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MarkupBox Review: A PSD To HTML Firm That You Can Bank Upon!


Many out there guarantee everything under the sun when it comes to PSD to HTML conversion, but MarkupBox truly delivers those things. It has a long list of satisfied clients and has a history of living up to its clients’ expectations.

More About MarkupBox

MarkupBox chops PSD files into HTML. It has employed professionals who speak the language of HTML – and also of CMS and e-commerce platforms, as MarkupBox also specializes in PSD to WordPress, Magento, Joomla, Drupal, and email. Prices here are quite competitive, starting from $49. But the service quality is equivalent to that of the firms offering the same at whopping prices.


User-friendly Ordering System

MarkupBox is one of those rare firms that have an ordering system which not only seems simple but is actually simple. Here it is:

One of the best parts of their ordering system is that they have multiple payment gateways. And this page of MarkupBox guarantees to bring a smile on your face.


Yes! This banner does claim to give you 50% discount and much more on every inner page conversion. In fact, MarkupBox strives to do everything that makes you come back to it again and again.

Streamlined Process

The firm’s working process is very well organized and one of its executives will always be in your touch. The team here does everything in its powers to make to feel home. Helping MarkupBox deliver you a well-coded, tested markup in the fastest turnaround time, the process flows like this:


Quality Standards

As far as the quality standards of MarkupBox’s services are concerned, they are world-class. The company assures you W3C-validation, pixel perfection, cross-browser compatibility, clean code structure and optimized coding (for fast-loading websites) in all its conversions. And the policies like Money Back makes MarkupBox somewhat similar to pay-for-performance firms, where if you don’t like the results, you don’t have to pay.

The company also signs an NDA with you before initiating any of your projects, so your ideas and copyrights are protected when you partner with MarkupBox. And its 100% support policy comes to be very handy in case you come across any problem.

Go through the portfolio of MarkupBox to browse through its past projects.

Want To Know More?

If you are willing to learn more about MarkupBox- A Frontend Development Firms, you can visit its website or call on +1 415 376 0030. You can also contact it on social networks: Twitter and Facebook to get a fair idea about how it can help you fulfill your business objectives.

Right Time To Migrate From Angular 1 To Angular 2.0.


angular 2

Angular 2 is one of the most popular platforms which is a successor to Google Angular 1 framework. With its help, Angular JS developers can build complex applications in browsers and beyond. First announced in October 2014, the final version of Angular 2 was released in September 2016.

With the release of this new platform, one question pops up in mind, “Is it worth to upgrading to Angular 2 or will Angular 1 remain sufficient to progress alongside other notable frameworks and libraries like React? We will try to find an answer to this question in this blog.

1. Optimized for Mobile

Let us start with the homepage of Angular 2 it says, “One framework. Mobile and desktop.” It’s as clear of an indication as any that Angular 2 is going to serve as a mobile-first framework in order to encourage the mobile app development process.

Angular 2 has been carefully optimized for boasting improved memory efficiency, enhanced mobile performance, and fewer CPU cycles. This version also supports sophisticated touch and gesture events across modern tablet and mobile devices.

A recent benchmark study from Meteor revealed that the latest version of Angular is faster than Blaze and React. Additionally, Angular 2 will support native desktop apps for Linux, Windows, and Mac operating systems.

2. TypeScript Support

Here’s a huge perk: the latest version of Angular fully embraces Typescript. For those unfamiliar with this term, TypeScript Lang builds on top of what you already know about JavaScript but incorporates many additional tools to your ability to refactor code, write in modern JS (ECMAScript 2015), and compile to the older versions depending on browser request.

Another important facet is IDE integration is that it makes easier to scale large projects through refactoring your whole code base at the same time. Its inbuilt code completion tool effectively saves your precious time from having to look up various features from the libraries you use individually. If you are interested in Typescript, the docs is a great place to begin with.

Developers utilizing Angular 2 can enjoy the TypeScript functionality and all of its affiliated libraries, making it quite simple to integrate database interfaces like MongoDB via support of TypeScript . With libraries like React already using TypeScript, web/mobile app developers can implement the library in their Angular 2 project seamlessly.

3. Modular Development

Angular 1 created a fair share of headaches when it came to loading modules or deciding between Require.js or WebPack. Fortunately, these decisions are removed entirely from Angular 2 as the new release shies away from ineffective modules to make room for performance improvements. Angular 2 also integrates System.js , a universal dynamic modular loader, which provides an environment for loading ES6, Common, and AMD modules.

$scope Out, Components In

Angular 2 gets rid of controllers and $scope. You may wonder how you’re going to stitch your homepage together! Well, don’t worry too much − Angular 2 introduces Components as an easier way to build complex web apps and pages.

Angular 2 utilizes directives (DOMs) and components (templates). In simple terms, you can build individual component classes that act as isolated parts of your pages. Directives were a crucial part of Angular 1 and, embracing their strengths for page creation, were brought over to Angular 2. Components then are highly functional and customizable directives that can be configured to build and specify classes, selectors, and views for companion templates.

With these changes, Angular 2 will be able to provide better functionality and be easier to build your web applications from scratch. Angular 2 components make it possible to write code that won’t interfere with other pieces of code within the component itself.

4. Native Mobile Development

The best part about Angular 2 is “it’s more framework-oriented”. This means the code you write for mobile/tablet devices will need to be converted using a framework like Ionic or NativeScript.

This might seem contradictory if performance is your main concern, but Angular 2 really shines in the code structure department. One single skillset and code base can be used to scale and build large architectures of code and with the integration of a framework (like, you guessed it, NativeScript or Ionic), you get a plethora of room to be flexible with the way your native applications function.

5. Code Syntax Changes

One more notable feature of Angular 2 web development is that it adds more than a few bells and whistles to the syntax usage. This comprises (but is not limited to) improving data-binding with properties inputs,changing the way routing works, changing an appearance of directives syntax, and, finally, improving the way local variables that are being used widely.

That are small changes, but utterly crucial in this era. Once again, I would recommend looking through the Angular 2 Docs for the finer details, and an opportunity to take Angular 2 for a test drive.


Many Angular JS development companies and communities have shifted from discussing the first version to exclusively serving as independent Angular 2 communities. It is clearly not too late to start catching up with the latest version Angular 2. Right now, there are a plethora of great frameworks out there. ReactJS might be better at handling performance, but Angular 2 focuses on the deeper aspects of the web and mobile app developmentprocess, in particular for scaling large codebases.

In addition to this, the same team who worked on Angular 1 is also working on Angular 2, leading to some additional familiarity. Before settling for any framework, it is best to come up with a solid list of important factors and goals that are relevant to your project. When making this decision, you could do far worse than starting your newest project on Angular 2 framework.

5 Easy Steps To Convert PSD To WordPress Services


Conversion services have emerged with the increase in CMS applications. WordPress, Drupal, Joomla, Magento and many more applications are fighting with each other to be at the top. I have already discussed about the conversion of PSD to HTML. But in this post I will be discussing about PSD to WordPress conversion.

banner-minThere are just 5 simple steps to convert PSD to WordPress. Follow these steps correctly and minutely for the complete conversion. They are explained below:-

Step 1Design file is sliced

In each and every markup conversion procedure the design file is sliced off in premise set. All type of images whether it is PNG, JPEG or PSD are first sliced off and then disintegrated into various groups such as Footer, Header, the navigation bar, the sidebar etc. There are numerous tools which are available for image editing. Adobe Photoshop is considered to be the best choice for this task. Slicing is an important task which is done for ensuring the website is pixel perfect and riveting.

Step 2 Create index.HTML and Style.CSS

When the design file is sliced fully into its different components it is finally converted into the theme designs which is uploaded with WordPress. Finally experts in this field employs the correct CSS codes, HTML and XHTML with proper SEO semantics.

download (1)


Step 3 : Conversion of index.HTML file into WordPress theme structure

Now at this moment the file is already being sliced into its different components. They are well optimized for the website and internet for suitable markup conversions. Then it is finally converted into theme designs which will be uploaded with the WordPress software.

Step 4: Adding multidisciplinary WordPress tags

At this moment the markup elements have already been broken down into WordPress PHP structure. Now basic level of functionality is achieved with the correct internal functions and WordPress tags. Once this step is completed we will be having a functional WordPress theme with basic functionality.

Steps 5 : Augmenting the theme with additional functionalities

Now we are on step away from using and experiencing the magic of WordPress platform. We already have the website with proper functionalities and to make it more dynamic Plugins are required to be installed in their back-ends.

More than 17,000 WordPress Plugins are provided to its users. If you want to have drop down menu’s or Blog integration just install proper Plugins from the library.



MakupBox is Leading PSD to WordPress Services provider Company in India offers Best PSD to WordPress/Joomla/Html/Email/Bootstrap/Magento etc… We provide hand coded and W3C validated code. Our team of diligent and qualified designers ensures that the clients get the full value for money.

5 Reasons To Hire a Professional Web Development Company

Picture5 (2)

Web development and web designing is a vast field. A list of services is there that are mentioned in the web designer and developer’s portfolio. Every digital marketer tries his best to offer branding, graphic designing, UI/UX designing services, the web and mobile solutions, SEO, SMM, SMO services and what not but, not all of them succeed to do so. Some of the marketers offer poor while others offer great, productive services. The latter ones are usually those who are professionals and experts in the field of web development. The quality of work they offer is unbeatable. As the website development companies are increasing in number, there’s a dire need to know why only a professional developer should be hired for the work.
As the work of the pro web developers and their companies are exceptional, below are the 5 reasons why you should hire only a professional for web development:
1. To get an advance and easily usable website:


Image source:

You can get attractive, innovative and easy-to-use website design with the help of a professional developer. A pro knows about all the necessary features of the website and things that will make it more reachable. Experts help in creating enhanced brand awareness through the website by using the advanced development methods, tools and easy navigation techniques for a better experience.

2. SEO services are within the package:


Image source:

A professional web development company offers experts who understand the importance of search engine optimization. They work accordingly and burn the midnight oil to increase the website’s ranking on Google. This in return increases the ROI and benefits the client.

3. The professionals know how to play with the codes:


Image source:

The triad of logical semantics, correct validations and well-commented codes is hard to achieve at once. Even the masters of coding make mistakes in the process. This is why you cannot take a chance when it comes to website coding. Quality coding is necessary for the website to function properly.

4. To avail pre and post-service benefits:


Image source:

The web development requires preplanning, performing the action and post-management of the services provided by the expert. When a web development company is established, it takes care of the list of service it is supposed to provide. Many companies focus only on the main action leaving behind the post-management services or the pre planning efforts. On the contrary, a professional web development company makes sure that the experts there offer proper preplanning and post maintenance, repair and managing services of the web.

5. To ensure mobile and web browser compatibility of the website:


Image source:

We all know that people browse web through different electronic devices. This means that the loading speed, interface, and conversions of the developed website must be optimized according to the majority of the used device’s screen size and resolution. You need not worry about the functionality of your company’s web page if you have hired a professional web development company for this purpose but, if you haven’t, you have got a lot to deal with.
Every business runner and web developer understands the need and potential of an advanced website in increasing traffic and sales.

Author Bio: A passionate Digital Marketing Expert working for website development company in Pakistan.
Along with educational background in Software Engineering he is bridging gap between marketing & development . At Techvando, he has been consulting brands all over Pakistan to gain online traffic & profitable leads.

Top 10 PSD To Bootstrap Service Providers for 2017

maxresdefault (2)

Minus the Twitter tag, Bootstrap is akin to any other popular front-end frameworks as it moved out from Twitter’s lab to gain acceptance. Popularity of the many front-end frameworks is not judged from a competition perspective but the utility these frameworks provide to the developers. Precisely knowing what one framework can and cannot offer holds the key to how you want your website to look and function. Effective PSD to Bootstrap service providers clearly understands this major difference when weaving the solutions.

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Showcase of 20+ Stunning Woocommerce WordPress Themes


WordPress is one of the best CMS platform to set up an online business without the assistance of a skilled programmer. Being originally designed for blogging, this platform has evolved with several new functionalities with a huge community of professional developers. Today, there is nothing that is not possible with WordPress, it is highly user-friendly and easy to manage, customize and maintain your website/blog. As the trend says, eCommerce will change the web and the way we shop. It has become really important to create an online shop for your business, a popular eCommerce plugin – Woocommerce is available to transform your WordPress website into an eCommerce shop.

Several web designers and developers have created Woocommerce WordPress themes to help you save your time and efforts. Today, we like to showcase our collection of 20+ themes, to help you transform your WordPress website into an eCommerce store. Take a look at the themes below and check out the list of possibilities you can use while working on Woocommerce theme for your website.

1. MetroStore – Metro Style


2. StyleShop

3. Piazza


4. Armonico


5. Gather


6. Terserah


7. Sentient


8. The Retailer


9. Camy


10. Bazar Shop

11. MayaShop

12. Cheope Shop

13. XMarket


14. Replete


15. VintageStyle


16. Simplicity


17. Shoppica

18. Boutique Shop

19. Proffet

20. Xing

21. Camp

22. Organic Shop


23. ShopPress


24. Bellissima


Showcase of 25 Free HTML5 WordPress Themes


HTML5 is the talk of the town among the people associated with technology, be it a designer, developer, blogger or a website owner. Everybody is looking forward to follow the latest web trend and use HTML5. Loaded with new and exciting features, HTML5 makes the user’s experience easier and friendly too. And WordPress being one of the major blogging platform, cannot be left untouched with the magic of HTML5. Therefore, some designers have tried their hands on creating high quality HTML5 WordPress themes for the users and the best part is that they are completely free to download.

Below is the showcase of 25 free HTML5 WordPress themes to help you stay updated with the latest web trends. We are here to inspire you to try these themes and share your thoughts about the latest trend via comments section available below the post. Enjoy!

1. Kansas


2. Accentbox Free WordPress Theme


3. JournalCrunch Premium Theme


4. Free HTML5 Grey WordPress Theme


5. Handcrafted WP Starter Theme

Handcrafted WP Starter Theme

6. Temple Gate: HTML5 WordPress Theme

Temple Gate An Accessible HTML5 WordPress Theme

7. White Board

White Board

8. Free HTML5 Minimal WordPress Theme

HTML5 Minimal WordPress Theme

9. HTML5 WordPress Shell

HTML5 WordPress Shell

10. Twenty Five WP

Twenty Five

11. Free Magazine Responsive WordPress Theme

Magazine Responsive WordPress Theme

12. SimpleCorp – Free HTML5 Responsive WordPress Theme


13. Blogolife WordPress Theme


14. Clean FreeDream


15. Pinboard – Free Responsive WordPress Theme


16. Halifax


17. HTML5 Reset

HTML5 Reset

18. Adapt – Business WordPress Theme


19. SimplenBright


20. Roots Theme

Roots Theme

21. Gridiculous – Free HTML5 Responsive WordPress Theme


22. Clean Business WordPress Theme

Clean Business

23. Bones


24. Busby Theme

Busby Theme

25. Groovy – Free Responsive Blog Theme


6 Hottest UI Trends Expected in 2017

UI Trends 2017

The landscape of web design is constantly changing, and to sustain in the industry, you have to keep yourself updated with the latest tools, trends, and technologies. As a website owner or a web designer, you should always focus on improving the user interface of your site for better conversions and higher sales.

To keep your site ahead of the web competition, make sure you follow the prevailing web design trends. So, in this blog post, we will share some of the hottest UI design trends that are likely to burnish in 2017.

With the help of these trends, you can give your web visitors a rich user experience whenever they visit your site. This not only boosts user engagement but also improve the ranking of your site on search engine ranking pages.

So, let’s get started!


UI Trends 2017

1. Gradients and Bright Colors
Thankfully, gradients are back in the web design industry. In the era of flat design, gradients and bright colors still hold a strong presence throughout the design community. In 2016, most of the designers have experimented with gradients and bright color palettes instead of simple and flat design to improve user experience of their websites.

In fact, Instagram has recently revamped its logo using vivid colors and gradients. So, we are expecting that this particular trend will re-emerge in 2017 as well. Whether your website is small or big, just make sure you use the best combinations of color palettes and transitional gradients to make your site more appealing and inviting.

This particular trend has the potential to add energy, dynamism, and enthusiasm into any project and make it stand out from the crowd.

2. Rise of Cards and grid UIs
Over the last few years, card-based Uis have gained a popularity across the web design community. Most of the popular social media platforms, such as Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter have been using the cards to display their content into a smaller and digestible chunks. This will help the visitors to navigate through your content quickly and easily.

One of the biggest advantages of using cards is that they work really amazing on multiple devices be it a desktop, tablet, or mobile. And that is the reason why experts believe that cards and grid UIs are the future of web design.

3. Approaching towards mobile-first designs
Mobile internet usage has completely outstripped the desktop usage for the first time in 2016. It means creating a mobile-friendly website can help you get more web traffic and generate more revenues for your business.

Today, web designers are approaching towards mobile-first design where they design a site first for mobile devices, and then focus on desktop and other larger devices.

A mobile-first design largely focuses on improving the scrolling, panning and navigation functionality on mobile devices so that mobile visitors can get rich and hassle-free experience on your website.

4. Video Content will rule the web industry
Embed beautiful, quality and relevant video content can help you reinforce the visibility and usability of a website. The trend of using high-quality videos have been increasing across the digital world and it will flourish more in the coming years.

Most of the businesses are incorporating background images on their homepage to showcase their products and other success stories to generate quality leads and maximize ROI of their web business.

So, you can embed a relevant video into your posts and pages to give your visitors a long-lasting experience this year.

5. Domination of parallax scrolling
Simple and quick navigation system is what that can take your site’s user interface to the next level. When a visitor navigate from top to the bottom of the page, scrolling has been used to give them consistent and hassle-free experience.

A scrolling is a technique that provides a 3d sense when a visitor scrolls a web page up or down to search content on a website. So, make sure that you use this trend properly if you want to improve the overall user interface of your Magento site.

This trend has gained a lot of popularity in one-page websites and we are expecting it in multi-pages websites as well in 2017.

6. Focus more on realistic images
Use engaging and high-quality images within your lengthy blog posts or web pages to drive more web visitors towards your site. But this new year, we are expecting to see real-to-life images in different types of websites this year.

Most of the brands are making the use of authentic and real images on their homepage/landing page instead of staged photography. It not only gives the crystal-clear picture of your business or products but also encourages visitors to stay longer on your site.

The above UI design trends for 2017 mentioned above in this blog post will definitely help boost your brand’s image and let you expand your business across the globe. You will also get a chance to get a top position in the web development world if you use them properly.

About the author:
I’m Linda Wester an avid blogger and web developer by profession. My passion revolves around creating awesome websites based on Magento. If you need to hire Magento developers or check out my latest publications, feel free to reach me out on Twitter.

Best 12+ Plus Technology Tips For Non-Tech Savvy Parents


It is happening first time in the history when parents and their children using same digital creatures but children used it quite well compare to their parents. Each day, coupled with technological innovations meanwhile parents have to get information and their usage in order to set the parental control. Today’s generation upbringing with modern technology has been made them tech savvy. So, parents have to make a solid and practical solution, they should know about the usage of modern technology. Parents who don’t have information about the modern technology they have very serious reservations regarding their kids. Therefore as a parent, you need to acquire information about all the digital creatures in order to face the teens’ pressure on social media and get some mental satisfaction. Therefore, it would be better if a parent makes sense of the daunting digital world. There is no need to worry, they can easily become tech savvy parents and will be able to know what their kids are doing in the digital world.
There are top 12 digital social apps which are most popular in current digital World, every parent should know about each one.

Parents should need to know about digital media’s social applications and websites, no time ever before:
It is an online mobile photo sharing website, allows its users to share videos and pictures either publically or privately. It has almost 600 million monthly active users; Instagram is also attached to Facebook, Twitter, and Tumblr and with Flickr as well.

How to set privacy:
Just go through your profile and make a click on profile icon in the lower right corner of your Instagram.
You can edit your profile settings at the very top of your profile click on the edit your profile button.


It is a proprietary instant messenger software application for smartphones. After registering on Kik user can send receive, photos, videos, sketches, mobile content. Users have to enter his or her first and last name and email address.

How to set privacy of Kik:
Through your main chat list, tap the +icon
Tap find people
Tap find by phone contacts
Tap the more icon (3 vertical dots) in the top right corner
Tap disable
Tap privacy item
Disable the let friends find me settings, so that people with your phone or email will not be able to find you.
Tap I am sure
It does not matter even you are using phone contacts in order to find friends on kik your phone and email address will not appear

It’s an online news and social networking website where the user can do post and messages, tweets limited to 140 characters. Only register users can make a post but unregister users can view the post. The user can access it through the website or with SMS or on the mobile phone application.

How to set privacy for Twitter:
See “settings” option and make a click on the tab labeled “security and Privacy” then go the privacy section and check “to protect my tweets” make a box your account private, now you have to go down to the bottom on the settings page, and click on “save changes”.

It is a location-based social search mobile app, by using Facebook it allows to communicate mutually interested users. It has also “swinging app” in which a user can use a feature of swipe in order to found its compatible match and app’s algorithm provide users to swipe right to like potential matches and swipe left to carry on their search. It has also Instagram integration to search Instagram user’s profile and has a feature of common connections as well.

Set privacy to Tinder:
Always remember Facebook is not transmitting Tinder. Just go to Facebook and make sure to select “privacy short cuts” select app and go to tinder ensure yourself that tinder is set to “ only me” under the app visibility.

Hike user can share text messages, emotions, images, videos, audio files, contacts, voice messages and user location as well. Hike has almost 100 million users, out 15 million users 80 percent users are youngsters and it has also free calling service.
Make privacy on Hike:
You just have to select who enable to view your last seen
Go towards hike settings
Set privacy
Tap on view last seen
Select as per your requirement

6.Google Hangouts
Google Hangouts is communication platform created by Google; it has features like instant messages, video chat, SMS and VOIP features. Google has currently created a messaging product like Google talk, Google messenger, and Hangouts. Hangouts is created in order to make telephony product and video chat system also be presented in Google+

Set privacy on Google Hangouts:
It does not have end to end encryption, so there is no need to worry, but if you really think that you want to monitor Google Hangouts if kids are addicted to this app and always using this app most of the time than plenty of spy software are available in the market you can use and get best results out if it. TheOneSpy give you access to every move of your target device with exact time schedule and it has more than 130 features including 16 instant messengers.


It is a micro blogging and social networking websites, its service permits users to post multimedia and another form of short blogs. Its users can also follow other users blogs, blogs can also set private. It features can be accessed through a dashboard interface. Tumblr has features like dashboard, Queue, Tags and HTML editing as well.

Do privacy on tumblr:
Make a click and select the secondary blog which you want to make private for blog listed at the top of the dashboard. Make a click on the green “settings” button on the right side of menu. Go to the “ password Section” at the bottom of the page just click and select the “invisibility” option from “drop down” menu to set your status.

Instant messaging is an online chat that allows its user’s real-time text transmission through the internet. It has features like voice messages, text messages, audio and video calling, text and text conversations.

Set privacy to IMO:
I know how to sign in
Go and the select a status and automatically your status will be set to availability
Select the” invisibility” option from “drop down” menu to set your status.

It is new market leading messaging app which allows its users to send messages in a snap, it has features like Zero group messages, voice messages, emotion, and stickers. It is also integrated with a social website like Facebook. It has a unique feature of acquainted with friends nearby.


How to set privacy on Zalo:
You just have to follow to steps and you will be enabling to set privacy on Zalo.

1st step:
First of all, you need to log in to a personal account on the device Zalo. From main interface, click on the more icons 3 dots. Next, the personal interface page, just make a click on the last icon interface locks, left of the screen.
2nd step:
At the interface Set privacy (Privacy), we will go down towards the log. If you see two items for strangers comment (Allow strangers to comment) and also permit strangers to see photos (Allow strangers to view the album) is for it to turn them off, go offline to stop all activities of strangers, from the comments, see

Now, you have done already with the hide your personal information. By applying 2 simple operations, you can change the privacy setting and you can allow or avoid strangers to comment or view any of your photos. It’s best to turn off 2 modes to be able to ensure the safety of all your personal information on Zalo photos personal information.

It’s an instant messaging social app for mobile phones, cross-platform where users can make voice calls, send text messages, one on one video calls, text messages, documents PDF files, images, GIF videos, GPS location, audio files, phone contacts and voice notes.

Secure your whatsapp:
Whatsapp for Android
First you have to launch Whatsapp and then click on Menu in it.
User can find settings Under the Menu.
Hit on Settings and view Privacy option and select.
Under the Privacy, users enable to view the Last Seen option under Who Can See My Personal Info.

Facebook is the top most social networking website where the user can do chat, make friends, share gifts and audio voice calling. Facebook has features like messaging voice calls, video chats, video viewing, Tor bidder service, user profile where the user can do post, set picture and cover photo, personal time, news feeds, with like button users can like the post, comments and picture, and videos. The user can also follow other users and can send or receive friend requests to other users.
Privacy settings for Facebook:
Just make a click at the top right side of any Facebook page and go to the settings and select Settings.
You will see in the left column, just make a click on “Timeline” and “Tagging”.
Go through to setting Review posts friends and just make sure to tag you in before they appear on your Timeline? Make a click on Edit to the far right.
Make sure to Select Enabled from the dropdown menu.


It’s a free cloud instant messaging app which allows; its users to make voice calls, text messages, exchange photos, videos, stickers and files too and also provide end to end encrypted messaging. Its accounts are attached with telephone numbers and only can be verified by SMS or with a phone call.

Set privacy to Telegram:
Privacy settings are enough in order to make your activities private, it is cloud service. Being parents if you really want to know activities of your kids related to messages, photos, videos, documents, chats and contacts then you should use a monitoring software which enable you to monitor your kids properly. TheOneSpy is the best monitoring software for non-tech savvy parents; it will solve your all issues and monitor use kids 24/7.

Author Bio:  

Angela fill in as tech and digital parenting expert. She is managing technical content at cell phone spy software,
listen live phone calls, and monitor social instant messaging logs.