Using Custom Fonts to Enhance Website Design

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Who does not want their websites to look great and unique? A custom font can make your website stand apart from others. Fonts used to be costly, but now we can get free web fonts from Google Fonts, Type kit, and many other. The fonts have been optimized and reformatted with improved compression to use on the web. Choosing the right font for your website can make your website look well as web fonts give designers certainly better and creative options.
Not only this, the use of unique, creative and compelling typography reflect the brand identity of your website and is also supported by all browsers. Here are few font resources from where you can get custom fonts for your site.

1.Adobe Typekit:
Selecting the right font has always been an important step in a web design project. With a high-quality font and a massive library to choose from, Adobe Typekit has grown to become the giant web font for streaming because of the presence of Creative Cloud.


2.Google Fonts:
Google Fonts is a completely free web font and one of the most used web fonts for WordPress users. With features like the ease in the download, integrate and add your font, Google Fonts is widely used in web design projects.


3.Font Squirrel:
Font Squirrel is another free font resource with quality, hand-picked and commercial use font for your web design project.

Picture3The art of a web designer is to consider few aspects while selecting web fonts in their professional logo design or web design projects. Here are few of them,
No matter how good a font is, but if the font is unreadable, it is not good for your site. A web designer needs to decide well between small and large fonts and their adequate placement. If you are likely to cut corners, then you cannot reap out right in your work.

How to Make Your Font Readable?

  • Avoid using text embed within graphics and use real texts.
  • Always select simple and readable fonts.
  • The recommended distance between eyes and the monitor screen is 28 inches, use fonts of appropriate size to make it readable.

Keep line spacing 1.75 to 2 times of the typeface for mobile devices and 1.5 times of the typeface for desktop devices.

It is not easy to hit the nail on the head. A website development is an art of getting a good blend of fonts and design. The relevancy of your work reflects in selecting the correct font for your web content while balancing the preference of your audience and the nature of your work.
Example: Just how the font “Abel” would fit the best and shows relevance for corporate websites and not for the social website.


“Recognizing the need is the primary condition for design.” – Charles Eames

At times, the font choice is obvious. Likewise, an event planner’s website would not have a bold corporate typography, nor a financial institution would have a website with calligraphy or Lucida font.

A website reflecting the originality of the brand with the artwork and fonts is recognized with endurance. Using a typeface that can classify your brand will let your audience recognize you the moment they see your name.

So by now, we know that a font selection has a close link with the website’s effectiveness. The important aspect lies in selecting the correct font that goes well with your site. For this reason, companies are hiring website design services to design their website because they require the work that gets tailored to their needs.

Font – A Way of Communication:
It is not just about saying, it is about making the readers and listeners know the meaning of your words. In the case of a website, no matter, how good you design it, but if the readers are not able to understand or interpret the meaning of your content, then it is no more than just beating about the bush.

How to Enhance a Design with Fonts?
Fonts are the essence of good design, try drawing attention to the key points of your site by using unique and custom fonts. Headlines & sub headings being the first text which your audience read, make them unique and clear by using different fonts which are readable. Moreover, you may also use colors to grab your audience’s attention as colors directly trigger the conscious and subconscious mind of the viewers.

How Can Fonts Enhance Your Website Design?
The use of custom fonts improves the overall look of your website and makes it more appealing and attractive to the viewers.

i.It makes the content interesting:
The use of custom fonts in a website design can create an emotional attachment for your audience. A custom font emotionally derives a particular mood or feeling, and the readers or viewers connect themselves to the content they see and read. Just like, when you see a brand logo like Coca-Cola, you get a feeling of having it that is because of the custom font used in the logo design makes you connected to it and drives an urge to have it. It a human psychology that we feel connected to the things which our mind accepts consciously or even unconsciously at times while creating an emotional atmosphere between the minds of the audience and the design.

ii.A custom font reflects your brand image:
One of the most prominent advantages of using custom fonts in web design is that it reflects your brand image and your brand message to your audience. If you see the website of Justin Timberlake, you will easily get an idea of what it is all about. Likewise, Amazon’s website also portrays a clear message of what type of brand it is.
Let’s compare the fonts of these two websites,
Justin Timberlake:


How the fonts have entirely changed the web design. Would you even think of keeping corporate fonts on a musician’s website? The font, font colors, in fact, the entire typography and the web design is giving an artistic feel and fun, filled with music.

On the other hand, on Amazon’s website, a well sophisticated four fonts are used in the web design which is Veranda, Arial, Helvetica, and Sans-Serif. How do you see the web design? Do you find it readable and unique? Yes, the web design is balanced with a perfect blend of the fonts and the images with the white spaces used efficiently.

Wrapping it up,
Finding a great font for your web design does not mean that you have made it, and the font will appear correctly on the site. It is because a user may only be able to see the fonts installed on his computer and the custom fonts that you use is not necessary to appear the same on the user’s screen.

The best could be using the Google Fonts as they do not change and look to be the same on the website and all the browsers. Get your website done with the most appropriate combination of design and font family. Do not get tied to a single font. Get into the new trends, the latest fonts, designs and make your brand stand apart.

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