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Retail businesses across the world, be it online or offline, constantly strive to build credibility to attract customers to their stores. Establishing trust is not easy but it’s highly critical for the success of the business. The challenges are different for an online and an offline store. Only if the websites earn the trust of their visitors, can they turn a visitor into a customer. Here I am highlighting the most popular techniques that can build trust in your website.


1. Professional web design –

Lets accept this is the best process to build trust in your website. The websites building process of today have come a long way and if your website still resembles one from the 90s, the users will never revisit, leave alone turning making a purchase. To build trust, make sure your site has a professional appearance, elegant design and even compelling content to attract your customers.

2.  Contact Information –

As the number of online scams is on a rise, businesses need to prove their legitimacy to the users. A simple contact us page with phone number, email address and contact details add huge amount of trust on the site. Even linking with social media sites adds to the reliability.

3. Privacy Policy –

You might question its need in building trust, but the fact it that it can do wonders to your website building. Today the people are extremely concerned about their identity theft and sensitive information being leaked and hence a short and crisp policy stating that the customer’s private information is secure can go in your favor.

4.  Testimonials –

Testimonial section is a worthy page to have on your site as it can go a great deal in eliminating skepticism. For best results I recommend having at least 5 to 6 testimonials from real people.

5.  Money-Back Guarantee –

This technique helps in building trust in the eyes of the customer. Having a refund/money back policy increases the satisfaction level of customers.

6.  Fix Broken Links –

No customer likes a site where they find broken links .You must perform manual audits or use auto plugins to check these issues on regular basis.

7.  Certified Seal –

You have to maintain some quality standards and make some financial investment to have a seal of trust on your site. The investment however is well paid with the increased confidence of the customers who begin to show more interest in your portal.

8. Brand Humanization Elements –

Simply speaking, this phrase is used to make your site more personal. You may include pages such as ‘about us’, include brief intro about the company, about the company’s philosophies, rewards and recognition from industry etc.

9. Frequently Updated Blog –

This acts as an indicator of a well-managed site. Make sure you have good content for creating lasting impression and supporting images that work towards it.

The point I want to make is quite simple. There is a thin line between doing and overdoing and the digital natives of today can spot the difference. You need to keep it subtle to genuinely build trust in the minds of the users. Always choose the best website designing which helps you for branding.