VoiceShot Review – An Ideal Communication System for Your Business

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In a competitive market environment, all businesses like to stay connected with their customers. There are several ways you can do so – by sending marketing emails or connecting on the social media, but there isn’t any medium better than a good old phone calls or taking the feedback of your customers using an interactive phone call. Not all businesses can afford to have a call center of their own as this calls for a large investment. Thankfully, there is a cost-effective web-based solution available that allows even small businesses to have their own call center.

VoiceShot is a do it yourself call center. In fact, it is much more than a call center as it offers web-based voice broadcasting, text messaging, appointment reminders, virtual office phone system, virtual receptionist and enhanced toll free and local numbers as well as XML voice alert and notification services. There are a lot of online communication systems that are available in the market, but what separates VoiceShot is the fact that it doesn’t make use of the unreliable VoIP technology. They make use of the fiber-optic cables and regular phone lines to ensure a reliable communication system. All these merged with a web-based management system; there isn’t anything more that you can ask for.

VoiceShot Outbound Voice Broadcasting

The outbound voice broadcasting and voice mail broadcast is a revolutionary technology that allows you to instantly make interactive phone calls with ease. With the help of this system you can instantly send alerts, notifications, reminders, political calls, get out the vote messages, interactive polls or surveys with ease. It also allows you to manage the entire process right from the web. This system is meant to serve both beginners as well as the seasoned campaigners. The outbound voice broadcasting feature also includes a Campaign Checklist where you can find important tips from the seasoned campaigners.

This user-friendly system guides you through the process of recording and storing your messages, managing your call lists, scheduling delivery. You can even control the rate of call delivery to meet the exact requirements of your marketing campaign. It also helps you view and download real-time call and caller key press results. Managing this system requires no prior experience and anybody from your team can handle the operation. There are a lot of features that this robust system has on offer and we will look into these in detail.

  • Launch by Phone Option – As the name suggests this option allows you to initiate your call campaign by telephone. It is a premium service and ideal for time sensitive calls such as emergency alerts and notifications.
  • Easy Recording Options – With the help of this feature, you can easily record your messages using VoiceShot’s dial-in service on your own computers microphone and speakers. This feature can also be used to upload sound files created by professional announcers.
  • Connect to Live operator – This option sets VoiceShot apart from all other similar solutions available in the market. When customers receive your voice messages they can easily call you up at the press of a key. Such phone calls are routed to the phone number of your choice for no additional charge.
  • Call Transfer Management – This feature is similar to the previous feature that we talked about. It transfers the call to a number of your choice. Apart from this, it will automatically stop dialing when all of your operators are talking and resume dialing as soon as one becomes available.
  • Visual Call designer – This allows you to arrange the recorded voice calls in an attractive manner for your automated calls. It comes with an easy-to-use campaign designer that can add the much needed spice to your campaign.
  • Do Not Call List Management – There are customers who wouldn’t like to be disturbed and you have to respect their privacy. This tool automatically removes the numbers of such customers from the future campaign list automatically.
  • Voice Merge with text to speech (TTS) – The platform allows you to personalize each message for the intended recipient. It has a realistic human sounding text to speech (TTS) that allows you to send alerts and notifications, reminders, rates, names, numbers and more to the customers. You can choose between either a male or female voice and even control pitch and volume.
  • Telephone and Email Support – VoiceShot is committed to offering the best of services to its clients. The telephone and email support serves as the perfect example. Highly trained experts assist customers via email and telephone with quick response time.

Automated Appointment Reminders

When your customer base is huge, catering to them can be quite a task. To solve this, VoiceShot has come out with automated appointment reminders. These reminders work via phone call and text message service and are perfect for all kinds of businesses as this helps in maximizing productivity by reducing appointment cancellations and no shows.

Let us take a look at some of the features of these reminder services.

  • Phone Call & Text Message Reminders – This feature allows you to create a customized phone message to remind your clients of appointments. You can also add advanced interactive features like appointment confirmations and call transfers. Your phone calls will display your caller ID for easy identification for the customers. Similarly the text message reminder allows you to create customized text message to remind your clients of appointments.
  • Online Contact Management – Online contact management feature allows you to keep track of all your customers. You can easily add, delete, edit, view, or search people from your contact list using an easy to use interface. It also allows you to group your contacts by category as well as import contacts from your existing applications.
  • Appointment Confirmations – Your customers can easily confirm their appointments with the press of a key on their phones or simple text messages. This feature also allows your customers to talk to a live representative. This also allows you to reschedule appointments with some of your customers on request

Final Words

If you are looking for a robust and cost-effective communication system for your business VoiceShot fits into your bill perfectly. It is not only meant for making calls to the customers but offers a plethora of services that help you run a marketing campaign actively. And the fact that it doesn’t make use of VoIP services and rather uses the reliable fiber-optic cables makes it a perfect choice for both small and large businesses.

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