8 Best HTML-CSS Frameworks Highly Recommended For Web Designers in 2014

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Recently, some extremely useful html and css frameworks have been released which make designing easier and faster. It contains framework templates used to modify and improve design speed.

The following list is based on the popularity and usability of the frameworks. Your inputs are most welcome to include further information about these html/css frameworks.

These html frameworks help in designing the ecommerce sites faster and save your time, energy and cost. It has also been observed that developing apps has become a big sigh of relief as they can be created easily with their required functionality with these frameworks.

These templates can easily be accessed and are available at the most affordable prices. Updated versions of these html frameworks have features like enhanced design feasibility and measurable usability. Best Framework designs are as follows:

8 Best HTML-CSS Frameworks Highly Recommended For Web Designers in 2014

Bootstrap Front-end Framework


Bootstrap framework is very popular and superb front-end framework and it’s also a preferred framework in 2013, which is comparable to Foundation framework described above. Bootstrap framework is complex and has steeper learning curve, but it offers many possibilities once you have some hands-on experience on it. Recently Bootstrap 3 has been released. Check out some examples and tutorials on the web. 12 grid responsive layout and 13 custom jQuery plugins are the most popular and known Bootstrap customizer. These customizer help in enabling customized features and designs. Bootstrap is known for its open source integration and is always well documented.

Semantic UI framework


Semantic UI is a newcomer in the field of html css frameworks. It contains lots of new features such as accordion elements and 3D animation etc. Users’ opinions suggest that Semantic UI framework run smoother but version 1.0 is not yet released. This Framework helps us in working smartly with the components using various smart and supportive tools. The best part of this framework is that it helps in creating the design prototype, which is required by all design firms and companies.

HTML-CSS framework for mobile – Rachet


All the above framework techniques are for developing websites. But, for applications we need Ratchet framework tools, which can be adjusted for touch in the normal html css framework. Ratchet works as a reference for the components and bring together all the related pages of the app at one place. This helps in minimizing the efforts and getting the work done conveniently.



Gumby is a framework that builds in with the power of Sass as its css preprocessor. The sass is a powerful css preprocessor and it is brilliantly flexible, simple and awesome. If you prefer Sass for your design framework, Gumby might be a best choice for you.

Zurb’s HTML-CSS Foundation Framework


One of the most advanced and responsive front-end frameworks, is Zurb’s Foundation Framework and this is one of the most popular choices in 2013 for designers. It contains html and css based design templates for interface, buttons, and form components.

HTML Kickstart– a framework for designers


It is a simple and light weight framework. This is suitable for new designers, who are not strong in coding as much as developers are. You can use Html kickstart, if you are familiar with css and elementary html.

Clank mobile framework


Clank is one of the best mobile frameworks, which is targeting mobile designers and developers. It uses Scss as the css preprocessor and allows fast development for mobile devices and tablets. Apps are the need of the hour and Clank facilitates faster developments of mobile apps. These frameworks are also used for designing the operating systems of the e-commodities.

HTML/CSS framework for grid based websites – Responsable


Responable is an interesting niche framework for grid based website designing. It uses the power of less and sass to bring the perfect and responsive framework. The baseline grid is already incorporated into the css framework, so this is very easy and quick to start. As already mentioned, Responable is required for the website designing and it is innovative as well as cost-effective.

These were some of the popular HTML frameworks, which play an important role in the development of websites and apps. With improved features, these frameworks will become even more popular in 2014.

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