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In this internet savvy world, HTML Newsletters and e-mailers have become one of the most common mediums of communication which every small and large organizations use, either to share information with its audiences or to promoting their products and services. Publishers can easily track the numbers for email opens, forwards, and clickthroughs, and thus can easily measure the reader’s interest in e-mailer or newsletter’s material. Readers are also presented with the information in the form of a web page that is more visually appealing, easier to scan and navigate, than a plain text email.

So, there is no doubt that HTML emails are much better than plain text emails as these are interactive with the readers. But the main problem starts once we start coding our email design into HTML email template. As there are so many desktop email tools like Outlook, Thunderbird, Eudora, etc. and online email services like Yahoomail, Hotmail and Gmail are used to read an email. Each of the desktop tools and online email services render your HTML email in vast different ways because CSS support varies across various desktop email tools and email clients. So it becomes a challenge to code your design into HTML email template in a way that it should be 100% compatible across various desktop email tools and major online email marketing platforms.

Whether you choose to convert your design into HTML email template by hand or you use an existing template, there are few fundamental tips to keep in mind:

  • The most important thing is to keep your email simple, focus more on message rather than design.
  • Never upload images in password protected server, security server or free hosting server that is extremely slow. Use codes that point exactly to the location of the images.
  • Any code written within DOCTYPE, BODY, and HEAD tags will be stripped. The web mail servers such as Gmail, Yahoo!Mail do not want your codes to override their and hence they strip any threat.
  • To introduce some specific effects Divs and Spans are to be used, while tables should be used for layout.
  • Control background colours and fonts by using inline CSS.
  • Use individual properties instead of using short hands.
  • You cannot use loads of images and less content else you will be caught into spam filter. Also while writing codes you should be aware of avoiding sloppy codes otherwise it will be another reason for your spam arrest.
  • CSS won’t work in browser servers: The browser server email clients such as Gmail, Yahoo!Mail, do not support CSS included in your HTML email. This is because the CSS will likely override the CSS included in rest of the page, so they disable it.
  • Test your HTML email in different desktop email tools and online email services on different browsers before sending it.

Some quality service providers who have huge expertise and can help you code your HTML email template, that is 100% compatible for all major email clients.

If you are a self coder then converting your own PSD into HTML email template would not take much from you, except time. But if you are someone who does not have any clue about HTML conversion and do not want to use software to keep the sanity of your email alive, then below are some of the fine service providers who can convert your PSD into HTML email template with 100% satisfaction guarantee.



Markup Box has an expert team of professional developers to provide you hand-coded PSD to HTML eMail conversion services. They are famous for providing beautiful pixel perfect HTML from the PSD files, with W3C validation and cross-browser compatibility in each project.



Being an experience holder in the industry, PixelCrayons offers best markup services with maximum compatibility across all the major email clients and email applications. They deliver the best PSD to email newsletter conversions to make your campaigns a success.



XHTML Candy offers you PSD conversions to hand-coded, W3C valid and cross browser compatible email and newsletters. They also offer fresh designing, theming, template implementation and design to HTML email template services.



Conversion of designs into HTML or email newsletters has become really easy with PSDSlicing, their team of experts can handle all your HTML and CSS coding needs. They create elegant, clean, high quality and W3C compatible markup for their clients.



The experts at PSDGator have huge experience in newsletter design and conversion of fully compatible HTML newsletters. They provide pixel-perfect, hand-coded PSD conversion to W3C valid and cross browser compatible HTML emails.

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