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This is the theme of our ‘Contribute’ page. If you are someone who keeps his/her eye on all current happenings in Web Design Industry then this is the place for you to be. You think yourself sound and handy with all new tips, tricks and techniques of web design then why not write for us and for yourself too. Yes! You write and we publish it for you. This is the place which will attract praise, applauds and recognition to you.

You can write articles, tutorials, posts etc for our website After moderation of articles from our experts we will publish your write-up under your name and avatar.

What you will get?

Money! No… That everybody earns but what everybody cannot earn is recognition and fame. This is what lots of people strive for but ends up with nothing. But with the growing popularity of you can earn what everybody finds hard. With the qualities of your post you can also earn followers for yourself. So what are you waiting for, if this is the opportunity you were waiting for then follow the requirements below and start writing for us.


  1. First name, Middle name, Last name.
  2. A biography, introducing you to our readers and help them to know you well.
  3. URL to any blog or website where you write or written. This way people can also read you more and know about you. This is also an opportunity to back link your posts. Why not grab it.
  4. Your small image so that people can see to whom they are following and listening. You can also give your twitter link, as these days social media is also a quick way to get noticed.

Submission Instructions & Guidelines

  1. We accept Tutorials, Articles, Latest Design News and Freebies.
  2. We reserve the right to reject the submissions that are already posted elsewhere, or resemble content posted elsewhere.
  3. You may not publish the content posted on on any other website without our consent.
  4. We do not guarantee of acceptance of all the articles. You may contact us with post concepts before writing a guest post.
  5. We reserve the right to edit your submission

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