Feature Rich Responsive Magento Websites

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With the increasing penetration of internet, online businesses across the world are redesigning their digital strategies to leverage from the influx of internet users. Today’s smart generation uses internet over different devices that comes in different sizes and shapes. Be it a laptop, or a desktop, a tablet, a phablet or even a smartphone, users choose screens as per their convenience and choice. So if you are running an online business, your website should be well prepared to adjust with all the screen types. The best way to achieve this is to use the Magento platform to design your responsive site. The major advantage of having a Magento website is that the designs are independent of the screen size and take minimum time to develop.

Let us look at some of the amazing features of the Magento platform –

1. Single Admin Panel

You can now control multiple sites designed using Magento under the same admin panel. It saves you the hassles of logging, monitoring and managing different panels.

2. Customization of design templates

Magento offers its customers excessive customization options. You can select design templates and make numerous customizations to make your site look exclusive.

3. Third Party Application support

Magento websites seamlessly integrate with third party applications so you can now empower your site with reach features that assimilate to your site.

4. Setting Permissions

This is an important feature you should look at. You can set administration permissions for your site. There could be some sections of your site for which you might want to limit access to a selected few. You can do it by setting permissions in Magento.

5. Availability of CAPTCHA code

This is a provision in the websites created using the Magento platform. To avoid unauthorized access or to prevent your site from bot attacks, magento lets you safeguard your site with CAPTCHA.

6. Varied Price Points

On your Magento site, you can create different price points for diversified groups.

7. Integration with social media platforms

You obviously want a site to be integrated with Facebook, Pinterest, YouTube or any other social media channel of your preference. Magento lets you do all that.

8. Marketing opportunities

If you want to market your Magento developed site, you‘ll have very little to worry about. To begin, the semantic coding will enable closer SEO for your site. You can make use of various tools which are available to check and analyze your traffic and conversion. One vital thing to promote your site is to release coupons and thankfully magento site lets you do that too. You can generate coupon codes and then shoot it across various social media channels or send email blasts of these codes to your set of user base.

Magento has evolved as a great platform for development of online stores. Due to its stunning features, easy development, light weight designing, screen responsiveness, cost efficiency and also user friendliness, it has won many accolades equally from the developer community as well as the customers.

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  • Selecting best themes for repsonsive Magento websites is an important task to follow and hectic too. :)

  • Website world is getting transferred to small screens with better use. Thanks for updating us with this excellent ost of yours.


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