10 Web Design Tips That Will Actually Make Your Website Better

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Want to have a better website? Do not you know how to and where to start? Do you really think that your website is not out of your control? Lots of answers can pop up in your mind. Most of the web designers and website owners think a better website means a complete overhaul and routine upkeep.

Whereas, a brand new website is nothing but a face of your company, which is also essential to promote your products and or services. There are countless things you could be doing, but we like to tell you beyond just spell-checking your website for the purpose of errors.

In some cases, some of them are true and some are not, because a strategy which is good and appropriate for you may not be true or appropriate for others. In our experience, hundreds of handful tweaks can make your website different from others. Here are 10 most powerful ideas you can put into action right now.

Try to Condense Your Menu – if you have more than ten or more heading on your navigation bar, then you are at risk, we mean your website is at risk because a clumsy menu bar is not that much navigation friendly. When you create a website you need to focus on the condensed menu. An easy and clear menu bar is easy to navigate that make things easier to find.
Set a Call to Action on Every Web Page –

A call to action is important for all web pages. Generally, you may have seen that websites use one or two or sometimes more call to action on their website. Call to action on every page or as much as web pages you like to give would be better for your audience to navigate your website.

  • You can put Your Contact Number on Home Page – Your contact number is one of the most important things for your website. Because your audiences would contact with your through the number you have given. So, the number you provide on your website to your customers would be correct.
  • Create an About Us page – An about us page is essential for each website. About us, page is generally focused and written according to the product or service of the website. It should create in such a way that users or audiences when hit your website come to know who you are and what do you do.
  • Add Business Hours – A business hour is essential for sure. Similar to the phone number of contact number you should add it accordingly. You need to add the business hours in such a way that help all to see.Picture2
  • Give Bold and Bright Image – Image is important. Because adding bright and bold image help your visitors attract to your website. Your visitors will not only come to read your product and your service but also see your images that help your products and or services more astonishing to the visitors.
  • Add a Direction Widget – When you are creating a website or revamping a website, you need to understand the direction of the widget. For those with a GPS directions are really very, very convenient to almost everyone.

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Create Your Website Responsive or Mobile Friendly – Responsive websites are creating every day because these days you will not find a single website that runs or floats in the World Wide Web which is static. Therefore, you need to think about mobile friendly website design when you think of creating a website that can be device friendly. Because you do not know who will open your website and what device will he use.

  1. Try to Match Your Company Branding – when you are building a website, you certainly thinking of promoting your brand, your business, your products and or services. You should see whether your logo is designed properly and the color of the logo is the best fit for your business that shows your brand at the same time. If you have not done this properly then you should revamp your website according to the brand.
  2. Delete the Distractions – Here, in this post, we are not talking about other distractions, but we are talking about cutting the distractions like music and splash pages. The more music and video and other splash pages you upload on to your website, the website page loading time will decrease.

Be Active on Social Media with customers –

Social media plays an important role in today’s world of business, be it small, medium or a large one, so your website should have the option to share with social media. These Social media like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn help building your brand and for sure with the help of your website.

Add Resources of Industry – If you want to establish your business to go high in the industry. Then it is the high time to add a resource in your website. This type of material can demonstrate the surveys, white paper and other things that help to add resources of the industry.


Much like fashion or trendy things, website design is changeful and becoming with trends as well as fads that are coming and going. In the time it comes to create a website that would make a professional expression or impression to its audience, you will always do well to keep everything up to the date as well as trendy. Web design is an art as well as science. You need to be creative and technical to make your website better than others.

You can make changes to your website as per the tips given you can have a great website that helps you actually make your website better. The website would be good when you upkeep it on a regular basis, you can do it if you are a tech person. If you are not a tech person than a web design company which is a veteran in this domain will help you to do it perfectly.

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