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The 4 P’s of Digital Marketing

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You must have heard about the four P’s of marketing which increased into seven later on. In this article, I am going to tell you the four P’s of digital marketing. The traditional marketing and the digital marketing doesn’t have any huge difference on the paper. In both, you use different mediums to target the people. The people remain the same. Their mindsets and preferences don’t change with the medium. It depends on the marketer how to use the tools to attract, the people either with digital means or with traditional methods. For both, the four P’s have been working on the passage and guiding tools for the marketers.
Following are the four P’s of the digital marketing.

1. People:
Consumers are the core of the advertising and the marketing that is why the People in the four P’s remains same. However, with the digital means, you can go précised with the people. The internet especially the social media platforms like the Facebook allows you breakdown targeting. Platforms like this help you in not only targeting the cities but also on the basis of genders, race, ethnicity, qualification and even interest. You can make sure through your digital mediums that certain person is getting your ad on his feed. The second interesting thing about the people in the digital marketing is that you get instant results. After posting your ad, just after few hours, you will start getting the data of your ad performance with complete breakdown list. For example, if you are running the ad for the online academic writing company with the ad name of writing my assignment, you can show it only to the students in certain areas of your target.

2. Performance+:
The performance+ is the P of the digital marketing which marketers use to understand the full impact of digital advertising. The performance+ is the approach that measures brand awareness, behavioral impact, sales lift, etc. and shows the incomplete and often misleading metrics like click-through rates.
The performance+ states that the total dependence of the campaign success and failure does not depend on the CTRs or click on the display ad. It also says the relying solely on the CTR can mislead you from the performance of your campaign.
A recent study in the Europe shows that the campaigns with very short CTRs were also proved to be successful. This and many of this type of studies were the reason that the digital marketer includes this P in the marketing mix of digital marketing.

3. Programmatic:
The solution to the current ecosystem challenges is hidden in the buying of the programmatic audience. The programmatic has the ability to reduce the costs while increasing the efficiency of targeting accuracy and ROI. However, the expectations of targeted audience efficiency and the ROI should be realistic. This is the only process in which the marketer use the software for the purchasing of digital advertising, unlike the traditional methods in which the RFPs, human negotiations and manual insertion orders are involved. The software uses special coding which buys the ads according to the requirements that you put in it.

4. Platforms:
There was a time when we only used to work on the internet on our desktop computers. Then we got the laptops, and now we have different screens of different sizes and different abilities. The way eyeballs of the consumers started consuming the content from the different screens; the advertisers also feel the need of advertising on the multi-screens.
Just for the sake of case study, limiting our discussion only to the UK, the 75% of the online population of the UK use different screens to use the internet. This is what makes the marketer think of creating their ads which can be run on any screens. Because the browsers or the websites are the same onto which you are going to publish your ads. That is why it is important from the initial stages that the marketer designs the ad which can run its magic from every screen.

10 Best Application that every Startup should have in its Bucket

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Startups are maybe the only phenomenon which produces not only the jobs but new opportunities of business. These startups are scurrying and making our lives a little easier. However, moving too fast can stall or kill the momentum if not everyone is working on the right thing on the same page. It is important to keep all of your employees on the same page so they can not only incorporate better while working but also can help each other. Though, this is not as simple as it sounds.
While establishing the startup, you will face many different challenges. The biggest one is a lack of experience and professionalism which cause many problems. To overcome all these hurdles, it is important to know what alternates you could take to save yourself from the problems.
Talking about the alternates, mobile, and web-based applications can help you out a lot in it. That is why being a blogger and writer I decided to educate the young entrepreneurs about the ten best applications for the startup through this article so they can make their lives being an entrepreneur little bit easier and organised.

1. Slack:

Slack is the best and most used application for organising and managing all the internal communications of your team. Moreover, slack is a detailed application which means it allows you to break down almost everything. Those who use slack as the tool for internal communication knows how much it makes the internal conversation quick and makes the things go at faster pace. Instead of using the traditional method of emails in which you receive the emails from many different people, slack is a great alternate just to keep the conversation and coordination going within the team.

2. Evernote:

A startup is built on the idea, and it requires more ideas to establish it. An idea is nothing just a thought if you do not share it with anyone and when it comes to sharing ideas on the professional floor, Evernote is the best application you can use. The Evernote is a multi-device collaboration app that provides the facility of sharing ideas, documents and photos with ease within the team. By using the Evernote, the users can create a document based on any idea or any other thing which can be reviewed or edited by any other member of the team simultaneously.

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3. ExpenseBot:
One of the major concern of every young entrepreneur is the management of the expense. While nourishing your startup, it is important to keep a close eye on the expenses because the investors are always monitoring your balance sheet. To keep all of your expenses organised, ExpenseBot is a great app which can help you. With this incredible app, you don’t have to waste your brainpower or energy in keeping the track of all your paper receipts and mileage logs. All you have to do is to take the snap pics of the receipts using the ExpenseBot, and it will enter the date, amount, and name automatically in your expense log. It also allows you to enter any detail manually so you can keep the record of all your expenses in one place and organised.

4. GrowthGeeks:
For every startup, it is important to do some internet and social media marketing. To help you out in the marketing, social, content and SEO stuff, GrowthGeeks could be the best tool. The GrowthGeeks is an exclusive network of digital marketing experts from which you can find the best people from all over the world in the digital marketing business.

5. Quip:
Quip is another app that can help you in internal team coordination. All the features like chat, docs, talk list and the spreadsheet all in one place make the Quip as the best team-based collaboration and organisational app. Quip provide the users with a simple work place with the living documents which makes the collaboration fast and easy. With this responsive app which is available for Google smartphones, tablets and the desktop, you will watch your team, and your work comes alive.

6. Trello:
It is a sort of project management tool with some extra features which makes it compatible for everyday use of work for entrepreneurs. With the features like tracking workflows and providing excellent monitoring facility on every point of every project, you can also assign the everyday task to your team by creating a board on it. It also allows you to create a to-dos list and share it with others in your team too by leaving a comment so you can keep all your team up to date with the things which are still need to be done.

7. Nuzzel:
Being an entrepreneur means you have to keep yourself aware and keep learning to convert your startup into a market giant. Education and learning never stop and you have to make learning your habit. However, while involved in any startup, you would not find the time to do the research and read something which is helpful for you and your startup. For this, the Nuzzel can help you a lot. The Nuzzel is a great app that finds the interesting stories and news from Facebook and Twitter feeds for you so you can read them and can increase your knowledge about that particular subject. It integrates your social profiles and provides you with the information which it thinks you will find interesting.

8. Audible:
Another app which will increase your knowledge. This is a lot like other apps which provide the audio books. However, it is much more efficient and has more audio books than many other apps. An entrepreneur who always remains on his toes and complains about the time for doing the things like reading can get great help from such apps. Either you are driving or doing any workout. You can always listen to your favourite book with the Audible.

9. Todo:
Another app which will help you in increasing your work efficiency. This app helps you in assigning the tasks to all your members and fill it as the to-do things for them for the day. Check each task when finished and monitor the overall productivity of your team.

10. Zoho:
This is the next level budgeting app which is perfect for your startup. This app offers financial tracking and expense management even with the multi-account functionality. This app has the ability to create invoicing and receiving the payments.

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