Top 10 Chrome Tools For Web Developers

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Web development is a resilient process. A web developer has to check the website from every angle in order to make it perfect for the users. One can simplify his tasks using certain extensions. Firefox is known for its customisability with extensions, but Google Chrome has also become well known among web designers and developers for its unique extensions in past few years.

Here are top 10 Google Chrome extensions that may be helpful to make the tedious tasks of web developers a little easy –

Firebug Lite

Firebug Lite for Google Chrome   Firebug

It’s a must have extension for developers that allow to analyze activity and network performance, monitor and edit HTML and CSS on a web page. It works with Chrome Developer tool to make the debugging easy. It is integrated into a toolbar and can be activated on any domain.

Web Developer

Web Developer   Chrome Web Store

By providing plethora of options in its toolbar, web developer test the codes, analyse layouts and web pages on the go. Though it’s not as good as its Firefox edition, it still provides number of precious tools, like control browser cache, show hidden elements, etc.

Session Manager

Session Manager   Chrome Web Store

Tab management is an art that needs to be learnt. While browsing, Session Manager allows to open the session later by saving them. It can be very useful if one finds himself opening a similar web page over and over again. One can save each session by name and open them quickly anytime he wants. It saves time and provides a rich browsing experience.


JSONView   Chrome Web Store

For developers, it’s much easier to analyse JSON data in tree view rather than raw format. Chrome’s extension JSONView makes it easy to view JSON documents in the browser. This extension directly shows the document without downloading it and enrich the analysing process through its unique formatting and highlighting.

Chrome Sniffer

Chrome Sniffer Plus   Chrome Web Store

For experienced developers, it’s easy to tell the technologies and framework used in a website by taking just one look at the website’s source codes. Chrome provides a much quicker and convenient way for such analysation through its extension called Chrome Sniffer. It lists all known CMS frameworks and javascript libraries, that a website is using. After installing, it shows an icon on address bar that highlight the detected framework and it’s version on the website.

Clear Cache

Clear Cache   Chrome Web Store

Clear Cache is a simple extension that works silently without any pop-ups and enables the user clear cache from the toolbar. It is highly customizable that lets the user to choose what he wants to clear like downloads, form dat5a, passwords etc. To get a complete control on the cache and cookies, it is advised to use it with another extension, called, “Edit This Cookie”.

Check My Links

Check My Links   Chrome Web Store

This is a very useful extension for the developers that makes their task of checking the working of links more easy. “Check My Links” quickly analyse all the links of a web page and highlight the faulty links, if any, so that they can be corrected with ease.


Stylebot   Chrome Web Store

It lets the developer to manipulate the website’s appearance through custom CSS. It allows to change visibility and even write the CSS manually. It’s as easy as choosing an element and selecting what to do with it from the editor.

Resolution Test

Screen Resolution Tester   Chrome Web Store

Testing website’s look and feel in different resolutions is essential for the web developer to make an efficient user-friendly website. Resolution Test makes it easy for the developers to execute such testing on their website. It provides a set of widely used resolutions, that can be chose to test the website and customize it accordingly.

Page Speed Insight

PageSpeed Insights Checker for Mobile   Chrome Web Store

Page Speed Insight is specially designed to check the loading speed of a web page. It analyze all the aspects of page loading time and suggest the area of improvement, if needed. It shows a list of web performance best practices according to their importance and priorities, so that a developer may decide what’s best for the website and what’s not.

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