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Convert PSD to Drupal to improve your design functionality


As the online businesses of today are continuously striving to expand their territories and grow their presence in global markets, its important they upgrade to the latest and robust technology to support their ambitions. One of the most popular way by which you can take your business global is by converting your website from PSD to Drupal. Millions of websites are made by utilizing the power of Drupal. This free platform provides a highly efficient and flexible CMS so that businesses of all categories, size and range can greatly benefit from it.
Convert PSD to Drupal is beneficial as it lets you add more features onto your site and ensures a smooth web development process involving any complexity. Here I am going to illustrate the importance and benefits of converting your PSD site to Drupal.

Cross Browser Compatible Websites –


With Drupal you can have web pages which are compatible to all kind of web browsers. Just imagine when the pages open easily on all browsers and the load time is tremendously reduced, you can generate more leads and achieve more conversions.

Extensive Extensions –


For everyone’s understanding, Drupal extensions  are codes which extend and enhance the functionality of content management system. It also offers you great amount of customization based on the needs of your business. Drupal extensions are highly effective and design friendly.

Semantic Coding –

Sementic Coding

This is a great advantage that can be achieved with Drupal conversion as it ensures validation of W3C standards with clean and optimized code for front-end as well as back-end. Semantic coding even makes your site accessible to the search engine crawlers.

Search Engine Friendly Websites –

Search Engine Friendly

For businesses to sustain in the online clutter, their site must be well ranked in the top search engines. For this, it is essential to have a search engine friendly site and having a Drupal site is a definite result oriented way of improving rankings. With all this said, one thing that the entrepreneurs also need to know that the process of PSD to Drupal conversion is quite tedious and one should engage professional developers to ensure semantic coding, proper slicing, W3C standard adherence, proper integration etc. All the tips I have highlighted above are very helpful for this converting PSD to Drupal as it impressively improves the design functionality of your site. Once the process is successfully executed, you can reap the benefits and stay ahead of your competition.

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Boost Your Online Identity with 4 Odd Benefits of Drupal


For business people, open source web content management systems are like useful tools to build websites in absence of enterprise software applications. But, the real value of open source web applications is much higher than this. You cannot underrate the resourcefulness of this open source web content management system due to its easy availability. In case, you are going to use Drupal in your website then you should certainly not take this open source web content management as incompatible for your virtual aspirations. You just need to explore the opportunities that you can achieve while going with this open source web content management system. Here are some mentionable qualities of this CMS tool. Reading these qualities will help you in designing the frame of your virtual success.

Get a Customized Online Identity

You must understand a fact that new age online visitors prefer to pick especially designed websites for sufficing their needs. With Drupal, you can make desirable changes in your website. You just need to define the key requirements of your business website. After finalizing the blue print of your business website, you can hire Drupal developer with better understanding of concurrent virtual media. In this way, the understanding of your web developer will leave a positive impact on your website. Therefore, you should join hands with only certified web developers.

Amazing Control on Design & Functionalities

It is certain that you will like this open source CMS tool for its amazing control over design and website. Technically, it provides extensive control over the design and functionalities of a website. For example, you can easily make changes in the look & feel of your website without even touching the codes of your website. Apart from this, you can make desirable changes in the home page settings of your website. So, you will not have to hire a developer for making tiny changes in your website.

Enjoy Social Media Integration

You will be aware with increasing impact of social media on online brands. Therefore, you will surely like to connect your business website with Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. Considerably, Drupal provides the option for easy social media integration. You just need to create your social handle, put the URLs of your social media profiles, and authorize them from the dashboard of your Drupal website. With social networks integration, you will be able to manage your social profiles right from your website. Your social media fans will be informed automatically with your new posts at your website. It will increase the consumer base of your business organization across the physical boundaries of your business organization.

Future Withstanding

It is one of the most interesting advantages in using this open source web content management system. You will not have the need to change your web technology irrespective of any degree of virtual evolution. You just need to approach an experienced Drupal Development Company for adding a custom feature in your website.
So, these are the key advantages that you can avail by deploying this open source web content management system in your website.

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John Pitt is a veteran developer for a leading Drupal development company & provides concrete information about all advanced development services. Hire Drupal developers from Xicom for advanced web development services.

15 Elegant Responsive Drupal Themes


There’s no second thought on the fact that there are few free responsive themes for Drupal available in the market. A plethora of screen sizes have made the task all the more difficult. It is tough to find a common solution that fits-in all the sizes. With the advent of technology it is all the more important to push for a shift in paradigm where one design will fit the bill on all the sizes regardless of the size.

This calls for the need of themes and templates that cater to a specific purpose. The list is endless when we talk about Drupal themes, but the numbers vanish when the focus is shifted on responsive design.

The ones that are present though, are elegant, clean and feature-enriched. Listed below are fifteen such cool responsive themes that are present for Drupal and help keep your website up to date.

1. Surfing

BestPSDtoHTML-15 Elegant Responsive Drupal Themes-Surfing

2. Mallorca

BestPSDtoHTML-15 Elegant Responsive Drupal Themes-Mallorca

3. VivoCreativo

BestPSDtoHTML-15 Elegant Responsive Drupal Themes-VivoCreativo

4. Fashion

BestPSDtoHTML-15 Elegant Responsive Drupal Themes-Fashion

5. ST Veena

BestPSDtoHTML-15 Elegant Responsive Drupal Themes-ST-Veena

6. Smartgroup

BestPSDtoHTML-15 Elegant Responsive Drupal Themes-Smartgroup

7. Sencillo

BestPSDtoHTML-15 Elegant Responsive Drupal Themes-Sencillo

8. Viola

BestPSDtoHTML-15 Elegant Responsive Drupal Themes-Viola

9. Spotlight

BestPSDtoHTML-15 Elegant Responsive Drupal Themes-Spotlight

10. Travel and Pleasure

BestPSDtoHTML-15 Elegant Responsive Drupal Themes-Travel-and-Pleasure

11. Skeleton

BestPSDtoHTML-15 Elegant Responsive Drupal Themes-skeleton

12. Sirate

BestPSDtoHTML-15 Elegant Responsive Drupal Themes-Sirate

13. FontFolio

BestPSDtoHTML-15 Elegant Responsive Drupal Themes-Fontfolio

14. Responsive Business

BestPSDtoHTML-15 Elegant Responsive Drupal Themes-Responsive business

15. Saltwater

BestPSDtoHTML-15 Elegant Responsive Drupal Themes-Saltwater