Author - Andrew Johnson

20 Breathtaking Free WordPress Themes from April 2011


WordPress is an award-winning Content Management System which allows you to create websites, blogs and powerful online applications. WordPress is the crucial component for every blogger, designer and also for developers community as well. Several features such as ease of use, usability, and extensibility, have made WordPress the most popular blogging software. And because of these aspects, it has been used widely these days.
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Best CSS Techniques to Improve Your Web Typography


Designing of a website should support enhanced experience of visitors. Lots of techniques are used to for improving the readability statistics. Typography is one important element that makes a website highly readable and brings life to it. Some web designers use anti-paliasing tools to come up at desired results. CSS is a shortcut used by any professional web design company to make typography as per users’ expectations without any difficulty.
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10 Most Popular and Commendable CSS Frameworks


CSS Framework” is relatively a buzzword in web development hitherto. Everyone is using some kind of framework to build their sites, some are using JavaScript frameworks such as library, Prototype, Yahoo User Interface and some of them are using web application frameworks such as Django or Rails etc. However, both the frameworks are getting more attention.
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Elements That Need Special Attention Before Launching Of A Website


Are you done with your hard work in designing and developing a wholesome web experience, not only to satisfy your creative niche, but also to offer users a unique and worthy web experience? Do you feel like ready to take a plunge into the fathomless sea of virtual world, known as World Wide Web? Well, it is better if you undergo a final inspection of your arsenal base if you do not feel comfortable with the idea of Web Redesign after some time. Read More

Tips for Decreasing Web Page Load Time


Web users are captivated with speedy websites, and when a website takes a long time to load, visitors lose their endurance and hardly come back to your site. Well, if you want to retain the old visitors and also wish for new visitors, simply decrease your web page loading time. By optimizing the load time of a webpage, both website owner and front-end users can acquire multiple benefits. Read More

15 Effective Content Management Systems for Web Designers


Content Management System (CMS) is an effective technology in the field of web designing. It is an application used to collect information, manage and publish content, and store the content as components or whole documents. Moreover, you can easily edit, update and delete the content even after publishing the post. A best example of a CMS would be a system for managing a newspaper. The most important task for you is to choose the right content management system for your website. Read More

20 Best Magento Developers & Designers


Magento is the most powerful open source E-Commerce platform. It has all the features required to set up and manage online stores. Magento is robust, scalable, user friendly and feature rich solution. Most of the companies need appropriate websites but do not like to go through all hassles and complicated process for creating them. So, here’s the need of Magento designer and developer comes into play. Read More

Points to Consider Before Hiring PSD to HTML Conversion Service Provider


From the past few years the web designing and web development industry is booming at a fast pace. to convert PSD to HTML is an important step in web development. Moreover, there is a huge demand of PSD to HTML conversion services as every business wants to grow online and for any online business their website is their asset. Without PSD to HTML code, designing a websites that are based on Joomla, wordpress, Drupal, Magento is difficult task. Read More