Tips to Choose Right PSD to XHTML Firm

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There have been posts about top PSD to HTML providers. You could find one of the kinds in our blog too. But, today we thought of providing something more useful, more exact and more valuable for our readers. This is not for some selected segment, but for every individual who does or does not have any knowledge about how to choose a good slicer? Those who are related with web design, valid PSD to HTML conversions and other related things might be well aware of the points to focus while choosing their conversion firm or freelancer. However, those who juggle while hiring a PSD to HTML conversion service may find the under-mentioned tips useful.

  • Collect and Scan: - It is advisable to collect information about five (or more) service providers whose brands are making most of the news. A comparison of their services and prices shall ease the decision-making part.
  • Flexibility: Flexible code of the site is a major factor. People go for the XHTML and CSS code which they find easy to modify and change according to their convenience. So, it is wise to look for the providers who can provide you with better code.Such as – Coding as many common classes as possible throughout the site. Another point worth mentioning here is, ‘A well commented code helps the user to identify the respective code of each section on the web page’.
  • Code Validation: - Make quality your forte. Look for valid HTML/XHTML/CSS markups. Manual coding is considered to be the best and this is the reason why everyone offers that. You can judge the efficiency of the service providers by analyzing their website/portfolio’s coding.
  • Cross Browser Compatibility: - If your vendor can code for IE6 and make a website look same across browsers, then he is a well experienced slicer. In addition, it will be a plus point for you.
  • Turnaround time: - Many vendors promise big words at the start of the project as regards to time line. Make sure that your project meets its deadline along with your specifications on due time.
  • Money Back Guarantee: - Why not use it when you got it? Choose those service providers who promise to give your money back in case of default.
  • Elongate your service: – If you are a web designing firm and outsourcing your conversion project, then it is highly recommended to check on your vendor’s capacity to meet your future requirements. This gives an idea about the longevity of your relationship with the vendor.

We might have missed some points which you may consider relevant to be enlisted in the above tips. Your comments are welcome herein!

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