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6 Hottest UI Trends Expected in 2017

UI Trends 2017

The landscape of web design is constantly changing, and to sustain in the industry, you have to keep yourself updated with the latest tools, trends, and technologies. As a website owner or a web designer, you should always focus on improving the user interface of your site for better conversions and higher sales.

To keep your site ahead of the web competition, make sure you follow the prevailing web design trends. So, in this blog post, we will share some of the hottest UI design trends that are likely to burnish in 2017.

With the help of these trends, you can give your web visitors a rich user experience whenever they visit your site. This not only boosts user engagement but also improve the ranking of your site on search engine ranking pages.

So, let’s get started!


UI Trends 2017

1. Gradients and Bright Colors
Thankfully, gradients are back in the web design industry. In the era of flat design, gradients and bright colors still hold a strong presence throughout the design community. In 2016, most of the designers have experimented with gradients and bright color palettes instead of simple and flat design to improve user experience of their websites.

In fact, Instagram has recently revamped its logo using vivid colors and gradients. So, we are expecting that this particular trend will re-emerge in 2017 as well. Whether your website is small or big, just make sure you use the best combinations of color palettes and transitional gradients to make your site more appealing and inviting.

This particular trend has the potential to add energy, dynamism, and enthusiasm into any project and make it stand out from the crowd.

2. Rise of Cards and grid UIs
Over the last few years, card-based Uis have gained a popularity across the web design community. Most of the popular social media platforms, such as Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter have been using the cards to display their content into a smaller and digestible chunks. This will help the visitors to navigate through your content quickly and easily.

One of the biggest advantages of using cards is that they work really amazing on multiple devices be it a desktop, tablet, or mobile. And that is the reason why experts believe that cards and grid UIs are the future of web design.

3. Approaching towards mobile-first designs
Mobile internet usage has completely outstripped the desktop usage for the first time in 2016. It means creating a mobile-friendly website can help you get more web traffic and generate more revenues for your business.

Today, web designers are approaching towards mobile-first design where they design a site first for mobile devices, and then focus on desktop and other larger devices.

A mobile-first design largely focuses on improving the scrolling, panning and navigation functionality on mobile devices so that mobile visitors can get rich and hassle-free experience on your website.

4. Video Content will rule the web industry
Embed beautiful, quality and relevant video content can help you reinforce the visibility and usability of a website. The trend of using high-quality videos have been increasing across the digital world and it will flourish more in the coming years.

Most of the businesses are incorporating background images on their homepage to showcase their products and other success stories to generate quality leads and maximize ROI of their web business.

So, you can embed a relevant video into your posts and pages to give your visitors a long-lasting experience this year.

5. Domination of parallax scrolling
Simple and quick navigation system is what that can take your site’s user interface to the next level. When a visitor navigate from top to the bottom of the page, scrolling has been used to give them consistent and hassle-free experience.

A scrolling is a technique that provides a 3d sense when a visitor scrolls a web page up or down to search content on a website. So, make sure that you use this trend properly if you want to improve the overall user interface of your Magento site.

This trend has gained a lot of popularity in one-page websites and we are expecting it in multi-pages websites as well in 2017.

6. Focus more on realistic images
Use engaging and high-quality images within your lengthy blog posts or web pages to drive more web visitors towards your site. But this new year, we are expecting to see real-to-life images in different types of websites this year.

Most of the brands are making the use of authentic and real images on their homepage/landing page instead of staged photography. It not only gives the crystal-clear picture of your business or products but also encourages visitors to stay longer on your site.

The above UI design trends for 2017 mentioned above in this blog post will definitely help boost your brand’s image and let you expand your business across the globe. You will also get a chance to get a top position in the web development world if you use them properly.

About the author:
I’m Linda Wester an avid blogger and web developer by profession. My passion revolves around creating awesome websites based on Magento. If you need to hire Magento developers or check out my latest publications, feel free to reach me out on Twitter.

6 Best Magento Extensions for Your E-Commerce Store (Reviews)


Magento is a strong, open source platform featuring great capability to provide your site with huge customization possibilities. It is being advanced and sophisticated by Magento developers day by day. Many extensions and plugins are offered for your eCommerce website to provide customers with best shopping experience. Of the many, here we explain the top most 6 Magento extensions that your eCommerce website must have.

1. Facebook App

Obviously social media is the best domain to get connected with a huge amount of people. Facebook, the king of social network brings your entire store to the platform and help you successfully reach your Facebook customers and offer them a Facebook store for your products or services. Magento integrate Facebook and online shopping through this extension software and hence, helping you to establish a social media presence for your online shop as well as letting your Facebook customers to purchase from your Facebook shop by staying in their account.

2. Invoicera Magento Extension

This is invoice software developed by Invoicera, renowned online invoicing software. With this advanced extension, Magento store owners can make and send invoices to their customers when the order is placed. Thus, this helps owners to synchronize the products and customer data that relate your store and your accounting package. You can ensure that order information has been correctly assigned to the right accounts.

3. One Step Checkout

An easy check out process for your online store is provided by this extension software. Shopping cart is the most important element of any eCommerce store that determines the E-business sales. One Step Checkout process offers a simple and easy checkout method and hence, your customers can complete their shopping in a stress-free manner. They are saved from the complex, 6-step process that needs repeated data to be provided to each single page. Thus, One Step Checkout reduces the shopping cart abandon rate and boost sales.

4. Product Banner Slider

Good banner advertisement has power to drive more traffic and in that way drive more sales and eventually drive your business to success. Banner ads express an eCommerce store’s target in few words and attractive images. With Magento product banner slider extension, you can make your attractive banner at the header and integrate with a beautiful slideshow. You can add around 6 products for the banner display with impressive and relevant product image and short description along with discount offers. This kind of banner will obviously influence your target audience to click the ‘Shop Now’ button that comes on the banner.

5. Blog

Relevant and attractively written blogs are the perfect way for an eCommerce store to connect with more customers in short period of time. Magento comes with blogging extension that allows you easily incorporate a blog into your store. Certain Blog extensions are compatible with Magento Blog, for example; Monk_Blog. Thus, you can incorporate the information from your old blog to your new one.

6. Recent Reviews

Reviews play a vital role in all online businesses as they have skill to attract visitors and encourage them to make queries as well as develop a trust on your business. Magento launches a ‘Recent Reviews’ extensions that displays the latest reviews on your store page. It can be a category page or home page but the review section will attract your visitors.

Author bio: David is an experienced web designer who mainly designs e commerce sites for his clients. He has shared articles related to Magento extension which can be used for e commerce stores. You may check more about him at his blog.

Why Magento is Unique in Developing Online Shopping Cart for Your E-Store


Nowadays it is good to have an online shopping store where potential customers can just view your items online without the hassle of going to the main store to see the items for themselves. What’s even better than having an online shopping store is integrating design on magento website into the system to make your site look cooler, interactive and superbly easy to navigate and use.

A lot of companies that has established an online store have integrated Magento into their system, but why? Listed below are some of the good reasons why Magento is a unique tool in developing online shopping cart for your E-store.

1. Multiple Store on Single Panel

One of the many good things this tool can bring to your online store is called the Magento Multi Store. This very advanced yet goes unnoticed feature of magento allows companies that have multiple domains where they sell their products to have an administrative center that unifies it all. You can even set different stores separately under one domain if you want to differentiate between various types of items for more granular control.

2. URL Rewrite Facility

Another great tool for you E-store would be the URL Rewrite. It allows you to take control of your site, help in the migration of the site or just simply move some things around the domain. If you want to move some items like products and services to another URL for customization, this tool is a great way to do so.

3. Single Page Checkout

A good addition to your online store using Magento is with the use of Singe Page Checkout. Since checking out is one of the most crucial part of ordering from an online store, it is important to have a check out page that’s simple and stays on one page, not making it complicated for the buyers. Integrating this tool with your shopping cart makes it easier for customers to process their orders and more income for your company.

4. Can be Integrated with CMS

Magento can also be integrated with Content Management System or CMS. CMS allows website owners who are too tech savvy to design their own sites to create their own webpage with graphic and text content, edit those content with tools that are very convenient to use, do supporting of multiple accounts which allows multiple administrators to collaborate on working on the site and change the overall appearance of the site with its default themes.

Integration of CMS with Magento is beneficial mostly for developers who are more accustomed to using WordPress, Joomla or Drupal.

5. Supporting to Multi-payment Gateway

In addition to the single page checkout feature of Magento, it also supports a wide variety of payment gateway for customers out of the box. It also supports payments through alternative means like Amazon, PayPal and Google. Among the basic payment features Magento offers is customer store credit, authorization and charge of invoices, gift certificates (both virtual and physical), Authorize.net integration, checks, money orders, and other extensions of payment through Magento Connect.

A lot of online store owners would say that using Magento to develop online shopping cart for their E-Store is not really necessary since there are more simpler tools out there. They may be right. But for those who have already chosen or have decided to use Magento Shopping Cart and store, nothing could even be better.

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