8 Tried And Tested Ways To Improve Your Ecommerce Store

  Most of these ideas have been discovered first hand and are the result of several years of accumlated knowledge and of learning things the hard way! This is not a definitive list of techniques to improve your e-commerce website but it will hopefully cover some of

Vertically Align Text in CSS – A Guide

 The vertical align property of CSS is to align elements, usually images, with respect to their parent container in web designing. It is a tool used by web designers quite frequently and to great effect! However, the biggest downside is that vertical align doesn’t work with text. Unfortunately, native

Top Trends for Web Designing – 2014

 The year 2013 was quite interesting and happening for the web design industry. Many technologies and design trends matured during the year and became the standards of web design. 2014 also promises to be quite an interesting year for the industry as many new trends seem to

CSS4 Image Set: A Promising Solution For Serving Images in High-Resolution Display

 Rating: The evolving trend on HD screens for laptop or computer devices has transformed the way we design and develop websites, comprising how we add images. In the past, we can basically use background-image and set the snapshot URL. Today, this is no extended significant, as we

20 Amazing WordPress Websites Using BuddyPress For Your Inspiration

 Rating: One of the most vital characteristics of online accomplishment today is to build user engagement and provide community/social features letting users to communicate with each other. This is one of the most active methods to offer high quality value every single day as the users with

Webydo – Now Designers can Create Professional Websites Without Coding

 Rating: In today’s world any professional designer can create a strong online presence to establish her clients’ brand name in the market. A website customized to your clients’ niche needs and having a strong appeal is a must today. You no longer need to hire the services

Blogging on the Go Made Easier With WordPress iOS7 App

 Rating: iOS 7 is the latest mobile operating system released by Apple Inc. It is a users’ bliss, as it offers a great user experience streamlining both function and form. It has a clean interface, which comes without any clutter and is intuitive and colorful at the

10 JavaScript Tools For Developers To Speed up Their Web Development

 Rating: When we talk about web development and web applications, we also talk about JavaScript, which is the most popular client-side scripting language. However, many people feel that it is very difficult to script, because of its browser environment. There are certain JavaScript tools, which speed up

15+ Awesome Premium Horizontal Scrolling WordPress Themes

 Many web designers and other artistic folks use horizontal scrolling WordPress themes to distinguish their online existence from the others with orthodox navigation setup. Horizontal scrolling in web design is not a conventional occurrence. Presently its use can be perceived in the portfolios of some of some

8 Best HTML-CSS Frameworks Highly Recommended For Web Designers in 2014

 Rating: Recently, some extremely useful html and css frameworks have been released which make designing easier and faster. It contains framework templates used to modify and improve design speed. The following list is based on the popularity and usability of the frameworks. Your inputs are most welcome

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