the highest standards of HTML/HTML5 and CSS/CSS3 coding to offer you a pixel perfect website. They hand code the website semantically which offers you more online visibility. Once the coding is done, the developers start with jQuery animations to make your website appear interactive apart from being informative.

– PSD TO WordPress Service

WordPress is one of the most preferred content management systems for many websites around the world. The Site Slinger can convert your PSD file into a WordPress site matched to the last pixel. They create a robust theme out of your PSD files that are widget ready and can be customized to meet the demands of your business. This conversion is done taking into account the latest trends in the WordPress development industry as they have a custom development team, who can quote clients for any custom project and give you the competitive edge that you need for your business.

– PSD TO Responsive Service

It is the era of responsive design. If your business website isn’t compatible with Smartphones and tablets you are losing out on a substantial market share. The PSD to Responsive service focuses on converting Photoshop files into a responsive design which reacts to the user’s environment and offers them an enthralling experience. A wide variety of frameworks such as Bootstrap, Foundation, 960gs, and others are utilized in this conversion process. They use @mediaqueries, and can also do frameworks such as “Bootstrap, Foundation” etc.. This service also includes Bootstrap jQuery animations that make the website highly interactive.

Order Process

The Site Slinger has devised a simple and intuitive way of placing an order. All that you need to do is upload your PSD files through the quote page and fill out a small form. They prefer PSD files and have tips on how to design for PSD to HTML on their blog.

The Site Slinger pricing
Once the files are uploaded, a professional web developer reviews the files and looks if anything is missing. The team gets back to you with a feedback and a quote within two hours. The review process is absolutely free. If you are satisfied with the feedback you can choose a delivery plan according to your needs. They have three  plans – Fast, Faster, and Tomorrow, which take 5 days, 3 days and 1 day respectively and are priced accordingly. To make the pricing plans further more attractive the Web development company has come out with per-page pricing plans which turn out to be extremely fair and cost-effective for businesses. This also includes all jQuery animations.

Final Words

The Site Slinger is one of your best options when it comes to converting PSD to HTML, WordPress or a Responsive design. You can design the site the way you want it to appear and the way it best represents your brand. They offer you clean coding services at a short turnaround time at highly competitive prices. The code can later be modified easily to meet the changing demands of your website. They surely qualify as one of the best PSD to HTML companies in the market.

Surveyed HTML5 vs Native vs Hybrid [Infographic]

Surveyed HTML5 vs Native vs Hybrid

According to The global developer survey 2013, we got to know a lot more about the HTML5 related issues like its adoption trend in the market, its importance among the developers, debate over native vs HTML5 and preferences for the existing and emerging mobile platforms. Below is an infographic to showcase the findings and the result of the survey. Take a look, you might enjoy it and share it with the other HTML5 fans and skeptics. Also, do let us know your opinion in the comments section below the post.

Bestpsdtohtml-HTML5 vs Native vs Hybrid infographic-global_developer_survey

Why is PSD to HTML Conversion So Important For Websites?


All over the internet, there are a lot of posts and blogs which talk about how to convert PSD to HTML and different ways to do it. If you do not know what it is all about then you must be wondering what the entire buzz is about. Undoubtedly, the PSD is the best way you can create your website templates, but HTML has changed the way how your website looks and feels, giving it an important spot in the website development process. Experts all over the world agree the increased importance of having your PSD to HTML conversion done to make sure that your website is of an international standard. To convince you of the importance which PSD to HTML conversion holds, mentioned below are a few of the most important benefits which you get to reap when you go for conversion of your website.

Ensures Good Quality with Uniqueness

It’s an established fact that websites tell you a lot about a company and its functioning, and it’s the first impression which matters the most in the online industry. In such a scenario where you need to show how good you are through your website, not opting for PSD to HTML would be the worst mistake to commit. PSD to HTML conversion enhances the quality as well as make it stand out and look unique. The excellent ideas and designs used to build the website can be better implemented and make your website look unique, which will help in reaching more people.

Better SEO

SEO or Search Engine Optimization is what makes or breaks your online presence and you need to take enough steps to get the ball in your court. Now if you think you have done enough for SEO and it is just not becoming better, lack of PSD to HTML conversion could be a reason behind it. If your website has a poor design and isn’t compatible with most browsers, there is less chance it will be ranked higher by any engine. To solve this problem, conversion could be a very important step for your business.

Cross-browser Compatibility

As discussed above, SEO cannot be optimal if your website is not compatible with browsers. Apart from SEO, generally thousands of people every day use different browsers and if your website cannot work on those browsers, then you are probably missing out on a lot of people who could have been your potential customers. This is a dangerous thing for your company, as due to high competition you might face heavy losses just because you are not reaching out to the people you should, due to the lack of a simple process.

Semantic Coding

To get an error free website that has a clean code, you need PSD to HTML conversion. Semantic coding ensures that your website is designed and laid out in a better way and it appeals to the viewers. It makes sure everything is in the right place on your site and the functionality is increased. Basically, the conversion will help your website to function without errors and increase the performance and speed.

This isn’t all, there are many other benefits which the PSD to HTML conversion solves, and in the end gives you a website which is ranked higher and better, is error free, can appeal the target audience and stands out and is compatible with most of the browsers. All this easily gives you an edge over a website which cannot avail of these advantages, which makes PSD to HTML conversion a must for your website.

25+ Excellent PSD to HTML Tutorials For Your Guidance


A designer is a planner with an aesthetic sense and a design is a plan for arranging elements in the best way to accomplish a particular purpose. If we talk in general, every designer’s choice is to make a web design on photoshop that not only makes their work easy but also makes them feel comfortable.

A web designer should know how to properly match colors and should also have all the required skills to build a polished product on photoshop. The design prepared on photoshop is then shown to the client for approval and once approved then the process of converting the design into HTML comes into play. Many web designers feel uncomfortable working on the conversion process and find it incredibly frustrating. But not to worry people, we have accumulated some really useful and helpful PSD to HTML conversion tutorials for your guidance.

1. Design a web 2.0 Layout

BestPSDtoHTML-25+ Excellent PSD to HTML Tutorials For Your Guidance-Tutorial 1
Create effectively and efficiently a valid and standard xhtml with slice our photoshop website.

2. Create a comic book theme web design from Photoshop

BestPSDtoHTML-25+ Excellent PSD to HTML Tutorials For Your Guidance-Tutorial 2
Brush up your skills by this tutorial and learn how to create a comic book themed web design and later converting the PSD to HTML.

3. Layout coding tutorial with Photoshop

BestPSDtoHTML-25+ Excellent PSD to HTML Tutorials For Your Guidance-Tutorial 3
This tutorial teaches how to do layout coding with photoshop and then converting it into xhtml or CSS.

4. Coding a Band Website created in Photoshop

BestPSDtoHTML-25+ Excellent PSD to HTML Tutorials For Your Guidance-Tutorial 4
This tutorial turns a PSD website into a clean and systematic XHTML/CSS code.

5. Coding PSD file to Working CSS

BestPSDtoHTML-25+ Excellent PSD to HTML Tutorials For Your Guidance-Tutorial 5
This tutorial teaches us how to code the PSD file to a working CSS template.

6. Detailed Layout Tutorial

BestPSDtoHTML-25+ Excellent PSD to HTML Tutorials For Your Guidance-Tutorial 6
Learn all the skills of converting PSD to HTML with the help of this detailed tutorial.

7. Design, Slice and Code

BestPSDtoHTML-25+ Excellent PSD to HTML Tutorials For Your Guidance-Tutorial 7
Get the skills of designing, slicing and coding your own layout in Photoshop and Dreamweaver.

8. Creating a clean Minimalist HTML CSS Layout

BestPSDtoHTML-25+ Excellent PSD to HTML Tutorials For Your Guidance-Tutorial 8
This tutorial contains an explained procedure of creating a minimalist HTML CSS layout.

9. Design Lab TV Styled layout

BestPSDtoHTML-25+ Excellent PSD to HTML Tutorials For Your Guidance-Tutorial 9
Checkout this tutorial to acquire information about how to code a design lab tv styled layout into XHTML and CSS.

10. Design a Dark and Sleek Web Design from Photoshop

BestPSDtoHTML-25+ Excellent PSD to HTML Tutorials For Your Guidance-Tutorial 10
This development tutorial caters a step-by-step structural presentation as how to create an attractive dark and sleek web design layout with the help of HTML and CSS.

11. Design your Coming Soon page

BestPSDtoHTML-25+ Excellent PSD to HTML Tutorials For Your Guidance-Tutorial 11
In this tutorial, you will learn how to code a coming soon page into a HTML/CSS template.

12. Create your own one-page portfolio website

BestPSDtoHTML-25+ Excellent PSD to HTML Tutorials For Your Guidance-Tutorial 12
This tip-notch designed tutorial takes you through the process of designing a one page website and it also enlists some effective tips related to designing as well.

13. Coding a grunge web design from scratch

BestPSDtoHTML-25+ Excellent PSD to HTML Tutorials For Your Guidance-Tutorial 13
This tutorial is based on the design and coding aspect for creating a website. This is the best place for those who want to start with a template and end up with a complete site.

14. Coding a water color website

BestPSDtoHTML-25+ Excellent PSD to HTML Tutorials For Your Guidance-Tutorial 14
Gain knowledge about how to convert complex designs to standard compliant designs through this informative tutorial. This tutorial can also act as a useful guide for both expert and noob designers/developers who are willing to gain extra knowledge.

15. Create an amazing portfolio layout in Photoshop

BestPSDtoHTML-25+ Excellent PSD to HTML Tutorials For Your Guidance-Tutorial 15
Create some awesome looking portfolio layouts in photoshop by going through this useful tutorial. This layout can also be used to showcase a product like a script, an e-book, etc.

16. Green Energy website – Go Green

BestPSDtoHTML-25+ Excellent PSD to HTML Tutorials For Your Guidance-Tutorial 16
Learn how to create layouts for a non-conventional website with the help of this tutorial. If you want to emphasize more over green energy layouts like solar power, wind power, wave power, etc this tutorial is the best guide for you.

17. Create a Nature website

BestPSDtoHTML-25+ Excellent PSD to HTML Tutorials For Your Guidance-Tutorial 17
Get all the skills of creating a nature or green website with the help of this tutorial.

18. Laying out code for Photoshop Mockup into XHTML and CSS

BestPSDtoHTML-25+ Excellent PSD to HTML Tutorials For Your Guidance-Tutorial 18
This tutorial by Chris Spooner lays emphasis on exporting Photoshop images and creating codes specifically for blog designs.

19. One by one execution of building website designs from PSD to HTML

A complete tutorial which expands it’s limits for a process from photoshop to complete HTML. Starting-up, four PSD mockups of a website are converted into a WordPress theme, finally. A great tutorial for novice users as it helps them get started with conversion of PSD files.

20. A Rockstar Band Site with the help of Drupal

BestPSDtoHTML-25+ Excellent PSD to HTML Tutorials For Your Guidance-Tutorial 20
Drupal is a popular CMS that is generally used to make band websites using illustrator files. This comprises of six tutorials and Gomediazine presents this series.

21. Conversion from Photoshop to HTML

BestPSDtoHTML-25+ Excellent PSD to HTML Tutorials For Your Guidance-Tutorial 21
The tutorial throws light on the way users can transform business templates from Photoshop files using CSS and HTML coding. Demos are included in the tutorial together with PSD, CSS and HTML files for download.

22. Blurred Background effect

BestPSDtoHTML-25+ Excellent PSD to HTML Tutorials For Your Guidance-Tutorial 22
Easy and funny tricks are available in this tutorial to help you out with the creation of a blurred background effect.

23. Advanced version of CSS Menu

BestPSDtoHTML-25+ Excellent PSD to HTML Tutorials For Your Guidance-Tutorial 23
Using the CSS position property that is present in this tutorial, you can code an advanced list menu. Menus like ‘hand-drawn’ or ‘painted’ style ones can also be included.

24. CSS Gradient Text Effect

BestPSDtoHTML-25+ Excellent PSD to HTML Tutorials For Your Guidance-Tutorial 24
Wanted to create fancy eadings using pure CSS? Well, this is the solution to all your queries. There is no need to keep each heading in Photoshop by the designers.

25. Tips on Coding a Web Design from PSD to HTML

BestPSDtoHTML-25+ Excellent PSD to HTML Tutorials For Your Guidance-Tutorial 25
This tutorial guides us to create a snow-board themed web design concept in Photoshop from sratch to finish.

26. Updated version of coded Watercolored Portfolio, a free CSS Template with PSD to HTML Tutorial

BestPSDtoHTML-25+ Excellent PSD to HTML Tutorials For Your Guidance-Tutorial 26
This is an updated version on how to go about creating a nice web portfolio tutorial with a water colored background in Photoshop.

27. A Coded version of Designschool which is a free CSS template with PSD to HTML Tutorial

BestPSDtoHTML-25+ Excellent PSD to HTML Tutorials For Your Guidance-Tutorial 27
The tutorial deals in conversion of a PSD layout in a real (X)HTML/CSS web-page.

28. PSD to HTML tutorial on coding a corporate website from a photoshop design

BestPSDtoHTML-25+ Excellent PSD to HTML Tutorials For Your Guidance-Tutorial 28
Download the PSD file from the first tutorial whose link is also included. Get a back-up copy done of the PSD file just-in case.