5 Creativity Tips For Graphic Design

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Given the massive and rapid growth in the information exchange globally, the demand of graphics designers is exceeding rising than ever before in the history, predominantly in the wake of continuous development in the field of new technologies namely information and communication technology Help Dissertation UK. However, in the massive workload and pressure of meeting deadline, designer are far to consumed in the technological aspect and the need to pay attention to human factors is left somewhere behind in their professional agenda.

Creativity is the most vital aspect of graphic design because if a design is not creative it would soon lose its value, particularly the visual and aesthetic requirement of computer user these days constantly demands new and unique visual.
Creativity is an inherent characteristic of the human being. in many fields of knowledge, we have advanced throughout history by virtue of human intelligence and our creative imagination, that just keeps on proving unique ideas to brilliant people who has dedicated their lives to their passion and obsession to the digital world. Web design is a so-called creative professions, however, he continues, this classification has the potential to be a dead end for the group, and invites us to reflect a little through a few more questions:
• Do you feel good asking your clients to invest in your creativity or in your design competence? Or do you think that both are synonymous?
• If you are a customer and you spend $ 450,000 or $ 45,000 or even $ 4.500 in the design services and marketing, will trust before the skill as a designer or creativity?
• When a client warns you that “at this time do not want you to be too creative with this project”, it tells you that they have a clear understanding of the role of creativity in design work?
• What quality is easier to prove clients and potential clients: your creativity or your competence as a designer, your professionalism and skill?
• What quality do you think your customers will be more easily understood and what quality will benefit: your basic design skills or your creativity?

8f28243e3082858dabb8d1f0b529f878Here are presented fivekey tips, which a graphic designer must take into account when starting to latch onto a new graphic design project, applied to different areas such as logos, entire corporate images, posters or digital banners. The importance of selecting a colour guide, a line of typefaces and not saturate photographs are some of the tips we provide then because if you follow them to the letter will not only lead a good design, but send a message through them and improve someone’s day.
Tip # 1: Use contrast to highlight the designs
The use of contrast in the design helps to highlight all areas within the images, make bright colour, and highlight shadows and textures. It is important to highlight the colours, especially when choosing the background colour and the colour of fonts/graphics to be used in design.This is the perfect rule of thumb is that if you have a light shaded wallpaper, then the font must go dark (and vice versa) colours.
Tip # 2: Carefully select the typeface
Maybe because you have a specific type as a company that should always be used, or if you start designing its own corporate image, select a graph showing your style. This font should be easy to adapt both titles, text, small spaces and other applications, but above all that is readable at first instance and easy to read
Tip # 3: Choose a correct combination of colours
Like the selection of the type, the colour scheme is very important to achieve a design triumph. The colour or colours you select must be in tune with the personality of the brand, as they will be those used in the entire company, it is advisable not to mix more than three colours and be always faithful to them.

12Tip # 4: Do not allow naked pictures
The use of images in the design adds helps and interest in creating the stand outdesign. A good tip is to use frame or images is a grid where possible. This simple and very basic but mostly ignored trick that will give a professional touch to the design.
Tip # 5: Keep simple
Finally, it may be easy to be swayed by so many great pictures, graphics and fonts to choose from. A cluttered design is overwhelming, suffocating and sometimes tasteless. All that is placed within a design must have justification for being and maintain a minimum of colours, shapes and frames not to mix styles and leave the message clearly to give sources.

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