20 Must Have WordPress Plugins

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WordPress is a blogging tool, which provides millions of features and traits, but still there are a lot of flaws and various missing functions in WordPress. We can overcome the flaws by using the right plugins. A newbie WordPress user can easily get baffled about which plugin to use on their website because there are more than 40,000 plugins in the WordPress . Selecting the right plugin is not easy. So, lets take a look at the 20 must have WordPress plugin for now and the upcoming years:

  1. ContactForm 7

    It is one of the most popular WordPress plugins. It permits us to create forms for our blog without any coding and it also supports spam fighting technology. Its quite simple and easy to use.

  2. W3 Total Cache plugin:

    If you want your website to run without any problem then do download this. This plugin will improve the performance of your website by caching everything. This makes your server run through your sites content and your readers can browse faster than ever. This is one of the most used and reputed plugin.

  3. NextGen Gallery:

    If you are a photo freak then you will surely love this plugin. It allows you to upload, edit and manage large picture galleries. All the galleries present are fully responsive and also if you want you can add watermark to your images.

  4. Best SEO Plugin- Yoast SEO:

    Its been named as one of the top plugins for WordPress users. This functions as a complete optimization platform and incorporates everything from a snippet editor to optimization af pages content, image titles, meta description and many more options.

  5. BackupBuddy:

    Without any doubt, this plugin will surely save you from a lot of trouble. As the name suggests, it creates the backup copy of your WordPress blog. It protects your contents. After creating WordPress website, it should be the first plugin you must install.

  6. iThemes Security or WordPress security:

    This plugin is well known in the WordPress sphere, which consists of high-quality plugins and products. After installing iThemes security this will harden your site against outside attacks automatically. It detects malware and can be easily activated by 1 click.

  7. Google XML sitemaps plugin:

    It basically allows you to create an XML sitemap which you can add to your blog. It is no doubt a time saver plugin and it supports all kinds of WordPress generated pages as well as URLs. This plugin also notifies all major search engines every time you create a post about the new content. It will neither break your site nor slow it down.

  8. Jetpack

    Jetpack is a lightweight plugin with great features present in it. It manages WordPress sites by letting you know about the number of visitors, security services and by helping you in getting more traffic. It is a open-source and it actively encourages community contributors.

  9. Antispam Bee

    This is a great feature which will help you in blocking spam comments and also trackbacks without captches. It uses regular expressions and will notity you about the incoming spam. It is ad-free and best thing is that you can install it without any charges.

  10. Duplicator:

    This amazing plugin will allow you the ability to migrate, move, copy or clone a site from one location to another. It also works as backup utilty. So if you ever want or need to move WordPress or backup WordPress, this plugin will surely simplify your work.

  11. Redirection:

    This is a WordPress plugin which directly adds 301 redirection, when a post’s URL changes. It also keeps track of 404 errors and allows you to easily map these to 301 redirects. It is very useful, if you are migrating pages from an old website, try this plugin once.

  12. WP Smush

    It is one of the fastest, easiest and best performing image compression plugins you will ever use. It can resize as well as optimize all your images. It scans every image and removes unneccesary data, before adding it to your media files.

  13. Theme Check:

    This plugin’s main aim is to test your theme and also it compares it with the latest theme standards. With this plugin, you can run all the testing tools on your theme that WordPress.org uses. This plugin is very handy for the theme developers.

  14. Login Lockdown:

    At times, there may be possilibilty that a user by default try to login into your site with various incorrect attemts. So for this, just limit your login attempts by simply putting a limit on how many times a user can try to login. After a given number of login attempts, your admin area will automatically locks down for limited time.

  15. TablePress:

    This plugin allows you to easily create and manage simple beautiful and feature rich tables. The table can be imported and exported and can easily be edited.

  16. WP Touch:

    It is a mobile plugin. It adds elegant mobile theme and instantly enable a mobile-friendly version of your website.

  17. Edit Flow:

    With this awesome plugin, you can customize your calender, manage authors and assign posts etc. Even you create your own content strategy.

  18. Term Management Tool:

    It allows you to merge terms, recognize your tags and categories and it will also make your work easier.

  19. Compact Archives:

    It displays the monthly archive of posts in a more compact form than the usual list.

  20. Disqus:

    Its a third party commenting system which has made commenting easier and more interactive by replacing the WordPress comment system with comments hosted by disqus.

These plugins will help in enhancing your website’s search engine visibilty and performance as well.

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