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Converting PSD To WordPress And Joomla Templates


In today’s world, creating a feature rich and fully functional website is a huge task in itself. When we look at the most popular prevailing web design technologies you will come across two overly used platforms – Joomla and WordPress. Using these most versatile platforms you can easily create a CMS based website with expandable menus, galleries, sliding images and other interactive elements. No additional skills or expertise is required for opting either of these.

Although both offer a great amount of convenience to the developers, there are however some differences in the way they both operate templates. In WordPress, if a change is made in one of the element, it is immediately reflected everywhere it is used. Such a modular system allows faster execution of the project. Joomla on the other hand has a different approach. It handles different pages as separate set of components. This means that you need to add components separately on each page and that changing the component on one page would not affect the other pages.


If you have your concepts on paper or rather PSD files, this is the time to convert them into a fully functional website. Let’s check out the steps of converting PSD to WordPress and Joomla templates.

1. Analyzing the Project

You need to clearly analyze your project and split it into small parts. You can separate the images and items such as the menu, gallery, text blocks etc. and examine them carefully to understand which of them can be implemented over the CMS system. A header, a menu, main block and footer are all contained in a WordPress or Joomla website. One can ease the work by making use of these modules.

2. Cutting the PSD images into elements

It is essential to cut the PSD images into elements as the CMS enabled websites place the images in specific folders so that they can be accessed properly. These grouped components are tightly connected for better interactivity.


3. Making every element work with your CMS

You can adequately place each component on the page and decide the exact manner in which they will work and be shown. You can also choose how it reacts to the clicks from users.

4. Running your website

Now you are ready to run a fully designed website. What you can do additionally is to revisit the code in order to optimize your website. In most cases, it is seen that there are some unnecessary elements which are implemented but never used. You must get rid of them for better memory usage and faster loading.

Today, there is also an automated option to convert your PSD file to CMS template. There are numerous sites available on the internet that can do it for you, saving you time and money. However much attractive this option sounds, I will still never recommend it as it to you as it will ruin your entire project. It is best to carry the conversion manually so that the site performs better with all the functionalities intact.

Or, you can hire a professional. MarkupBox is one such service provider who’s developers are adept in PSD to Joomla conversion and PSD to WordPress conversion services.

15 Stunning Joomla Virtuemart Templates


It is more and more common that web developers make use of user-friendly and advanced multi-purpose CMS platforms, such as Joomla Drupal, and WordPress, for constructing proficient and easy to uphold websites, web-shops, and web apps. These platforms are remarkable as they are easy to set up, they make it a breeze to publish content and more over you can discover loads of pre-made extensions and website templates to give a kick start to your projects. A good example of this is the Joomla with the Virtuemart component for developing online stores.

Virtuemart is a proficient and fully featured platform for running an eventful online store, and there are many attractive designs accessible as Virtuemart templates to get your online business ongoing swiftly. Virtuemart offers more than 500 features and have everything required for getting you started and assisting your web-shop as it matures.

This post offers a list of 15 great Joomla Virtuemart templates we have found for you to give you a swift synopsis of the options accessible.

Knives on the Web – MORE INFO


Fascino – Responsive Joomla & VirtueMart Template – MORE INFO


Outdoor Furniture – MORE INFO


Xyst-Corporate Responsive Joomla Template – MORE INFO


Light Cart Virtuemart Template – MORE INFO


Reviver – Responsive Multipurpose VirtueMart Theme – MORE INFO


E-Cart – Responsive VirtueMart e-Commerce Template – MORE INFO


Brand Underwear – MORE INFO


Ivaliant – Clean Responsive Joomla Template – MORE INFO


VP SuperMart – MORE INFO


Deneb – Responsive VirtueMart – MORE INFO


Computer Supplies – MORE INFO


Pajuh – Clean and Responsive Virtuemart Templates – MORE INFO


DiabloFX – Multipurpose Joomla Template – MORE INFO


Cook’s Tools – MORE INFO


L-Carmen Clean Joomla Theme – MORE INFO


20 Best Responsive Joomla Templates of 2013


Joomla being an open-source solution and a great content management system gives immense pleasure to work with ease-of-use and extensibility feature. If you are a novice user, there are several themes and templates available on the web to get started. Some are premium/paid while some are free to use. The main reason why we are sharing these template designs is that these include all the features that are required by a company to create its online presence. And here are some of the top developed templates designed by the professionals with the latest techniques like responsive design with HTML5 and CSS3, drag-and-drop support.

Below is the preview of some Joomla templates to inspire you get a hand on this platform and create a website on your own.

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1. Prototype


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2. CMS-Water


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3. Music


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4. JA-Travel

4. JA-Travel-Responsive-Joomla-Templates

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5. JA-Elastica

5. JA-Elastica-Responsive-Joomla-Templates

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6. Vertex


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7. OneWeb


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8. Leo Restro


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9. Puresite


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10. Oxygen


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11. Mj Nustar


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12. JSN Vintage


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13. Lifestyle


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14. Joomla Dagen


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15. Joom Spirit


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16. Corporate Response


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17. WS-None


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18. Focus


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19. L-Eylul


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20. Uneedo


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25+ Best Joomla Templates to Push your Corporate Business Online


Currently, Joomla has taken the position of one of the best Content Management System (CMS) on the Web. Joomla is considered as one of the most feasible and popular solution when it comes to designing a huge, advanced website. These days, Joomla is being employed by several designers and developers as it has a giant repository of templates and themes developed by professional Joomla developers. These templates can be used to create and customize design and layout of a Joomla website.

Today, we like to showcase some Responsive Joomla templates in addition to the classy and best Joomla templates. Obviously, website developers would get highly benefited with the collection, you can also make use of this powerful tool to boost up your online business and create a kind of website that is visually appealing and search engine friendly as well.

iStore – Responsive Joomla Virtuemart Template

Proma – Joomla Business Template

Bikini Beach

YOO Nano – HTML5 Responsive Joomla Template

Dj Agriculture


Global Logistics

Kaiser – Responsive Joomla 2.5 Template

Sauna Responsive Joomla Template

Fashion Responsive Joomla Template

BT Shop Joomla Virtuemart Template

Maxwell Joomla Multipurpose Template

BestShop HTML5 Joomla E-Commerce Template

Corpoboost – Responsive Joomla Template

Company – Responsive Corporate Joomla Template

Corpora – Clean Responsive Joomla Template

Sensorium Pro – Corporate Portfolio

NeXT Clean Corporate Joomla! Template

Magnum – Business and Portfolio Joomla Template

Advanced – Business and Portfolio Joomla Template

Asongkem – Premium Joomla Template

Technik – Modern Corporate Template for Joomla!

MiniBuzz – Minimalist Business Joomla Template

Business Pro – Clean Responsive Joomla Template

iValiant – Clean Responsive Joomla Template

Diachron Responsive Joomla & JomSocial Theme

Vantage – Clean Responsive Joomla Theme