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If you are looking for fully functional e-Commerce platform then Magento is the deserving solution for it. It helps to create responsive, well designed and sophisticated online shops to sustain the online markets. You can also go for interactive web applications through custom Magento development process. Success of online shops depends on its web presence, traffic and also its appearance. Custom Magento web designs is the best choice for building standout shopping carts which improvises online business.

Custom Magento Development

Use Magento for creating custom themes :-

Customizing Magento is a complicated task for a fresher in web application development. The level of complexity depends on different parameters like the use of advanced versions, requirement of online merchants, availability of updated tools etc. With the help of custom Magento development process you will not only get excellent e-Commerce designs but also excellent web traffic for your business. This post will help you to guide in various steps for building custom themes and modules using Magento development process.

Steps to facilitate custom themes for building interactive web pages :-

There are some small and simple steps to follow to implement custom themes to your website for getting assured positive response from your business. They are as follows :-

1. Installation and setting of Magento platform :-

Installing and seeting Magento platform

The first step towards creating a customized theme is to download any latest version of Magento editions, i.e- Go, enterprise, professional or community. You must choose one with which you are comfortable. A few more steps you have to follow :-

a. Extract the zip file after downloading your preferred edition
b. Then you have to create the database by using phpMyAdmin
c. You have to extract the Magento files by opening the directory URL.
d. Instead of file system you have to choose the database from the installation process
e. Installation successfully ends after that.

2. Setting up themes and packages :-

Setting up themes and packages

Setting themes and packages are the next important thing which comes after the first step. This can be accomplished by these following points :-

1. First create a folder inside Magento folder with the same name as that of the package.
2. Next step is to create the theme folder.
3. Login to admin section after creating the folder.
4. Click on the ‘Design’ button on the left menu and after typing the name for theme and package. Then click on ‘save config’ button.

3. Customizing themes :-

Copy the templates and .phtml files in the theme folder which you can find in root folder. You can clearly notice the changes made after refreshing the theme folder and the page. The customize according to your needs.

4. Customizing layout and styles :-

You have to store the XML files in the layout folder. Open style.css and make changes accordingly. Now it is the time to check the results.

I think these steps are quite simple for you to understand and perform custom Magento development. Custom Magento development fulfills all the requirements of your designs you want in your online e-Commerce stores.