Making a Website for Your Business In Just 5 Simple Steps

simple steps to create a new website
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Creating your own website is much easier than you think, but you must use a simple system to help create a beautiful site. Making a website is not for the faint of heart, and you must adhere to the system explained here. This system will take you from the opening of your hosting account to a website that you can be proud of you. Your patience will be rewarded, and you need not have advanced coding abilities to create your site.

#1: Sign Up For Hosting Access

You must sign up for a hosting account before you begin to build your website. Hosting companies offer free services in many cases, but you may not have your own URL. Companies like WordPress add their own name to the end of your URL, but you will not pay a cent for the site. Advanced hosting companies charge a fee to host your site, and you receive a number of amenities with your fee. Choose a hosting company you think you can afford, and press on with the creation of your website.

#2: What Is Your Site About?

You cannot create a website without a vision. You may use the website to market your business, or you can use the website to promote your writing. Artists post their work to websites, and small companies use websites to sell products. You must be very clear about the mission of your site, and you must work every day to accomplish that mission. Website owners who create a cornucopia of items and features on a single site tend to waste time, space and money.

Your readers must know from the moment they arrive what your site is about, and navigation on your site must take readers to the places that promote the mission of your site. Your mission will guide the three subsequent steps on this list, and your mission will help guide the management of your business.

#3: Create All Your Pages

You must have as many pages as you need to convey your message. A large website that is designed to sell products or services will have several pages of content, and a writer’s website will use pages to categorize their work. Create all your pages before you do any other work on the site, and ensure that the pages encompass everything your site does. Readers will navigate your site much more easily when they see your pages, and you can easily file away every post in its proper place. You are wasting your time by placing all your content on the homepage, and many customers will simply leave upon seeing the organized chaos of your homepage.

Each page must have a permalink that is easy to type, and you may change the permalinks for each page in your hosting system. Changing the permalink for every page takes just a moment, but you are making your site much easier to use in the future. Readers who wish to return to your site may do so using your simple permalinks, and you will create further traffic with such simplicity.

#4: Find A Nice Background For Every Page

Every page on your website must have a lovely background that readers will want to see. Generic artwork is boring, and your customers will scoff at the idea of staring at a bland background for several minutes while reading. You can intoxicate your customers with beautiful backgrounds, and you will have readers return often just to look at your site. Your attention to detail in every background will be rewarded with more readership.

Backgrounds need not be static, and you may create backgrounds that imply motion. A moving background will make each page even more interesting, and your readers will enjoy watching the background while reading. You are creating a multi-sensory experience that your readers will appreciate on every visit, and you are telling readers that your company is interesting. A compelling company has more readers than a boring company with a boring website.

#5: Add Videos And Music

You are writing content on your website consistently, but you may have forgotten about music and videos. Music and videos make your website much more interesting, and readers are more likely to return to your site just to hear the music or watch the videos. Video demonstrations of products and services help boost sales, and background music makes your website more soothing to read. Readers who are intrigued by your content are likely to stick around to listen to your music.

Carefully selected music can become background noise for customers as they work, and your website may become a default location for nice tunes. You may not intend to provide mood music, but your website could be the only place some readers can stand to be. Change the music on every page if you like, or you can create a music bar that sits on the bottom of the screen as people read.

#6: How Quickly Can You Create Your Website?

You can create your website in the space of a few hours with a reputable hosting company, or you may get a site going quickly to get started. Completing every task in this article will not take you much time at all, and you will walk away with a website that promotes your passions. Your business and your creations benefit from making a website, and the process has never been simpler.

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