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MarkupBox: A truly Affordable PSD To HTML Service Provider


Yes! Now you can avail an error free, manually coded and cross browser compatible markup service from very new and very affordable psd to html conversion service provider: MarkupBox.

Markupbox is a Front-end Development Firm, which converts images of all types (PSD, AI, PNG, JPEG, PDF) into W3C valid HTML/CSS. The company comes up with the most affordable pricing starting with $39, as their introductory offer. The quality and the services offered by the company are same as any other service provider with pricey order packages. Read More

PSD To HTML USA Review – Making its Mark in HTML MarkUp Services


As the age old adage goes, you can’t judge a book by its cover; and this has absolutely held to be true in the case of website designing. To a layperson, the design is all he sees while looking at a website, but to someone who’s serious about the site as a whole, sees much more deeply. For him design is just a cover beneath which lies is what matters most. And what lies beneath is HTML that defines the functionality of any website.


PSD To HTML USA, with years of experience behind them, has understood this very critical aspect of website design and development. Rendering their state-of-the-art HTML Mark Up services, PSD To HTML USA has breathed life into some of the artistically crafted designs which otherwise would remain mere a piece of design that is good enough to be a wallpaper on some desktop.

The HTML Mark Up services are 100% manual, table less and W3C validated. The Mark Up follows Semantic SEO structure and enables Cross Browser Compatibility. The reverence for its services is also due to the ancillary features such as live technical support, 60 days free support and NDA.

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Their service offerings include PSD To HTML, PSD To HTML5/CSS3, PSD To WordPress, PSD To Joomla, PSD To Open Cart, PSD To E Mail, PSD To Responsive Html and PSD To Responsive WordPress.

PSD To HTML5/CSS3 Service

Heralding a new dawn in online publishing, HTML5/CSS3 is literally challenging the conventions of design disciplines. What once used to be a markup language is now rewriting the standards with HTML5’s entry into the scene. HTML5 proposes to eradicate the use of plugins in order to directly provide support for audio and video files across platforms and browsers. CSS3 gives more freedom to the designers while styling of images and layouts. HTML5/CSS3 combination is viewed as a major jump into the future particularly with the introduction of offline storage.

PSD To HTML USA is closely monitoring the developments and is not waiting till 2014 when the W3C finalizes on the specification. The team’s efforts are already in the new direction with the implementation of HTML5 tags like header, section, nav which are combined with CSS3 elements.

PSD To HTML USA’s clients are thus able to leverage on the benefits provided by HTML5/CSS3 and coupled with the expertise of the team, have resulted in websites that are responsive across devices as well as with acquired ability to load media files.


XHTML/CSS set the web saga rolling. One notch down than HTML5, HTML4 has added a lot more text formatting tags compared to its predecessor versions. Anything besides text and images, such as videos or audios requires third-party plug-ins. CSS aids HTML in overall development of the web page specifically the page’s content.

PSD To HTML USA is fully equipped with a very capable and reliable team in this department that has helped it to migrate gradually to the HTML5/CSS3 standards. The biggest achievement has been the very short learning curve involved. This also meant that they could juggle between the two versions effortlessly giving the clients the much-needed flexibility specifically when it comes to pricing. Quality is of prime importance because HTML coding is manually done. When they assure that their Mark Ups are cross-browser compatible they really mean it since they subject all of it to stringent quality tests.

Work Flow

1. Client Inquiry: Online order system enables the client to contact the service provider instantaneously leading to order placement. The order notification is directly received by the support team.

2. Initial scrutiny: The support team does a primary check with the available information. There’s constant interaction with the client to understand his requirements. More information is sought to arrive at the costing, functionalities and time frame details. All information required for the Mark Up team is gathered.

3. Development process: Mark Up team springs into action creating a detailed technical documentation based on the requirement gathered. The task is split into various sections to enable the QA team to effectively test and validate the functionality. HTML Mark Up is manual leaving no scope for errors unlike software aided Mark Ups.

4. QA process: QA team juxtaposes the actual with expected results. Test plans and test cases are formulated and reports are run providing the status to the development team for bug fixes.

5. Pre-delivery: The mockup is ready for client’s inspection. The mockup is deployed on the in-house servers. The client is explained as to how the various functionalities work at the same time his suggestion is solicited towards improvements.

6. Delivery: Even when other steps are being carried out, QA team works round the clock subjecting the mockup to rigorous testing. The functionality is tested besides the most important; browser compatibility test. If the client needs implementation, the team initiates theme development. The final stage witnesses a lot of communication which ultimately results in delivery after the client gives his approval.


PSD To HTML USA is not the only team that specializes in HTML Mark Up services. What sets them apart is their insistence on manual coding and the belief that skilled manpower still has an edge over machines. This philosophy spills over to their entire setup and should probably end up leaving a powerful impression on their employees which in turn has a telling effect on their services and clients.

Why is it better to outsource your PSD to HTML job?


If you have a business website to be launched and you have done thorough research on it as well, then you would definitely know what PSD to HTML conversion is and what exactly it is used for. PSD to HTML conversions have become highly important for everything that is related to the internet and now, more and more people understand the need to adopt it. This requirement of adopting this conversion has come from the fact that once you have got it done, the websites will definitely work well without causing any issue. However, most business owners do not have the know-how to carry out this conversion and the ones who do aren’t that good. This is the reason why outsourcing has become the best option for PSD to HTML conversions and has proved to be highly beneficial so far. Mentioned below are some of the key points which are pro this conversion.

1) Cost and Time Effective

This is one of the few most convincing reasons which explain the importance of outsourcing PSD to HTML conversion. When you outsource it, you have also outsourced the stress and time consumption which comes with it. Also, now the job is being done by the experts of the web community, which means your work is now in safe hands. Once you are through with it, you realize how fast this method has worked for you and how much you have saved by not opting to do it yourself, which could have been a disaster.


2) Advanced Knowledge

When your conversions are being done by those who are experts at it, it is a fact that they will have a better understanding and knowledge which would make their work easier and more efficient. This is something which you wouldn’t have if you plan to do your conversions on your own and this is the next reason why outsourcing your PSD to HTML conversion makes sense these days.

3) Cross Browser Compatibility

At times when you do your conversion on your own with a limited know-how, there is a high chance of your website not being compatible with a few of the browsers, which limits its usage. You can make sure that this doesn’t happen to your website by outsourcing your conversion. This will help you as most outsourcing firms have experts on board who make sure the sites they convert are compatible with all the major browsers, without giving you a chance to complain about compatibility problems.
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4)Being Ahead of Others

The web comes out with new technologies every other day and to stay up to date, you need someone who is a part of these new innovations; someone who is dealing with PSD to HTML conversions on a daily basis. An outsourcing firm will not only ensure that the job they take up is done keeping in mind the latest updates, but will also take care of the W3C Compliance and a clean, well commented code. This will make sure you do not regret outsourcing the PSD to HTML conversion of your site.

These few reasons and others like the speed at which the conversions take place under the charge of experts, and the fact that there are other services too which come with PSD to HTML conversions make outsourcing an exciting option which companies today have, to get their work done. More and more of them are realizing the fallacies which are present in them carrying out their own HTML conversions. The high competition between websites and the need to do more in less time has driven most of them in taking outsourcing very seriously.

Why is PSD to HTML Conversion So Important For Websites?


All over the internet, there are a lot of posts and blogs which talk about how to convert PSD to HTML and different ways to do it. If you do not know what it is all about then you must be wondering what the entire buzz is about. Undoubtedly, the PSD is the best way you can create your website templates, but HTML has changed the way how your website looks and feels, giving it an important spot in the website development process. Experts all over the world agree the increased importance of having your PSD to HTML conversion done to make sure that your website is of an international standard. To convince you of the importance which PSD to HTML conversion holds, mentioned below are a few of the most important benefits which you get to reap when you go for conversion of your website.

Ensures Good Quality with Uniqueness

It’s an established fact that websites tell you a lot about a company and its functioning, and it’s the first impression which matters the most in the online industry. In such a scenario where you need to show how good you are through your website, not opting for PSD to HTML would be the worst mistake to commit. PSD to HTML conversion enhances the quality as well as make it stand out and look unique. The excellent ideas and designs used to build the website can be better implemented and make your website look unique, which will help in reaching more people.

Better SEO

SEO or Search Engine Optimization is what makes or breaks your online presence and you need to take enough steps to get the ball in your court. Now if you think you have done enough for SEO and it is just not becoming better, lack of PSD to HTML conversion could be a reason behind it. If your website has a poor design and isn’t compatible with most browsers, there is less chance it will be ranked higher by any engine. To solve this problem, conversion could be a very important step for your business.

Cross-browser Compatibility

As discussed above, SEO cannot be optimal if your website is not compatible with browsers. Apart from SEO, generally thousands of people every day use different browsers and if your website cannot work on those browsers, then you are probably missing out on a lot of people who could have been your potential customers. This is a dangerous thing for your company, as due to high competition you might face heavy losses just because you are not reaching out to the people you should, due to the lack of a simple process.

Semantic Coding

To get an error free website that has a clean code, you need PSD to HTML conversion. Semantic coding ensures that your website is designed and laid out in a better way and it appeals to the viewers. It makes sure everything is in the right place on your site and the functionality is increased. Basically, the conversion will help your website to function without errors and increase the performance and speed.

This isn’t all, there are many other benefits which the PSD to HTML conversion solves, and in the end gives you a website which is ranked higher and better, is error free, can appeal the target audience and stands out and is compatible with most of the browsers. All this easily gives you an edge over a website which cannot avail of these advantages, which makes PSD to HTML conversion a must for your website.