5 Signs You Made A Great Impact on Web Design

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Top-notch web design is more than just the result of hard work, attention to detail, and artistic ability. It’s a showcase of the web designer’s personality and attitude towards the project. You know you’ve made a successful career out of your passion if these signs and milestones are achieved.

You Can Work With Clients.
Web designing is 50% listening to your client’s brief and fulfilling their demands, and the other 50% is in artistic and technical skills. Let’s face it– not every client is a breeze to work with. There will always be demands that will test your limits a web designer.

This is very challenging, especially if you have your own signature style or brand of creativity that bears a stark contrast to these guidelines. A good web designer is someone who can work their way around these requirements and see to it that every instruction is followed.

A great web designer is someone who can go over the requirements with the client and provide web design options that the client may prefer better. If the client doesn’t agree to these options, only then will a great web designer work their way around the project and do so without a heavy heart.


You Understand The Fundamentals of Web Design.
Being a freelance web designer is not just about trusting your creativity and artistic skills in projects. Having had formal education on design theory is a major advantage. You’ll want your potential clients to trust you as a web designer and have complete faith that you’ll give them exactly what they want.

So many businesses pay web designers generously for coming up with something that will provide the best user experience and total impact. One way for these clients to trust you is by adding a web designing degree or certification to your resume. A formal education in web design will certainly go a long way in your field of expertise. It will make you aware of your previous mistakes and strive to improve your skills.

You Have Raked In a Few Awards.
An award or two in web design is enough validation for success in your chosen field. This means that your brand of creativity has been recognised and selected out of an incredibly tough competition. Web designing is considered as one of the most popular careers in this generation, after all.

The same applies if you’ve earned some form of recognition here and there. This could be as simple as a shout out in leading web design publications and influencers.

You Have a Steady Flow of Projects.
Although freelancing is one way to earn money, it is still a project-based endeavour. This means that if you want to make a career out of freelance web designing, you’re going to need a steady flow of projects. Thus, marketing yourself and your brand of web design should be a continuous process.

Success as a freelance web designer can be determined when you already have a steady following of high-paying clients who are eager to do business with you. Of course, you won’t achieve this without certain milestones and recognition. Overnight success is impossible in web designing. You really have to invest a lot of your time, effort, and maybe a bit of money for formal education to achieve success.

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You’re Good at Managing Your Time.
Time management is key to maximise productivity, especially in a career that involves a lot of repetitive and meticulous tasks. Apart from beating distractions and focusing on the tasks at hand, you must find the time in between to unload stress. By taking a few short and strategically scheduled breaks in between work, you are preventing unwanted burnouts that can really put a stop to your productivity and drive to accomplish things.

Whether your workplace is at home or a traditional office, you must carefully plan out your priorities in advance to fulfil them accordingly and on time. Poor time management can also hinder you from getting future projects. For example, if you fail to complete a web designing project within the client’s deadline, you may not get future projects from that client again. Client satisfaction will manifest in your ratings as a professional. You may or may not make this information transparent.


Web designing is not easy to master. With so many businesses and blogs thriving in good web design among other key things, it’s also one of the most important skills a person can have in this generation. If you want to make it big as a web designer, you must possess the right attitude at the very start, during, and at the height of your career. Leave us a comment below to share your insights or share this article with someone whom you think might need it.

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