6 Proven Tips to Pace up PSD to HTML Conversion Projects

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Markup conversions have served as excellent means of improving the overall visual appearance and performance of websites. If you’re still running your website on the traditional Photoshop designs, it is high time to switch to the feature-loaded HTML Markup. All in all, PSD to HTML markup conversions can effectively increase the functioning and appearance of your website. Being a time-consuming process, PSD to HTML conversion must be performed in accordance to set guidelines. So, in order to curb all your confusions regarding methods that can be used for converting Photoshop designs into HTML Markup, I’ve listed out 6 proven tips that work wonders for reducing the time inculcated during PSD to HTML markup conversions. All these tips are easy to follow and worth choosing for your next PSD to HTML conversion venture.

Tip No.1 – Jot down a Project Schedule

As an approach to pace up your PSD to HTML conversion project, it is important for you to create a project schedule. Usually, website owners don’t pay much heed to the deployment of a specific schedule in their website markup conversion project. This is something that should be avoided as a whole. A well-organized project schedule will ensure easy execution of work stages with the required amount of sincerity and professionalism.

Tip No.2 – Hiring a Developer in Advance is Important


Although, coding and conversion task starts after the creation of Photoshop designs, it is absolutely mandatory to hire the developer well in advance. There are many business organizations which prefer to hire the developer after the completion of design. This is a wrong approach. There are chances that you may not find the right developer after the creation of designs or you may have to bear a large share of profits for hiring the developer in the time of urgency. Thus, it is beneficial to hire a developer in advance as it will help you with the on-time markup conversion of your website.

Tip No.3 – Don’t Delay in providing Feedback to your Developers


Now that you’ve planned to get your Photoshop design-based website converted into a HTML-based portal, it is essential for you to give prompt replies to your team of developers. A simple delay in offering the feedback can keep your developers on hold as they may find it difficult to proceed without a proper direction. Whether its via emails or a video conference, you shouldn’t delay in offering feedback to your developers. By offering a timely feedback, you’re actually speeding up the project execution process.

Tip No.4 – Testing should be performed On-Time

Once your developer has finished with the markup conversion of your website, make it a point to jump on to the testing phase. Just like advance hiring of developers, you must also hire your testers in advance. This will ensure the smooth execution of your PSD to HTML markup conversion project. While testing the final website, make sure all your testers are using different testing patterns and principals to ascertain the glitch-free functioning of your website. Any bugs reported during this website testing process must be reported to the concerned designers and developers for instant resolution.

Tip No.5 – Keep the Content Flexibility aspect in Mind

There are some photoshop designs which have a fixed amount of text placed over a specific image or graphic element that refrains you from adding more text. Although this works at times, there are situations wherein you’ll need to add more text to such areas available within the live website. Thus, it is recommended to always design with content flexibility in mind. You must assume how the website’s design would change when a particular amount of content is increased or decreased.

Tip No.6 – Get accustomed to HTML and CSS Frameworks

By getting accustomed to HTML and CSS frameworks, it will become simpler for you to add more elements into the existing website. You won’t be wasting your time finding a reset or creating the same for every individual layout.

Concluding Words

As a huge fan of those rapid PSD to HTML shops, I’m quite wary of the techniques they follow for delivering fine quality work instantly. If you too are thinking about a PSD to HTML conversion for your site, the aforementioned tips can help you save a lot of time on the same.

If you know of a tip that works as the best match for faster PSD to HTML conversions, consider sharing the same with our readers. You can use the comments box for penning down the same.

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