Top Mobile App Development Trends 2018

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Depending on the applications that are actively using mobile users, the trends of mobile applications can be determined in the year 2018. Help in forecasting applications usage patterns and the popularity of the latest technologies.

We came to the beginning of the year 2016. During this year, the analytics data of mobile application development was reviewed by the time when iOS and Android developers became popular in the past 12 months. In this way, you can see where the next application development trend of the application industry can be in 2018. If you want to know what mobile apps developers are going to do next year, you must first understand how much dependent they currently reflect on the ADIO’s Mobile Development Agency in their applications, and consider the 7 major development trends by 2018. All these trends are being followed by top IT consulting firms in India & USA.

Since you wake up in the morning until you sleep every night, think what you do every day. Are you going to the first thing in the morning your favorite messages app? Check your Facebook profile and other social media accounts through apps on your phone. Later on you can listen to your favorite music app on the way you work and watch the movie at Netflix at night. Each of these tasks represents an application that you are using.

In addition, there are technical trends associated with these applications to create something fully revolutionary. Of course, some trending technologies are in their infancy and their implementation can increase the expected value of application development. On the other hand, the technology grows so fast and the path to “indispensable” from each year is significantly smaller, then do not worry about that, but how far will this mobile application development trend in 2018 be? We will see

1. Machine learning and AI (Artificial Intelligence) will dominate in 2018
Most of today’s popular mobile applications are already in the artificial intelligence technology. An app is smart enough to cope with its input when the public loves it. But as AI continues to advance many other industries, it is possible that more people could leave it from work because it will be done by their work robots. In the next 10 years, one of the largest sectors of hard work will be a company’s customer service division.

The company has integrated machine learning and AI in their own applications because they have helped to increase their productivity and reduce their total operating costs. Ai customer service has helped automate the automobile industry and also has significant changes in the healthcare industry.

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Here’s the statistics that artificial intelligence applications are likely to show the biggest trends for the development of mobile applications in 2018.

According to Zuneiper Research, Chatboots currently protects more than $ 8 billion in business every year by 2022. This has increased by 20 million US dollars in 2017.
According to Gartner, 85% of customer service customers are responsible for services before 2020.
According to an IDC report, participants of all actively participating workers through 2019 will help to increase their productivity and skills.

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2. More people who use mobile wallets
According to the demand you can create more developers so that more safety-built mobile wallet applications are created. This allows users to make financial transactions directly encrypted through their mobile phones. Due to the trend of forecasting this trend and the increase in the number of Internet storage systems. Apple is working for a payment option among pair pairs on iOS 11.

Due to the trend of forecasting this trend and the increase in the number of Internet storage systems. Apple is working for a payment option among pair pairs on iOS 11.

3. More cloud based applications
Storage space is often a problem for mobile phone users because they have many applications which they want to download and use. Also, when you use a lot of these applications, you will be forced to use some of these data to add even more information to your phone’s storage and then you will be forced to uninstall something to make up for it.

With cloud-based applications, this issue has been fixed because users can save their application data to a dedicated cloud server. By doing this, saving space.

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