How To Choose The Right eCommerce Platform For Your Online Shop

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The entry barriers to eCommerce are now limited, as more and more open source platforms are now available for quick web development of eCommerce websites. Choosing the right platform is a must for every business for better cost effectiveness and scalability.

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Understanding Your Budget

One of the key factors while choosing an eCommerce platform is its estimated cost.  Research all the platforms on the basis of the monthly cost of each. Choose the platform the best meets your requirement and budget.

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Ease Of Setting Up

Some eCommerce startups have lesser time to market, while others can take more time. One should research on the platforms to understand which ones are easy to deploy and which ones take more time. One has to set up other aspects of the business is ready. One must choose a solution that best meets the criteria in terms of early development.

Understanding The Functionality of The Site

Choosing an eCommerce platform that lets you customize, would definitely be helpful. As a business owner you are looking to develop a site that is user friendly and interactive. Choosing a platform that provides a host of plugins and addons can be really helpful in adding the right sort of functionality to the site. It is also important to to go for a platform that is mobile friendly, so the store can be optimized for mobile devices.

Showcasing The Products

One of the key factors for getting conversions on your eCommerce store is how well are the products displayed. One should choose a platform that best suits the product you are selling.

Research the kind of themes that are available in the platform and then choose the best according to your requirements.

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Load Speed

Website load speed directly impacts the popularity of the site, as most users are looking to save time, while ordering online. This is also important for search engine rankings, helping you to get a much needed traffic for your store. Researching different sites and their page load speeds and the platform they are running on, can give a fair idea of their load speed.

Integration With Other Platforms

There are lots of other software and tools that an eCommerce solution must integrate with, to get achieve the business goals. While researching on the eCommerce platforms, one must analyse the integration possibilities of the platform before selecting the right one.


One of the important features that one has to look for while choosing an eCommerce platform is the feature of marketability. Integration with e-mail tools and being able to promote products on social media are some of the basic features that one is looking for. Besides that, one also needs to observe the adaptability to content and design of the store.

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