Google Updated 8 Crucial Tools for Developers

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Google has recently updated its tools for developers. Some of the tools are free, app creators and tailored specifically for web. Google has done this to make developers feel that they are valuable. Moreover, these tools help developers in building the websites, website testing, tracking the latest developer events hosted by Google and update about web development news.

Therefore, in this post, we have presented you the updated tools for developers. If you are looking for Google Tools, just scroll down to see the list and select the best suitable for you…


Google has updated its BigQuery Service and that too for large-scale internal data analytics. This service is updated with novel features, which includes GUI and other new API’s. Last year, Google come up with the preview of this service to limited numbers of developers but this year the scope of this service is very wide and reached to many companies of all different sizes.

Google Closure Stylesheets

Earlier, When Closure tools were launched, the developers have the power to organize and optimize their JavaScript and HTML and that too in a novel way. But when they analyze everything, they get to know that there was something missing, and i.e. a tool to help manage CSS. Therefore, Closure Stylesheets is an extension to CSS. It not only adds variables, conditionals, functions and mix-ins to CSS but also assist in minification, RTL flipping and CSS class renaming.

Google Maps API: Drawing Library

In general, whenever we have to go far away from our house, we make map with pen or pencil according to our understanding by making certain annotations in it. Similarly, Google has come with maps API applications, which offer users this sort of interactivity. This tool is using the new Drawing Library.

Swiffy Extension

Swiffy Extension is a best tool available for Flash professional. This is offered by Google to its developers so that they can easily convert their animation into HTML5 with a single click. Swiffy is used as a Web service and this is available for both mac and Windows.

Google Calendar API Version 3

Google Calendar API Version 3 is the advanced and improved version of API, which includes comprehensive reference documentation, lightweight resource, ability to manipulate reminders on calendars and enhanced support for recurring events.

Google Plug-in for Eclipse

Google Plug-in for Eclipse is a software-development tool that assists Java developers in designing, building, optimizing and deploying cloud based applications with the help of Speed Tracer, Google Web Toolkit and App Engine.


Sfntly is pronounced as s-’font-lē. This tool is created by the Google Internationalization Engineering team. Sfntly is used by programmers for building high performance font manipulation applications and services. With sfntly, Java and C++ code developers can easily develop code to read, edit and subset OpenType.

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