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Bootstrap has maintained its position at the top as a popular front-end development platform. Designers and developers are in a hurry to get on board. WordPress Bootstrap plugins for 2015 have made a great impact on its area of use. The Bootstrap framework is wrapped with rich features which provides several benefits of using it. Let me shed some light on the reasons for using Bootstrap which are :-

1. Development Speed :-


It is the best advantage of using Bootstrap. If there is a need of completing the task of new website quickly then Bootstrap is the ultimate solution for you.
You don’t have to start coding from scratch. Bootstrap framework provides you with the blocks of codes which you can utilize for your task to complete with quality output. If you combine the CSS less functionality with cross browser compatibility then many hours can be saved. You can also opt for ready-made themes to complete your task and which suits your needs.

2.Responsive web design :-

Responsive web design

Popularity of mobile has increased a lot. Moreover it is estimated that the number of internet users from mobile will cross the number of users using internet from computers in the coming 1 year. So responsive website design is much important thing. Fluid grid layout used in Bootstrap platform adjusts proper screen resolution dynamically.

3. Consistency :-


The main reason behind the development of Bootstrap platform was to make the internal tools interact consistently. It was developed with the concept of joining designers with the developers. The results are uniform across different platforms.

4.Customizable :-

Bootstrap customize

Developers have the options of choosing the right tool and features for the project. This can easily be done with the help of Bootstrap customize page. You will be facing some check box options for tools. You have to enable or disable them according to your requirements.

5. Support :-

Bootstrap Support Community

If you are facing any kind of issues then you got a huge support community for fixing your problem. Moreover there are many Bootstrap UI editors which provides excellent way of customizing the framework which suits your project requirements.