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How to overcome mobile App Development Challenges?


The use of mobile devices has reached at an all time high almost everywhere in the world. We can see the daily release of numerous new mobile applications in the field of fitness to health, utilities to gaming and commerce, from social media to mobile banking etc.

An ideal mobile application should be highly intuitive without any complicated menu, navigation, easy to load and secure in terms of data access. In other words, it needs to be simple and effective. But the process of developing an app is not that simple as there are many hurdles that mobile apps developers face during app development process.

In each of the mobile app development process, the first step of coming up a unique app idea is the easiest phase while the remaining processes of development like mobile application development, the creation of high-quality apps, limited resources, choosing the platform to design etc can be quite complex in their own ways.

Depending on the mobile platform, mobile app development problems can be different. Some of these challenges are related to lack of proper support, timing limitations and cost issues. Hence you should hire mobile developers which are expert in dealing with problems and issues. Most of the developers, irrespective of shape and size try their best to deal with these problems but there are some common problems which they should avoid. Also, there is a huge competition in the app market which means there is the difference between a successful and failed app.

Most of these problems are challenging as they are generally observed during the actual development phase of the mobile app. Sometimes these problems are discovered when it is too late to take corrective measures.

Hence, it is important for the app developers to get to know these problems and learn how to avoid them. Here we will discuss some of the common problems developers can encounter during the development process with their solutions on how to overcome them.

Delivery Time
Sometimes the developers face some technical challenges while developing a mobile app which makes it difficult for the mobile app developers to deliver the app within a fixed time frame. Hence in order to overcome this challenge, you should provide an estimate of time instead of the exact date in the beginning itself. In this way, if some unknown or unplanned technical challenge occurs, then you will have sufficient time to do effective modifications in the development of the app.

UX or UI: Which comes first?

When there is a situation comes to prioritize UX and UI, many app developers often find it difficult to make the right choice. As a rule of any mobile app development, user experience (UX) get prior consideration before any other being. Due to limited time, less budget and tight resources, there is often lack of input by the end user which leads to the neglect of consumer testing.

Therefore before the start of the development work, developers should find who is their audience, what they are expecting and what are the features they prefer. Hence they should perform thorough research which can only be achieved by looking at the competition and discussing your target audience. With these expectations in mind, you can start building your dream app.

The role of user testing in a mobile app development process is important. Developers should create something which is efficient for everyone. Sometimes what a developer may consider intuitive may not be liked by the user. Hence developers should try their best to provide excellent user experience to the users through the mobile app.

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Presenting the Mobile App in several languages
Sometimes customers can be from many locations and regions in the world. Hence if you don’t want to miss your potential customers from across the world then you can make your mobile app available in several languages. You should do thorough market research and localize your mobile app in more than one language and gain many customers and attain success.

Easy to use Mobile App
A mobile app should be self-explanatory and the functioning or handling of the app should be clear to the app users. Hence you should utilize a simple and clear structure which can help you in dealing with this problem. You can also give tutorials giving additional help on certain tasks and embed them in the app. To keep it simple is one of the biggest challenges while developing an app which can be easily dealt with.

Creating a Highly Secure Mobile App
You should develop a mobile app using industry proven best practices, methodologies and tools. Creating a Highly Secure App to make it most secure is very important. No-one wants a mobile app which is infected with malware and which can put customer data security at greater risk from the breach. You should identify, prevent and mitigate the risks associated with the usage of vulnerability as well as malware infected mobile apps.

Encrypting Data

During wireless communications, hackers can intercept and steal the data. Hence make sure all communications are encrypted. You can build encryption into the very basic part of your app. You should also build programming backup capabilities to make sure data archival and backup is carried out regularly.

Most of the mobile app development companies are coming with high-quality services. But when it comes to developing a best mobile app, you should hire a company which is ready to invest the required hard work, passion, creativity as well as the innovation in your mobile app project. We have tried to illustrate some of the mobile app development challenges which you can overcome so that you can provide a perfect mobile app solution to your client to fulfil his requirements.

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Significance of Mobile Strategy in eCommerce Application Development


The number of people accessing eCommerce websites on their mobile devices has reached an all time high and it is still increasing very fast. Similarly, a fast increase is also noticed in the volume of mobile commerce transactions i.e. Online shopping through mobile devices.

Hence it has become very important for the businesses to build eCommerce applications to target different mobile devices like smartphones, tablets etc. So many businesses are optimizing their e-commerce applications for mobile devices to get the benefit of m-commerce in the long run.

Although you can also hire mobile app development company to build an eCommerce app for you instead of making your existing eCommerce website a mobile friendly one but this involves lots of investment and additional time. Hence sticking to the mobile friendly responsive eCommerce website is the best idea.

Significance of Mobile Strategy for boosting e-commerce sales through mobile devices:-

Attract more Customers
Now a large number of people place a purchase order from eCommerce websites if it is accessible on their mobile devices. They are avoiding using only desktops and wants to do all eCommerce activities through their mobile phones. Hence it is clear that you can not get more visitors and achieve higher conversion rate by building eCommerce web stores by just targeting desktop computers.

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It has become important that you must develop responsive websites while planning, to develop eCommerce applications so that your e-store is accessible on a variety of mobile devices like smartphones, tablets etc. Such kind of responsive websites will deliver quality user experience.

Hence you should use the open source technologies like HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript to create the web store which is accessible on all platforms including desktops and mobile devices.


Remain updated with Search Engine algorithm and get more traffic from search results 

You can hire mobile developers to put the strategies in place to make your eCommerce website, mobile, and SEO friendly. After building a quality eCommerce application, you need to find ways to make it more popular.

You can get more traffic to your website and higher conversion rate by promoting the e-store on the famous search engines like Google. Google has recently updated its search algorithm which gives higher preference and ranking to a mobile friendly website.

Hence you should optimise the eCommerce website for mobile devices so that its search engine ranking increases. If the website gets higher search engine ranking than the e-store will get more traffic through Google searches.

Take Benefits of Mobile Wallets

In today’s time, mobile wallets have become more popular due to their lots of benefits which you should also take. The mobile wallets have provided an easier and secure way for customers to make payment. With payments through Mobile Wallets, the original and sensitive debit and credit card numbers remain hidden.

Also as more people are using mobile devices hence they want to make payments through mobile devices in some secure manner. Hence you can make the online shopping experience of customers more satisfactory by providing them a platform like mobile wallets to make payments.

If you optimise the eCommerce website for mobile devices then it will become a lot more easier for customers to buy product or services from the responsive website and make payment directly from their mobile devices i.e. smartphones or tablets.

Can offer Discounts for products and services

If you choose to develop and use the mobile-friendly e-commerce application then it will help you to create multiple channels of sale and information. You can use the mobile friendly e-store to keep the visitors busy and convey information about your products and services.

Also, you can attract customers by offering discounts. Hence in this way by using mobile friendly eCommerce website, you can keep the visitors busy and easily convert them into real customers.

Make your eCommerce application as popular and user-friendly as mobile app

Mobile apps are very famous now a days and they are also putting influence on how to develop the web applications. Most of the users now expect websites to look, feel and function just like the mobile apps. Hence you cannot expect the success of your e-store just by developing it for desktop computers.

If you want to provide a great experience to your customers then develop your website to be a mobile friendly one. You have to develop your website’s look, feel and features to be as simple to use and as modern as in mobile apps then only you will be able to attract customers.

Thus while planning to create eCommerce application, you have to keep in mind the various benefits and features of mobile commerce apps.

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Mobile friendly responsive websites are less Expensive

In the world’s mobile device market there are many platforms among them Android and iOS are the leading mobile platforms. Now, most of the businesses want to create mobile apps which run on multiple operating systems which is not an easy task as it needs lots of additional time, resources, and money.

The cheaper and much better option is to create responsive websites and use open source web technologies to make the eCommerce website deliver great user experience across all types and sizes of mobile devices and platforms.

Hence you can save money by optimizing your web store for mobile devices instead of building a mobile app which runs on multiple operating systems.


As we have discussed now it has become very important for the businesses to develop mobile friendly eCommerce websites. Also, many businesses which have the higher budget go for mobile applications along with optimizing e-commerce websites for mobile devices.

But the businesses cannot ignore the significance of mobile friendliness of their existing eCommerce applications. Hence the businesses should incorporate the required changes in their e-store to make it accessible to all types and sizes of mobile devices.

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How Mobile Devices are Transforming Retail Business Forever?


In recent few years, use of mobile phones has reached an all time high with teledensity touching 70-90% in so many countries in the world. Now mobile devices are the primary source for interaction between customers and retailers. On most of the discount days by big retailers, more than half of the visits to retail websites originate from mobile devices. More and more retail customers are doing the shopping on mobile devices.

Also, mobile devices have been evolving and giving a fantastic shopping experience for the customers. Similarly, Mobile devices are also transforming the experience of accessing the retail store. What you can do is develop your customized e-commerce website for your retail business and give access to your employees also to do many tasks through it.

You can also hire mobile apps company and build a mobile app for your retail business which will offer you great service by fast connection to smartphone users which are potential customers.
Here we will discuss how mobile devices can help you develop and run a retail e-store in a better way.


Easy to train Salespeople
Most of the retail stores have some recommendations about how to visit, access and use their retail store. Generally, retail stores have a large number of employees and they all need to be fully trained on how to use the e-store. Sometimes especially during busy seasons stores also hires some temporary staff and it becomes important how to train them as well quickly and effectively. Smartphones are the mobile devices which are easy to learn and one of the best way to access the retail e-store. Using smartphones the salesperson can easily access all the details about the products on their retail e-store.

Increase efficiency of your staff
You can hire a mobile developer to build your customer specific mobile application and e-commerce website with options to manage your employees as well along with displaying all of your products and managing its sale process.

When the salespeople are using smartphone mobile devices then they can quickly access the inventory and available stocks while remaining in touch with the customers when they are providing some services like packaging, delivery etc.
Hence less time is wasted while going to the stockroom to check the products and while helping and interacting with customers if they are using smartphones, retail e-commerce store and mobile application for that e-store.

Can provide Customer specific service
When the sales people of your retail e-store accesses the e-store on their smartphones then it is very easy for them to have full customer information and merchandise information. They can easily check the customer’s purchasing history, search history, likes and other information provided by the customer in his retail e-store profile and they can guide the customers better for products based on customer’s preference and available option in their retail e-store. For example Flipcart, the Indian retail e-store sends various emails about options to buy some products based on the customer’s search history.

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More Profits
The retail e-stores have to keep doing innovative things to remain profitable in the e-business. The modern day smartphones come with such easy to use user interface that they offer the power of a laptop and usefulness of a tablet. You can design your e-store website in such a way that anyone can look up product’s information and you can display them for sale. Hence you can use the modern day smartphones as laptops and performs various tasks with greater flexibility.

Easy to learn
All of the smartphones are based on popular operating systems like Android, iOs or Windows which are very easy to learn. Hence your team won’t take much time to learn how to use your e-store website. Also, you can create a mobile application for your business which the customers and your salespeople can install on their mobile devices which make this process, even more, simpler and effective.

Utilizing employee’s time more effectively
As now your employees are accessing all of the information about your e-store and products it is selling through their smartphones hence it will save lots of time as compared to using desktops or computers in offices. Using your e-store platform you can manage all the tasks of assigning work to salespeople with ease.
Salespeople can use their smartphones to check about their shift which is updated regularly. Hence even in their off time from office they can see and check the e-store and contribute hence increasing efficiency and productivity.

Easy to communicate using e-store, mobile app or emails
Using your e-store and mobile application you can easily share some important update or information with your employees easily. You can easily communicate with your employees about some urgent situation on the e-store. Using mobile applications you can remain in touch with your employees all the time.

Better way to collect and view data
The mobiles phones can be used by the sales people to access the customer’s data which is generated regarding their buying processes. Profiles are created for each customer which the sales people can use to better target sales offers, discounts, coupons and rewards which enhance the shopping experience, increase sales and create loyal customers.

Better way for advertising
Using new mobile phones and smartphones you can create dynamic advertising and digital price tags for products which changes quickly as per the demand and stocks left. Hence by this way you can offer dynamic discounts and offers which will increase sales and revenue.

Improve customer experience with modern technology
Although mobile phones are used by most of the people even in the retail store it has not replaced the retail store desktops and laptops completely. Smartphones enable employees to have more effective interactions with customers for improving their shopping experience and increase sales. Customers are loving more and more the way they access retail stores over their mobile phones. Hence new technology is giving more ways for the managers to interact quickly with the customers which give benefits to customers and their buying process as a whole.

As these new mobile changes are impacting the entire retail e-store operation hence the business houses, their IT Team, marketing experts and sales head should come together to develop a long term strategy to get maximum benefit out of this changing technology. In future, the success of these retails stores will largely depend on how effectively the businesses are using the mobile phones technology to automate most part of their business for the benefit of their employees as well as their customers.

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Chat Fiction Apps: A new Trend among Teenagers to Read Books


We all belong to the time which has witnessed a drastic transformation in the technology world. The humans-machine interaction has evolved and changed the meaning of how we use technology for help. Today the mobile world and mobile apps are growing at a rapid rate. Mobile apps are replacing everything around us in order to help us more. The latest tool which is increasing the invasion of mobile apps in our life is Chat Fiction Apps.

If you have not heard of the Chat Fiction Apps then now you need to update your app list. This is a new trend and taking over the new generation children or teenagers to read a story. This mobile app replacing the traditional paper book as it narrates a story in a more interesting way. These are like the digital book but have an interesting way to tell the story for the readers. Actually, these Chat Fiction Apps use the text message narration way to narrate the story. As today’s generation is more comfortable with chatting apps hence in Chat Fiction Apps, the story is told like people or the characters are chatting or texting with each other. You can also hire mobile developers to create an app in Chat Fiction app category if you wish to.

Actually, it is a unique way for teens to read although anyone can enjoy the SMS style reading format. As the trend is getting more popular, more and more authors are getting on-board to introduce their fiction work to the teenagers through Chat fiction apps.

How do Chat Fiction Apps Work?
Since a long time, there has been a debate between digital e-books and physical paperback books. Both have some of their benefits. In areas, paperback sales are even outpacing digital.

Chat fiction apps provide yet another alternative. What you think of as a book is not presented in these apps rather stories are delivered as SMS style conversations which are getting popular among teenagers and young people. The goal is also that more and more young people start reading again. As using mobile phones teens have been using texting a lot hence this format feels more normal to them versus paragraphs and flipping pages, whether on paper or digital.

The promoter of one of such apps said the traditional style of books can not compete with social apps such a Facebook, for a teen’s attention. Actually, they need short interesting pieces of text to keep them interested. There are many mobile app development companies which you can contact if you also need a similar app like Chat Fiction app to win more readers and customers towards your new app.

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Now we will discuss some of the popular chat fiction apps:-

This is the most popular chat fiction app and is currently being used by a large number of smartphone users. This is the app which actually started this trend of typical story reading method. This app was launched in 2015 and since then it is ruling this field. Hooked is also among the top 40 apps across all categories of apps. The type of stories on Hooked ranges from horror to love and interestingly all the stories are presented in the form of messages. One has to scroll to know what happens next in the story, this idea is implemented as the youths are more addicted to this format since they started using technology. This app is free to install but it charges the user to read the stories and it offers a subscription worth $2.99 for a weekly subscription and $39.99 for a year.

In Hooked stores are delivered as bite sized test messages. This app also has a social aspect as it allows users to create their own stories with their friends. This app is free on iOS and Android but you will have to buy in-app subscriptions in order to access all the available stories and features which you may like.

YARN is another storytelling app following SMS pattern similar to that in Hooked and has the same subscription cost but the content is presented in some different way and it looks quite original and contains very different themes. The categories in YARN contain a hypothetical conversation with A list of celebrities and it also has even some dating conversation. YARN app also has a game named “Truth and Date” and a joke section which uses the artificial name “Siri”. The YARN is also among the most popular and very frequent used apps for reading stories nowadays. YARN has also overtaken Kindle as the most revenue generating app in this category.


Yarn offers a wide range of stories and delivers one passage at a time. The readers very much like the character’s texts and also they can interact by helping characters make decisions and solving puzzles. It offers an interactive experience and available for free on both iOS and Android. Also, in-app purchases are available for some stories and features which people like.

Tap is also similar to the other apps discussed and doing quite good in the app world. This app also offers the stories in same Text format and also has the same cost and subscription price. Tap has categories which range from romance to science fiction and it has everything which you will find interesting in reading. You can also see the stories which are trending and how many people are scrolling the story. Tap platform also allows the users to write their own stories and share it with other people.

Tap comes to you like the popular reading platform Wattpad. Wattpad can be compared with Hooked. On Tap readers are able to read SMS conversations between the characters and they can even create their own stories. This app is free TO install on both iOS and Android but you will need to pay for some features and unlimited stories.

One of the most important benefits of chat fiction apps is that younger generation is attracted towards reading. It is not like traditional books but still, the apps provide engaging stories to get teens off from social media sites for some time.
Another important benefit is the opportunity that users get to create their own stories. It works in a unique way that teens know and love.

Overall, chat fiction apps can be the solution to bridge the gap between busy digital generation and a generation that grew up while reading physical books.

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