Domination of the Flash

A form of vector animation, Flash was one of the primordial browser based plug-ins which were created to increase HTML functionality. Web designers generally used .gif or .jpeg image file to display visuals on their web sites. These images are static though and thus they cannot show

If You Build It: Top Tips to Make Your Web Design More Appealing

Within the next three years, over half of the money that is spent in the US retail industry will be primarily influenced by the Internet, according to Forrester Research. It does not take an expert mathematician to understand that this type of exponential growth spells success for

10 Best Custom T-Shirt Design Companies

If you are looking for custom t-shirt companies, there are quite a few of them which are leading. Over the years, the online competition has bred considerably large number of custom t-shirt manufacturers to the industry. Unfortunately to generate higher revenues, they end up taking numerous different

Turn Landing Page Conversion Successfully: Easy And Useful 7 Steps

Rating: In the era of online marketing, “Landing Page” is a familiar term but still there are so many among us who are not friendly with the word. A Landing Page or a “lead capture page” is that single responsive web page which appears when one clicks

CSS4 Image Set: A Promising Solution For Serving Images in High-Resolution Display

Rating: The evolving trend on HD screens for laptop or computer devices has transformed the way we design and develop websites, comprising how we add images. In the past, we can basically use background-image and set the snapshot URL. Today, this is no extended significant, as we

SafeStacks – Best Sensitive Data Storage Solution Available in the Market

Rating: In today’s competitive business environment computers and technology dominate most of our business operations. Huge volumes of information is being generated each day and you will need to keep track of stuff such as login credentials, meeting minutes, licensing information and important dates. Writing all of

15+ Free and Awesome GUI Sets For Your Web and App Projects

Rating: Free GUI set are in great demand nowadays. Majority of web designers experience a growing competition and every person work hard to turn out to be the best of the best. With thousands of expert designers online it is vital to stand out from the horde

20 Amazing WordPress Websites Using BuddyPress For Your Inspiration

Rating: One of the most vital characteristics of online accomplishment today is to build user engagement and provide community/social features letting users to communicate with each other. This is one of the most active methods to offer high quality value every single day as the users with

Webydo – Now Designers can Create Professional Websites Without Coding

Rating: In today’s world any professional designer can create a strong online presence to establish her clients’ brand name in the market. A website customized to your clients’ niche needs and having a strong appeal is a must today. You no longer need to hire the services

Pixpa: Portfolio Builder for Photographers

Rating: In the recent years we have seen scores of photography website builders come up. Some of them have made it big while some of them have faded away. Over a short span of time, we have also seen rapid changes in design philosophies owing to the

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