6 Crucial Web Development Trends to Expect in 2016

web design development trends 2016
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Web development is a rapidly developing industry. From time to time, a new trend comes by and announces changes that everybody needs to adopt in order to remain focused. These trends incorporate the use of certain development items, SEO techniques, and of obviously, web design trends.

Nearing the end of 2015, we have seen a lot of trends come and go. For instance, web developers utilized “under construction” pictures for pages that are experiencing changes or maintenance. We’ve seen it get recouped by the more apt “coming soon” images. There were also scrolling text, animated GIFs, glossy buttons and flash player applets that gave some users the hourglass ailment.

So, by penetrating the exceptional efforts that web development takes, here we’ve thought of a couple of concepts and device trends that’ll gain some contribution in 2016.

#1. Minimalistic approach and flat design

If you’ve been browsing over the web lately, then you should considered the dominance of plain layouts, simplified shapes, and single-shade colors. First of all, flat design is still the King, and it will most likely to be the same for 2016 and beyond. And for some reason, it’s been doing great for businesses of all sizes.

Flat and minimalistic design has affected operating systems like Windows 10 and a heap of mobile apps. If you are to survey different content management systems just like WordPress and Squarespace, you will likewise see the rising number of flat themes made convenient for websites.

Some of the known reasons why the internet cherishes this trend are speed, straightforwardness, and the ability of minimalism and flat design to highlight what truly matters in a website – the content. It is additionally very convenient for designers to plan a page design that would work with a flat and moderate scheme.

flat design trends

#2. Screens will continue to get smaller

The number of mobile searches has finally caught up and surpassed desktop searches sometime this 2015. As the mobile market keeps on to grow rapidly, more users are now utilizing their smartphones and tablets to look for everyday things. Everybody is shifting from their desktops to their mobile phones. So whether you own a website, a small size SEO firm, or an eCommerce store, you should consider upgrading your non-responsive site for small size displays this 2016.

#3. Declining Java’s fame

Java has been on a deterioration for the couple of years, and it is predicted that it will spiral wildly downwards till the end of 2016 as more developers grow more usual of other alternatives.

On top of the performance and security concern, especially with mobile apps and web browsers, there are likewise different options for Java that are currently gaining popularity, especially Python and Scala.

python scala

#4. Mobile apps for real time updates

Time is of the reality for online marketing in 2016. And to fulfill the requirement for proactive marketing efforts and online business approach, new applications that work in real-time are on the ascent. One of the most valuable implementations of this is the influx of real-time analytics in desktop and mobile applications. This enables entrepreneurs and bloggers alike to stay in front of their business from anywhere and anytime.

#5. Parallax / Perpetual Scrolling

In mid 2015, we encountered the flood of parallax websites since it truly helped businesses and this appears to continue in 2016 as well to update their technique. With this kind of website, one can put forward large volume of sites in one shot without putting visitors in anxiety and puzzling them of discovering the hidden pages, images or social post. Parallax techniques are simple and easy to implement for the designers.

parallax scrolling websites

#6. Anti-Ad-Blocking Plugins

Ad Blocking is not just affecting the big media publishers but also to the smaller sites that truly publish a great content and comprehensively depend on the advertising incomes. In this manner, in 2016, there will be more efforts from the sites to reduce the effect of ad blocking. So we can expect for some anti-ad-blocking plugins for numerous websites.

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