The Impact of WordPress on the PSD To HTML Business

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Any creative designer knows how hard it is to design beautiful and different layouts day in and day out. To create something truly different every day and not just unique but a masterpiece is a difficult task. It comes with the responsibility of the creative artist to let their creative juices flowing constantly all the while keeping up with the latest designing trends. Even if a strategy is well thought of, the implementation is something that usually becomes an issue. The tools that Photoshop uses and the delicacy of every point, font, size, and color are a matter of concern for the creator. Hence, the Photoshop artist would need to make sure that whatever plan he has is possible practically.
PSD to HTML there is one thing that many Photoshop designers cannot do, which is, to transform files into PSD and make them ready to upload on the internet. This is the part where services like PSD to HTML businesses came in. These businesses are there to facilitate the Photoshop experts by providing them their designs in an HTML file. However, there are other ways now that can help anyone to design something without the need of using Photoshop and HTML. One of those ways is using PSD to WordPress. WordPress has been one of the key players in the internet world which has provided a website building platform to anyone hoping to reach an audience through the web.
Ease of Access:


With the advent of WordPress, the internet has seen many small business owners use the forum to promote their business by creating simple websites or web pages. WordPress offers interactive interfaces and has functions that are ready to be used by anyone. Converting a PSD file to a WordPress theme is simple and an effective way to build your own website. There are simple ways that you can add new pages or images on those pages, you can correct or update any written content with the available settings. All of these things are in contrast to the complicated coding that any HTML file requires. A designer would either have to learn to code first or have their proposed layout be designed into HTML by a professional.
Payment Options:


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There are numerous ways to pay for a WordPress account, and the package prices vary with the type of website you want. However, it does not charge you extra if you are uploading your own designs and that is why any designer would prefer to use WordPress for their business or personal website. On the other hand, the prices of HTML businesses vary from business to business and can be the cause of fluctuation in the designer’s budget. This difference in pricing may have the designer to deviate to WordPress rather than use HTML conversion services.

Additional Features:


WordPress itself has no plugins in its offered plans, but there are multiple platforms that can provide you with plugins that will be useful for not just your present work but even in the future. These plugins are capable of providing the user with different theme settings, multiple page editing, and great list building options. There are no functions that you can add through a website that was made by PSD to HTML service providers. Anytime you would want a change in your website, you would have to rely on your service provider to do it.
Processing Speed:


When you build a website through WordPress, you have the luxury to update it daily, weekly or whichever time you prefer. These websites are more versatile and any new layout you have designed for your page could be done within that same day. Which is why it is perfect for a designer if he/she is designing a website for small business which hosts a blog section or a news section. A website built with HTML would need a lot of processing which cannot be done in time and the updates you would want on your web page would be going live days later instead of that same day.
The verdict for many designers is crystal clear. A PSD to WordPress conversion is a convenient way for a designer to showcase their work which can be updated in minimal time with little effort. Although PSD to HTML services were surely a great way for growing businesses but WordPress has made the whole process look outdated and unnecessary. Which is why, in the near future, more businesses might prefer WordPress over HTML services.


Author Bio: Megan Dennis is a passionate blogger for Pac and Copy Plus, a Florida based digital marketing agency helping B2B and B2C businesses with top-notch web solutions.

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