Common WordPress Errors and Solutions

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We all know that WordPress is a blogging tool and it is easily customizable as well. But, there are some if’s and but’s, and as we know no one is perfect so how can be some human made app or website can be perfect don’t expect this from this or any other website. It may seem simple and easy but at times it will blow your mind by not functioning normally and on a serious note its errors may drive you crazy. Usually it operates without any problem but at times you may face some. Finding a solution for any WordPress problem is extremely easy. So overhere, we will discuss about some of the most common errors with their solutions. So, here we go..

  1. Internal Server Error:

    Without any doubt, I can say that its the most common error that we face while using any website and WordPress is one of them. At least once in life you must have encountered this error. And the most irritating fact about this error is it does not explain what all things we have to do to fix this error.

    So, here we have the solution also you can try this. The first thing you can do is check for the corrupted .htaccess file. Rename your main .htaccess file, then do login to your site by using FTP. Once you renamed it, try loading your site to see if this solution solved the problem or not and before moving on, make sure that you go to the settings then permalinks and save the above changes. This will generate you with proper new rewrite rules. And if this solution doesn’t help then,

    Deactivate all your plugins because the above error may be caused due to a specific plugin error.

  2. Syntax errors:

    This error is easy to solve, when this error occurs it means that you are using an older version of a theme or you have written the code incorrectly.

    Its solutions:

    the first thing you need to check is, check the codes whether you have written it correctly or not or just reupload your original theme file.

    You can also check the code on WordPress support forums and then fix the code. And if the same problem again trouble ypu then try changin the themes.

3. 404 Post Error:

At some point, the WordPress users do face this problem, so first thing you need to do is don’t panic. This error simply means you have you are having some issues with your permalink settings or may be something went wrong with the rewrite rules.

So its, solution is also very easy, just check your permalinks before trying anything else.

Go to settings, then permalinkls and simply click on save changes. And in case this solution does not work then just update your .htaccess file manually.

4.White Screen of Death:

At times, while accessing your website, suddenly a blank page appears and you see nothing. This usually happens when your memory is being exhausted or due to some missing file.

Solution to this issue are:

Try to increase your memory limit you can simply do this by just adding the following line in your WordPress wp-config.php file, this will surely increase the default WordPress memory limit and if it did not help then go ahead and disable all the plugins.

Also, replace theme with a default theme.

5.Auto-Update failed:

Sometimes we face this problem also while updating WordPress, so it is recommended that always make a backup file while updating your WordPress. Reasons behind its failures can be internet connection problems during auto update or may be you have written a incorrrect file permission.

Solutions to this issue are:

First delete the . Maintenance file from your WordPress directory using FTP.

And do check file permission, somtimes due to this issue WordPress could not create the upgrade directory. Also deactivate all your plugins.

And if everything else fails, then update your WordPress manually.

6. HTTP error on image uploads:

It is one of the most irritating error you will ever face. When this error happens you just cannot upload images or any kind of imporatnt media files. There are many different causes for this error, so be careful while trying to solve the problem as it may need certain modifications also.

Simple solutions to this issue are:

first check the file permission of the upload folder, if they are changed accidentally, then correct the file permission by connecting it to an FTP client or a web-based file manger.

Second thing you can do is diable the flash uploader, just switch to the browser upload by following the links given on the upload screen.

These were the most common errors that we face at least once a week while using WordPress. Sometimes you may also face upgradation problems, some security issues and etc. So don’t use your patience and follow the instrutions properly while solving any issue and if the above solutions dont work, then get in touch with yopur hosting representative they will definately solve your issues.

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