Best Web Development tools you are not using

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If you are a web developer you will surely understand the issues noticed by web developers. Every time you work on a project you come across bugs in your coding that you need to get resolved at once. It is the situation when a developer scratches his head and tries to get the new development techniques to apply to upcoming projects or websites.

Looking in today’s digital world and competitive market, websites need to be at the forefront so that they’re the best performing for readers and customers. Thus, it becomes your key responsibility to to make the website visually appealing for readers.

Web development tools are incredibly handy. They are accessible in all types and forms like browser add-ons and plugins. These handy add-ons and plugins help you to create your website appealing, more productive and faster to use. Some browsers have web development built in but still you should evaluate your own website’s user experience to understand how well they are performing on web.

Usually, developers use big browsers like Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox providing entire support for development. But would you like to know some more tools used by few  web developers that you don’t know or you are not using ? Acknowledge yourself with best web development tools that you are not using. Here are following –

1. CSS Guidelines


CSS guidelines is very popular tool to help you with formatting, commenting, naming conventions, CSS selectors and Architectural. It keeps revising to help developers to keep up-to-date information about the work.

2. Play Framework

Play framework

Play Framework was created with keeping mobile responsiveness in mind and build apps.  You can rely on this framework to work as most of the Java libraries can be used in Play, plus the complier and runtime are on JVM, meaning your apps run really fast.

3. Apache Couch DB


With Apache Couch DB You can query your indexes with your web browser, via HTTP,. Also you have the option to do real time modification to all the notifications and track your web development work. This can be operated through admin section.

4. Bug Muncher


Bug Muncher is the great tool for saving your precious time and efforts. You simply need to highlight the issues on your website and this tool takes the snapshot of it. Apart from saving you time to identify the issue it also reduces your time of writing a mail or any other conversation to explain the technical problem to laymen.

5. Scala

scalan an android developer tool

Scala is a big community to work. You are not alone her to work on various bug or issues.

Thus, you will notice that all the above mentioned web development tools are free to use. If you are not using them to fix your bugs you must give a try at least once and see how they work. Do write if you like these web development tools or you have any other they works better.

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