How Mobile Devices are Transforming Retail Business Forever?

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In recent few years, use of mobile phones has reached an all time high with teledensity touching 70-90% in so many countries in the world. Now mobile devices are the primary source for interaction between customers and retailers. On most of the discount days by big retailers, more than half of the visits to retail websites originate from mobile devices. More and more retail customers are doing the shopping on mobile devices.

Also, mobile devices have been evolving and giving a fantastic shopping experience for the customers. Similarly, Mobile devices are also transforming the experience of accessing the retail store. What you can do is develop your customized e-commerce website for your retail business and give access to your employees also to do many tasks through it.

You can also hire mobile apps company and build a mobile app for your retail business which will offer you great service by fast connection to smartphone users which are potential customers.
Here we will discuss how mobile devices can help you develop and run a retail e-store in a better way.


Easy to train Salespeople
Most of the retail stores have some recommendations about how to visit, access and use their retail store. Generally, retail stores have a large number of employees and they all need to be fully trained on how to use the e-store. Sometimes especially during busy seasons stores also hires some temporary staff and it becomes important how to train them as well quickly and effectively. Smartphones are the mobile devices which are easy to learn and one of the best way to access the retail e-store. Using smartphones the salesperson can easily access all the details about the products on their retail e-store.

Increase efficiency of your staff
You can hire a mobile developer to build your customer specific mobile application and e-commerce website with options to manage your employees as well along with displaying all of your products and managing its sale process.

When the salespeople are using smartphone mobile devices then they can quickly access the inventory and available stocks while remaining in touch with the customers when they are providing some services like packaging, delivery etc.
Hence less time is wasted while going to the stockroom to check the products and while helping and interacting with customers if they are using smartphones, retail e-commerce store and mobile application for that e-store.

Can provide Customer specific service
When the sales people of your retail e-store accesses the e-store on their smartphones then it is very easy for them to have full customer information and merchandise information. They can easily check the customer’s purchasing history, search history, likes and other information provided by the customer in his retail e-store profile and they can guide the customers better for products based on customer’s preference and available option in their retail e-store. For example Flipcart, the Indian retail e-store sends various emails about options to buy some products based on the customer’s search history.

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More Profits
The retail e-stores have to keep doing innovative things to remain profitable in the e-business. The modern day smartphones come with such easy to use user interface that they offer the power of a laptop and usefulness of a tablet. You can design your e-store website in such a way that anyone can look up product’s information and you can display them for sale. Hence you can use the modern day smartphones as laptops and performs various tasks with greater flexibility.

Easy to learn
All of the smartphones are based on popular operating systems like Android, iOs or Windows which are very easy to learn. Hence your team won’t take much time to learn how to use your e-store website. Also, you can create a mobile application for your business which the customers and your salespeople can install on their mobile devices which make this process, even more, simpler and effective.

Utilizing employee’s time more effectively
As now your employees are accessing all of the information about your e-store and products it is selling through their smartphones hence it will save lots of time as compared to using desktops or computers in offices. Using your e-store platform you can manage all the tasks of assigning work to salespeople with ease.
Salespeople can use their smartphones to check about their shift which is updated regularly. Hence even in their off time from office they can see and check the e-store and contribute hence increasing efficiency and productivity.

Easy to communicate using e-store, mobile app or emails
Using your e-store and mobile application you can easily share some important update or information with your employees easily. You can easily communicate with your employees about some urgent situation on the e-store. Using mobile applications you can remain in touch with your employees all the time.

Better way to collect and view data
The mobiles phones can be used by the sales people to access the customer’s data which is generated regarding their buying processes. Profiles are created for each customer which the sales people can use to better target sales offers, discounts, coupons and rewards which enhance the shopping experience, increase sales and create loyal customers.

Better way for advertising
Using new mobile phones and smartphones you can create dynamic advertising and digital price tags for products which changes quickly as per the demand and stocks left. Hence by this way you can offer dynamic discounts and offers which will increase sales and revenue.

Improve customer experience with modern technology
Although mobile phones are used by most of the people even in the retail store it has not replaced the retail store desktops and laptops completely. Smartphones enable employees to have more effective interactions with customers for improving their shopping experience and increase sales. Customers are loving more and more the way they access retail stores over their mobile phones. Hence new technology is giving more ways for the managers to interact quickly with the customers which give benefits to customers and their buying process as a whole.

As these new mobile changes are impacting the entire retail e-store operation hence the business houses, their IT Team, marketing experts and sales head should come together to develop a long term strategy to get maximum benefit out of this changing technology. In future, the success of these retails stores will largely depend on how effectively the businesses are using the mobile phones technology to automate most part of their business for the benefit of their employees as well as their customers.

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