7 Useful Tips for Freelance Developers

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Tips for Freelance Developer

If you are web developer you can earn more than you would earn in a full time job. You also have the freedom to be your own boss and have the time flexibility to enjoy the full project. Here are 7 useful tips for freelance developers.

1. Become a Specialist

First and the initial tip to become a successful freelancer is to become a specialist. You have to be amazing at something to win the this race of freelancing. Work on any one technology in which you have full specialisation. If asked anything about that particular technology, you should expert knowledge of it.

2. Build An Online Portfolio

Before hiring a freelancer or a digital agency all clients look at your online portfolios to ensure whether you are capable of delivering the given requirements of the project. It also shows what your expertise lies in and how eligible you are, for the given work. If you are a new freelancer there is 90 % chances of losing the project but effective portfolios can probably change the situation. A prospective client does not just choose the most experienced freelancers but also explores through the profiles of those who are offering lower rates. After all, if a client is spending money he/she wants every penny to count. Showcasing the functionalities that you have worked on, will help you get more clients.

3. Get testimonials and flaunt them

Testimonials are a great way to get projects faster. Recommendations play a major role in getting any business. In the online world, testimonials act as a recommendation for you to get hired quickly. It is obvious that you are more likely to hire someone referred by your friend than someone you saw in a newspaper ad. Once you complete your project make sure you ask for a testimonial from your client. Also while adding testimonials, don’t forget to add client’s name and company name. Ask them to give their feedback, based on numbers.

4. Have your own website

If you are a freelance designer or a web developer you must surely understand the importance of promoting yourself on different community sites like Behance and Dribbble. Your own website is a personalized and unique place to showcase your talent, skill, personality and creative vision. It’s your ‘business card’ for prospective clients”.

5. Be More Social

Creating a website for prospective clients can only give you exposure for your existing projects . But to get good friends related to your industry can give you some good projects.

6. Contribute tutorials to other sites

One of the smartest way to gain authority in this field is through contributing articles and tutorials to other websites. It shows your expertise and skills. You can start writing on any technology or any other niche you are an expert. Writing articles/tutorials for a well known website like SitePoint can give you a lot of exposure and make you earn money. You can also insert your portfolio link in your written articles and tutorials.

7. Nurture Client Relationships

Trust is the only key for long term relationships between clients and freelancer. Clients are the lifeblood of our business and occasionally if required go above and beyond (sit late nights if required ).

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