5 Best WordPress tutorial sites

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WordPress is one of the most popular platforms for online publishing. It can used for various publishing purposes for personal as well as commercial blogs. The user friendly and SEO friendly CMS has taken the crown of all CMS. Apart from online publishing it is also used for online business.

It is widely popular and used by masses because of its easy customization and easy navigation without having much knowledge of coding and writing any language. If you have good knowledge of WordPress or you learn to operate it you can easily manage your blog or online website.

To help you learn wordpress there are ample of online wordpress tutorials, videos and websites. You can browse them and understand the concept. It helps you to overcome various technical issues, resolve wordpress problems and handle different features.

Here we will discuss 5 best WordPress tutorial sites that provide you proper knowledge on WordPress and its features.

     1. WordPress Lessons

Image Source - 1stwebdesigner.com

You can find plenty of tutorials on this site. (http://codex.wordpress.org/WordPress_Lessons). It will help you to guide to know more about WordPress usage and its features. Also it has different categories for website development, website designing and separate category for WordPress Beginners. One can easily grab basic knowledge of advanced features of WordPress through these tutorials. It doesn’t cost anything but free to learn and gain the knowledge of WordPress.

Some of their popular tutorials are:

      2. Tuts Plus


Tuts Plus provides lot of tutorials, book and courses related to WordPress learning. The best party of Tuts Plus is that it is updated on a regular / weekly basis to upgrade the latest technologies and features. The frequent update makes all the tutorials up to date and fresh to use. Tuts Plus is specially meant for theme development and plugin installation. They are easy to understand and gives better user experience to learn. They are free to use, one can browse them without spending any amount.

Some of their popular tutorials include:

      3. Smashing Magazine

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Smashing Magazine is well known online website for wordpress designing. Plenty of WordPress themes have launched under Smashing Magazine. It has tutorials available into two categories; intermediate and advanced level users. All the tutorials are free on this website but they are uploaded once in a month.

Some of popular tutorials include:

      4. Level up tuts

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Level up tuts also provides great tutorials for WordPress learning. You can find basic as well advanced level tutorials to understand the WordPress basics and features. All of them are free to to use and learn.

Some of the tutorial series include:

      5. iThemes

iThemes - wordpress tutorials

iThemes is another famous WordPress tutorial to learn and get the knowledge of WP CMS. It has plenty of free video tutorials related to customizing the WordPress and styling CSS.

Some of their famous tutorials include:

Hence, all the above mentioned WordPress tutorials are helpful to grab knowledge and learn the basics of WordPress, website development and website designing.

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