Markup-Service was birthed in the States in 2007 and later branched out to European locations. Markup-Service sets your site right on the mark with its proficiency in PSD to HTML conversion.

Markup-Service leaves its mark as it introduces the remarkable partnership offer wherein certain organizations using their services become eligble for discounts. You can get upto 15% off on the Markup-Service’s service if your’s is a non-profit organization or if your organization has a long list of clientele. Such a partnership would mean that:

  • You get Markup-Service’s services as special rates and your projects are prioritized
  • You get to work with the same project manager on all your projects and thereby a solid relationship is formed, enabling Markup-Service to understand your requirements thoroughly.


Upto the mark features

  • Have control on your project progress through the client login portal. You can evaluate the progress and give suggestions to the teams when necessary.
  • The markups are sheer piece of handy work. You can dock it with CMSs or add JS functionality or make blog of it.
  • Discounts galore! A minimum six pages at a time can fetch you discounts to the tune of 10%.
  • Imagine if you were to do the above all by yourself or contract each of it to various vendors, you would fall short of time even if you had all the tMarkup-Serviceime in the world. Markup-Service saves you lot more than just money.


Primary package is priced at $146 with 40% discount on additional inner pages
HTML5/CSS3 service comes at $277 with 50% discount on additional inner pages
Responsive markups costs $297 with 50% discount on additional inner pages

Besides you get a lot of options to juggle with. Explore now!!

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