Tumblr— Yet another Social Networking Platform with a Difference!

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‘Speech is conveniently located midway between thought and action, where it often substitutes for both.’
Similarly, Tumblr is a midway between the full-blown blog and micro blog. Popularly known as tumblogging, it is far away from the learning required in any blogging platform. Twitter and others in the similar line, offers you a limited set of characters, but Tumblr does not.
In the today’s world of constant updates, sharing and keeping in touch with the latest buzz and happenings in and around, Tumblr’s simplicity, free and lightweight blogging platform makes it totally worth efforts.

Undoubtedly, it has evolved as the new and the easiest way to set up a blog and allows you to follow the millions of tumbleloggers out there and carry forward the world of sharing.
Since we have introduced you to the best combination of blogging and micro-blogging then, this post would surely attempt to avail you with the benefits of using the same—

  1. One of the big factor that added to the success of Tumblr is its simple registration form. It is not at all time consuming task. It is made by keeping the psychology of Internet surfers in the mind. Researches have proved that people who surf Internet, are very impatient. So, the registration form has purposely been kept very easy. Only the urgently required fields have been asked to fill up by the users.
  2. The time and the platform are witnessing a rapid change and Tumblr is the product of availing the best possible tools to blogging. The content types have variety of built-in formats that makes it stand apart from the other available blogging platforms. There are number of templates pooled in by the variety of creative talents. With the help of Tumblr, it actually becomes very easy to stylize and accessible to the whys and how’s of the design.
  3. To use this amazing social networking platform, you just need to drop the URL in the “add a XXX” area and you are ready to get set go with anything you want to add and share in your network.
  4. Blogging is not a problem as well because it is loaded with HTML and WSYIWYG editor. One can post via e-mails, an iPhone application, AIM and what not more to be posted on the Tumblr.
  5. Unlike Facebook that only allows you to track people in your network, Tumblr, just like Twitter offers a wide scope of connectivity where not only you can share the information with your friends, but also with the people of similar interests and experience a totally dynamic and new world of shared posts and experiences.
  6. A complete control over the blog and how to set up the group with multiple authors. Tumblr makes it a simple task to set up number of blogs under the shade of a single account. You can select the option of customization of the Tumblr Blog. Then, you may change the theme and can opt for one amongst so many themes available. Also, you may change the appearance of the page by changing the fonts and so on. You may even add CSS.
  7. Also, it gives you the privilege to keep your password protected blogs and allows the control to share it with a particular set of people and group of your choice.
  8. It helps the users to discover the new set of interesting content including graphics, pictures, videos or links with the help of Tumblr’s popular section and even “The Wire.”

Officially founded by David Karp, Tumblr is a product of the multimedia blogs hand-coded by a bunch of innovative bloggers and did not restrict them to the pre-conceived blogging format. That is why, it is more of reading a tweet rather than a full-fledged conventional blog. Undoubtedly, Tumblr has given 85 percent rate, constantly adding on to the 1 million blogs on the platform. A high drop-off rate has been witnessed as the result of the declining trend of the traditional blogging and an upheaval in Tumblr as the new micro-blogging platform.
Hope you liked the post. Social bookmarking and Comments are welcome as ever.

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